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Video Advertising | Video Marketing in St Helens UK

Video Advertising | Video Marketing in St Helens UK

online video should you have one or not well clearly and concisely yes you
definitely should it really doesn’t matter if you’re a
freelancer small business or multinational corporate and let me tell
you why in a nutshell because people love them
now let me explain this basically there are just two major steps
in every business attraction and conversion you need to attract a visitor
and convert them into a paying customer that’s it and videos can significantly
help with both steps let’s start with attraction imagine that
an online visitor comes across your site is plenty of text and images explaining
what you do and how great your products or services are but that’s really not
the way to grab the visitors attention after reading for one or two minutes
they will simply leave the site board and you’ve lost a potential customer
forever now let’s assume that instead of the
boring text you’ve got a one or two minute video explaining all the
important stuff in a short but memorable format that viewers can actually enjoy studies have shown that videos are
processed by the brain sixty thousand times faster than text so you can really
give your visitors a lot of information in just a short while which is exactly the way to earn
attraction people are also thirty-nine percent more likely to share your
content if it’s delivered via video this means that visitors will spread
your story through social media and attract more people to visit your site in other words this is how you increase
traffic which is then reflected by search engines through an improved SEO
rank see getting more and more attractive now once you’ve got the attraction let
me tell you how videos help with conversion seventy percent of marketers
report that video converts better than any other content types why because your prospects can now
really see what you do or sell getting more detailed information leads them to
making confident purchase decisions also video enables you to really stand out
from the crowd and strengthen your grand trustworthiness but let me repeat the most important
message here people love that videos and you’re proof you just watched one right so let us
help you we can suggest the best video strategy
for your business and produce it for you from start to finish contact us today and watch your business

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