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Video Guide | How to start your first Advertising campaign in ClickAdilla

Video Guide | How to start your first Advertising campaign in ClickAdilla

hey guys it’s Jan from clicker Dilla and in this video I’ll show you how to set up your first advertising campaign let’s start to start using the advertising cabinets and in or create a new account I already have an account so I’ll just log in this is dashboard where you can find all settings first of all let’s create campaign select the advertising format pop under push banners in-stream or native for example I’ll create a web push campaign so I need to add one click here all recommendations for push requirements are here push notifications have different formats in each browser OS screen resolution etc for example I’ll create push notification for a dating offer fill in the text France dating salut shush on pokemans whoa hey sounds good insert URL included illa are available tokens the main and device you a the first one tracks the site the second one users device and finally upload images well the creative is on managers approve let’s the table the target enter the name select web push in the targeting tab select the desired Geo I will target on France also you can select device type and other eight options when selecting mobile devices the option to select a specific device becomes available to select carriers you need to choose mobile carriers in connection types also if needed you can target on a browser language and app rating system I don’t recommend to change your IP to location settings because it can greatly cut your traffic in the next sites tab you can select either all sides or specific sites for this purpose you need to tick the premium and select the necessary ones in case you start your first campaign I advise to select all sources after the tests look at the statistics add to the whitelist resources which give you more conversions and add to the blacklist not relevant sites next go to the tab prices and look at the widget on the right this widget is called price box it shows volume of daily impressions minimum and maximum CPM try to keep the indicator in the area of yellow and green CPM depends on geo targeting options traffic sources and competition expose an amount I’ll set up one dollar next go to the limit step the limits can be set up by money or by impressions per hour per day or total I do not recommend setting too low limits less than five dollars please note that advertising costs may exceed the established limits by 10 percent you can also set company lifetime and use a limit calendar I’ll set up a total limit by ten dollars I recommend to read article on the help desk click here to open it well I showed you all the settings click create campaign next go to the tab finances the minimum amount replenish account depends on the payment method the rates are on the screen click proceed to the billing to transfer funds to the account the transfer time depends on the method of payment also you can enter the coupon code you will find coupon under this video but take notice that all coupons are valid in the amount of at least $100 I’ll top-up my account by credit card so I’ll enter $300 for credit card top-up you need to verify your account click here upload all required documents and click send you will receive a confirmation email during one hour after confirmation funds will be loaded to your account immediately when you proceed the payment and lastly I would like to show you the statistics for example I will show it in another account where the ad is running there are many different options to analyze the statistics dates campaigns hours there is a separate statistics for pre-rolls push creatives check the sides which give you the traffic you can also choose four months and see the statistics for each separately thank you for your attention join our telegram chat follow us on Facebook Twitter and vaycay to stab dated

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  1. The interface has been updated. We have added a separate tab for the account replenishment. We have reduced the minimum amount for credit card replenishment to $50.

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