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View Ads and Earn! Easy $50 Paypal Money!

View Ads and Earn! Easy $50 Paypal Money!

As you can see, I already received the payout I got from this site. I received it with transaction fee and with the $4 I paid out I only got $3.52 because it has transaction fee of $0.48 Transaction really does not matter most important is we can earn here 100% free and nothing to pay at all. Hello everyone! This is Aiza Mercado and we’re back again with another video. In this video, i will be teaching you how to earn Paypal just by clicking and viewing ads. Good news: it is all 100% free and this site is very new and fresh! You know the drill, before we start this tutorial please hit now the like button and if this is your first time on my channel please consider subscribing and click the notification bell to get notified with my latest videos where we can earn extra money online. Now, I will be sharing this site “The Spend Time” Its very easy to earn here and later on i will be sharing my proof of withdrawals. Please check out my video description for the link and where to register. Upon registering enter your country name, then type in my referral code which is “TS405339” but because i really love you guys feel free to enter your referral codes in our comment section. Then enter your name, mobile number, email address and password. Once filled up, just click sign up and you will receive email confirmation from the site to confirm your email address. In this website, it offers 2 kinds of membership. 1) Free membership which we can earn $0.04 per ads clicks and 2) Paid membership that gives 2x of earnings which we can earn $0.08 per ads clicking. With this 2 membership both includes referral bonus which we will receive 10% extra revenue from your referred person or your downlines. Take note: You need to submit ID verification here to avoid multiple accounts and for them to know who uses their platforms. How to do that? Just go to “Manage” then click “KYC details”. Upload here your legal documents (any valid ID can do) and also, enter here your Paypal email address and click submit. We will now start viewing ads and proceed to “Daily Task”… What we do here is to wait for the timer to run out. Here are the ads that displays Literally, just stay on this page and next is to click this “Click here for next page”. New ads will display… After we view all 100/100 ads ads viewing will stop of a while and will be replenish after 6 hrs. One thing and important instruction to make but we must wait until 5/100 turns My ads has now 5/100 and the policy of this site is whenever we view 5 ads we must click either this ads banner this left ads or this right ads. Okay? We must click 1 ads per 5 page coz this site news ads traffic so the ads can pay the site and will also use it to pay for their users. Now, lets go back again with the daily task View again and wait for the timer to run out. Again, click here for next page You can also use auto clicker but with every 5 page you view you must click 1 banner or in the left/right ads. Now, we wait for 10/100 for us to click ads again. Alright, now we wait for the timer and once done, click for another ads You can choose from these 3 ads. Lets wait for it to load and start viewing it now maybe atleast 10 seconds. Return again in the dailly task and do it over and over. I asked the admin when to view new sets of ads and they told me it will replenish every 6 hours. Just wait for the next 6 hrs and you can start clicking and earn. Now, we will make live proof of withdrawal lets go to my wallet and click “withdrawal” Minimum payout is only $2 and now, i have 4 us dollars enter amount: 4 message: request for withdrawal $4 then click submit “wallet request submitted successfully”. Now, i will wait for it to receive in my Paypal account. As you can see, I already received the payout I got from this site. I received it with transaction fee and with the $4 I paid out I got $3.52 because it has transaction fee of $0.48 Transaction really does not matter most important is we can earn here 100% free and nothing to pay at all. This is my video tutorial how to earn free Paypal money from jeetsman.com We only do here is to click and view ads only. Alright! I hope this video helps you earn extra money online If yes, please hit the like button now don’t forget to subscribe on my Youtube and Telegram Channel Please do follow me too on my FB fanpage and Instagram account. Thank you again for watching! This is Aiza Mercado once again and have a great day!

100 thoughts on “View Ads and Earn! Easy $50 Paypal Money!

  1. Maam saan po makita ung referal code ko?diko kc mahanap, wala din confirmation ng gmail pero nakakawork na aq hihihi.

  2. Ms. Aiza my minimum referral ba? Kasi gaya dun sa btcmining minimum referral ay 10 bago makapag withdraw ng btc coin. Dito ba may ganun din para makapg withdraw o automatic kumg magkanu ang na accumulate mo na pts or coins in usd ay ma withdraw mo po? Thanks

  3. Hi Miss Aiza may idea ka ba about BIG TOKEN? Baka puede po ikaw maka review if its legit or not. Nag join kasi ako pero i dont know if it pays. Thank you Miss Aiza

    Anyway eto po referral code sa BIG TOKEN:

  4. Hello aiza,,,, can i use the android phone? If i will be able then doesn't shows add interface in my android chrome broser?

  5. Hi ate aiza.. salamat sa pag si share po…ask lng po ate aiza if ung paypal ID po ba un na un email add ng paypal account po??? 🥰🥰

  6. Ano po ba yong paypal ID, yon you bang email address ng PayPal account na ginagamit mo? Dahil hindi parin kasi dumating yong pera ko sa spin

  7. Yung sa big token po kailangan po pala naka us na country, ngayon po hindi na ko makaredeem ano pong gagawin?

  8. "Dear Users, from last few days we have advertising errors so we can't able to pay your last payment. You need to start working again to get payments. Sorry for errors you have faced. But we strictly pay you from now."

    ~ The Spent Time admin

    Attention: YOU CAN USE VPN (USA CONNECT) if no ads available! Verification email has been removed by the admin, you can now directly sign up and log in!
    ~ $0.04 po per ads, not PER PAGE. do not misunderstood.

  9. Ate aiza maraming salamat po sa pag introduce nitong site na to ,i just earned 5 dollars equiv sa 200 plus pesos😍

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