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Verizon’s Inspire Her Mind ad and the facts they didn’t tell you | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Verizon’s Inspire Her Mind ad and the facts they didn’t tell you | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Do girls fall behind in science and engineering
because our society tells them they should be “pretty” rather than “pretty brilliant?” Well that’s the message of a new Verizon campaign, and the ad has gone viral. A lot of journalists found the ad enthralling. Both NBC and ABC deemed it “powerful.” A Slate writer said
it was “a blast of refreshing cool air.” It brought tears to the eyes of a reporter at
Adweek. But so far, not one of these excited reporters thought to check the facts. Here
are just a few examples of dubious information that concern the Factual Feminist for example:
“Confidence drops from 72% to 55% between middle school and high school.” What’s the
source? Verizon provides a list of references via a link called “DIVE DEEPER INTO EACH OF
OUR STATS.” But the source cited for the confidence drop, is an internet info-graphic posted by
someone associated with a website about online engineering degree programs. And what does
this confidence gap really mean? Does it refer to confidence in math and science or overall
self esteem? That is never explained and no source is offered. Why is Verizon relying
on some random, poorly sourced Internet graphic for its research? Let’s continue: According
to the ad: “66% of 4th grade girls reported that they like science and math1. But by college,
only 18% of all engineering majors are female.” ABC deemed this finding “startling.” Startling
yes, but its also deeply misleading. Engineering is an outlier. Today girls earn 44% of college
math degrees, 48 percent of chemistry degrees and 61 percent of biology degrees. But why
allow some inconvenient facts to get in the way of a “powerful” shortchanged girl narrative?
Suppose you said, “66 percent of 4th grade girls like science and math, but by college,
only 61 percent of all biology majors are female” that doesn’t quite do the trick. And
what’s the source for the 66 percent statistic? I don’t doubt its truth—but Verizon cites
a post from the feminist blog JEZEBEL. The facts behind the “Inspire Her Mind” campaign
are a complete mess. And the deeper you dive, the worse it gets. You might think, well even
if the statistics are muddled, maybe there is truth in the spirit of the video. But that
would be wrong. In one pivotal scene, Samantha’s curiosity in marine biology is squelched by
her father. From this scene, you would never guess that today girls earn 64 percent of
college degrees in marine biology. In another segment, we see a slightly older Samantha
appearing to study a poster announcing a science fair—however she is using the display case
glass as a mirror to put on her lip gloss. The message is clear: we are crushing our
daughters by insisting they be pretty and lady like. Well, again there is a problem:
girls are thriving at science fairs. In many states, including Massachusetts and Connecticut,
they now outnumber boys at these fairs. They are approaching parity with boys at the prestigious
Intel Fair. And look what happened when Google launched its first-ever science fair. The
Factual Feminist applauds Verizon for encouraging more girls to pursue careers in math and science,
I want that too. But this ad is a lost opportunity. Not only is it filled with phony data and
misleading images–it also conveys the message that science is masculine. Throughout the
video, and in website materials conventional girl culture (princesses, doll houses, make-up,
pretty clothes) is shown as obstacles to girls’ science careers. That’s a terrible message.
Girls can be girly as well as smart, ambitious and formidable scientists. My advice to parents:
expose your daughter to a wide range of activities and career paths. Allow her to pursue fields
that truly interest her. And, let her know she can be both pretty and pretty brilliant.
Well what do you think of the Verizon ad? Should we be worried that more than 3 million
people have watched it, or that journalists failed to notice that it was manipulative
propaganda? Please leave comments below. This is the last video for this season. We will
begin again in September! If you subscribe to the series and follow me on Twitter, we’ll
alert you when the next video is posted. And remember: Check your facts, not your privilege!

100 thoughts on “Verizon’s Inspire Her Mind ad and the facts they didn’t tell you | FACTUAL FEMINIST

  1. Okay, answer just one question, please. Why is it, the only people–especially women–who encourage young girls to enter engineering are not engineers themselves?  

  2. I am an engineer by trade.  The last stat I looked up said that women make up 15% of my profession.  I have told my daughter that nothing would make me happier than to see her do something nerdy like engineering.  She gives me this twisted look on her face and informs me that she, "hates, hates, HATES math," while she is drawing a stunning looking picture that is quite precocious for her age.

    I suspect most parents are sort of like me.  Girls generally don't like math because… well… girls generally don't like math.  I get it.  To those who do, good for you.

  3. That opening thing though "66% of 4th grade girls say they like science and math, but only 18% of all college engineering majors are female." got me so hard, guess what kids change there minds a fucking lot before they are adults. Especially at younge ages and teenagers. I went from a communist, to a anarkist, to a democrat, to a humanist, in the last 5 years of being a teenager. I bet Ill change it again at the age of 18.

  4. The funny thing is that even if the stats were true, many people don't like science and math, it's not just women. There are so many other fields that these 'stats' verizon has stated are completely reasonable if you take into count the new doors people find. When your a child you don't know about that many career options but as you go through high school you are shown hundreds (not sure the exact number this is probably an exaggeration) of career options. 

  5. This was my first time watching one of your videos (if that's not so, I'm more senile than I realized).  
    You seem refreshingly sensible and intelligent!  [That's my main point here and reason for posting a comment.  Please read everything else as an aside, and minor ones at that!]  Probably a little emotional maturity and life experience doesn't hurt, and at the very least adds grace and polish to your presentation 🙂

    I too wish reporters weren't so dopey and lazy 🙁   I know that one person can't know it all–they got their jobs because they know grammar and were either attracted to (or at least not turned off by) the knee jerk emotional culture in journalism 🙁   Why don't journalist ever grow up!?

  6. From what I've seen, it feels like feminism is now trying to turn women into men. Yet many of the more outspoken feminists hate men. They just don't know what they want anymore, do they?

  7. From the actual facts, today, there are more girls/women at the top at science fares and competitions, with high percentage in exact sciences.

    But couldn't this be also the result of boys being "discouraged" to attend  schools , at higher education levels ?

    If boys are ridiculed at fragile ages for being boys, and loose their interest in further education, isn't this related to the issue at hand?

    And could be this a reason to accuse those responsible for  "crimes against humanity" as they mess up future generations ?


  8. When she said the source was a random googled infographic I chuckled. 
    Then when the next source was Jezebel I laughed so unexpectedly I sat my drink out. 

  9. It's these kinds of messages that I got throughout my childhood in the 90s that actually made me feel like I was doing something wrong when I liked arranging flowers, or the color pink. We should be encouraging girls to do what they like, instead of what we think they should like to prove some points to ourselves. We shouldn't be putting girls up to doing things that are "boy" things just for the sake of "ah ha! See! It's not really a boy thing, girls are doing it!" You should already have matured enough to not consider anything a "boy" thing or a "girl" thing. It makes me sad to think of all the little girls out there that are being influenced like I was. (And still to a certain point, am.) It's ok to like "girly" things, it's ok to like "boy" things. 
    Don't even get me started on the little boys who aren't encouraged to do anything at all, and think they aren't wanted in school. 

  10. notice all her examples of articles have female journalists? AAAAAAAAAAAH SMASH THE MATRIARCHY LAKNGLJNEOLK

  11. If girls are leading some categories in school, how come we do not see pro male/boy commercials encouraging young men to equal out the disparities?

  12. 3:01 Did anyone consider that maybe the dad didn't want the sea star to die from being out of water? Sea stars need water to breath, and Samantha was removing it from the water. I would expect the same thing said to a boy. Put that star down so it won't die. Admire it in the water, where it comfortable as well.

  13. All this says to me is: men are not allowed to participate in society.  Any field where women are the majority, the sentiment is: this is great but still a problem because there are some men left in the field.  Any lucrative field where men are the majority, the sentiment is: this is a huge problem.  Never do they say: women are the majority in this field, we need to get more boys interested.

  14. I frankly do not know what problem is being solved by trying to persuade girls that they need to be engineers…?  As the presenter here said, we should expose girls to all sorts of careers and let them choose what they are interested in.

  15. I think it's great that we're fact checking here. But this video cherry picks the majors where women are well-represented and leaves out the ones where they are not. I agree it's false to say that 100% of women are being discouraged out of 100% of STEM majors. However, there is still a huge problem that exists, and videos like this do an injustice to people promoting STEM to women. 

    Here are the number of graduates per major, with the percentage of women in parenthesis. These stats are from 2012, and my source is listed at the bottom. I’ll start with the 3 you mentioned in the video.
    (1) Mathematics: 18,842 graduates (43% women)
    (2) Chemistry: 12,941 (48% women)
    (3) Biology: 95,849  (59% women)
    Total STEM degrees called out: 127,632.

    You fail to mention these STEM majors
    (1) Engineering: 98,540 (17% women)
    (2) Computer Science: 47,384 (18% women)
    (3) Physical Sciences (excluding chemistry): 13,722 (32% women)
    Total STEM degrees left out of your analysis: 159,646.

    So yes, there are many majors where women are well represented, but more than half of STEM majors are still seriously lacking female representation.

    Source: https://nces.ed.gov/programs/digest/d13/tables/dt13_318.30.asp

  16. I studied chemistry. There was 7 guys and 28 girls graduating from my year!!!!! Hello? Can't you see the difference?

  17. Do the boys also experience a drop in confidence. They probably do after all confidence is an indicator of inexperience and lack of expertise not the opposite! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overconfidence_effect

  18. Yes, Ms. Sommers… we should be very concerned that such manipulative propaganda is being swallowed whole by the mainstream media. This reminds me of Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth", which was banned from schools in the United Kingdom by the British High Court because it was considered to be "political indoctrination of children", which is precisely what this is. Thank you for posting this video. It is incredibly enlightening.

  19. Western Civilization has made the fatal mistake of believing the war of cultures is over and we've won. Facts are, it's still on, the culture that keeps its females having babies wins, and that's not the West. We've lost, and will be paying for it over the next 100 years or so, when it will be all over — and our great-grandchildren's generation will be raped, genocidally slaughtered, and enslaved.

  20. My input:
    in fourth grade I was barely passing math. By college (where I majored in mathematics education) I was often excluded from the curve in classes that were graded on a curve because I nearly always made 100%.
    4th grade math and college level math are NOT the same thing. Some people are really good at crunching numbers (arithmetic, lower level math), some people are good at all levels of math, and others (like me) cannot do calculations in their heads for crap, but are good at evaluating complex equations. Complex equations are what one would see almost exclusively in upper level math. I recall one test where a problem took a sheet and a half to solve, and the only actual number in all if that work was a single 1 that was cancelled out in the very next line.
    It wouldn't surprise me to see several people go from excelling at math to having troubles in math. It also wouldn't surprise me to see some (though more rare) go the other way…
    And relatively few people pursue upper level math courses, regardless of gender. At my university, upper level math courses were held in small basement classes, in an environment that look more like a bomb shelter than a college campus. Meanwhile, the floor above us (reserved for many types of gen ed classes) was well decorated and aesthetically pleasing.
    The stat simply isn't comparing apples to apples.

  21. Just because there is progress doesn't mean that we shouldn't promote more progress. Also, can you not use the word 'girly' to describe doll houses and such toys? This only promotes gender stereotypes and disallows young boys who may want to play with toys such as these the opportunity to do so because these games are seen as 'girly'.

  22. Only 18% become engineers…

    And how does that compare to the overall population?

    This sounds like the statistic I heard one time proclaiming that employees take sick time on Mondays and Fridays 40% of the time. Supposedly the implication was that they were faking sick just to take time off of work on Mondays and Fridays, until you realize that Mondays and Fridays together are 40% of the 5 day work week. LOL.

  23. In Australia I would also tell the girl not to touch starfish. They can seriously fuck you up especially when they are colourful.

  24. my daughter shockingly loves reptiles birds and fish more than fuzzy things she loves the same critters that fill me with so much joy and damn skippy Im feeding her love of them but now in the case of the father telling his daughter you dont want to mess with that on the starfish it could be he was worried about disease it could be he was worried about venom as a large number of easily dismissed animals are HIGHLY venomous Ive told my daughter not to mess with certain animals but thats because I work with animals and Im concerned she isnt ready for certain animals hell Im 28 been working with reptiles since I was 5 i have worked with venomous snakes and Alligators and there are animals even im not ready for and I know it Verizon assuming all fathers tell their daughters something out of discouraging a passion is mentally unstable thinking in my family we dont discourage because of sex or age we warn due to experience while yes you have to do to learn its not all that easy sometimes you gotta start small and work your way up

  25. Could we please get your sources? You do exactly the same as the authors of the video, you talk over numbers without enouncing your sources. I checked the facts also and they are actually totally true! I took my country case: Belgium (yes, you cannot throw numbers without linked them to a specific area or context). According to different sources (université de Mons, Université de Liège, Forem, gouv.fr, Sophia,…), girls in sciences are between 16% and 39% depending of the science sector (study in 2013). I don’t know where you picked up the 61% number but I would be delighted to know…

    I completely agree on the fact that this video has a commercial purpose and that the numbers should be sourced. Nevertheless, it has the merit to point out the gender inequalities and mostly the fact that our choices are cultural instead of natural. I like this video because it shows that the processes are vicious and not obvious. We don’t say to girls that they are bad in science, that’s much subtler.

    Here are my sources:

  26. I'm studying engineering…and I'd love to have some more girls around here. Maybe a quota would help?

    No, I'm not serious. quota's suck by definition. But trying to raise their interest for engineering is a good plan, healthy for the work field. After all, we all want a male/female balance at work, because it's just more efficient if you have a mix.

  27. The ad seems to be a series of things, that you could definitely say to a BOY of her age in each situation or context.   Put that down, give that to your OLDER brother…  Society/Media is constantly saying to girls that they should be more like, act more like, think more like, BE more like, BOYS.   Most girls and young women go into the Humanities or Bio-medical and Science related fields.  That is why there are less women in many of the other male dominated Fields.  They are not competing with men for them any more than men are competing with women for the "Pink" jobs that most women do.  Women are Cultures pet.  Men are as minimised as they are expendable.

  28. What do you expect from American journalists? Solzhenitsyn said way back in the 70's they were worse than KGB agents.

  29. Really enjoy your critiques of the regressive left. I appreciate your tact and insistence upon methodological analysis.
    That being said, I had to snicker a little bit when an AEI product condemned manipulative propaganda 😛

  30. It doesn't surprise me in the least the media ignores the facts. True in depth reporting has never been their strong point.

  31. I don't know why it's seen as such an important goal to get more women into traditionally male careers, I just see it as evolution, neither good nor bad but driven by a market economy and changing attitudes in culture. To be seen as progress I'd have to come from the starting point that women choosing different jobs to men some how made them less than equal or that they all secretly wanted to do the traditionally male jobs but were being actively prevented from doing so by something other than female biology , I don't believe either is true.

  32. if your child shows an interest in science youre probably going to encourage her…. if she ISNT into science why would you try and force that on your daughter?

  33. let's assume for a moment that the whole math-engineer stat thing is correct. are you saying that it's shocking that between 4th grade and adulthood, some women gasp change their minds about math?

    really? that's surprising to you? go take a high school math course, it might become less surprising.

  34. I tell my daughter not that she can be brilliant but she IS brilliant in a matter of fact way so she will just accept it as truth (because it is) as well as she is beautiful…… and that she can be anything she wants and I will love her for whomever she is and just want her happy…. because this is true as well

  35. This commercial pissed me off. It goes to show just how disconnected from the real world "feminists" are right now.

  36. To be honest I'd like more adverts that encourage people to think about the world critically (which does in a way push towards science) and find truth. I don't think that the adverts need to be gendered at all though.

  37. "Girls Are Smarter Than Boys, So What Goes Wrong in Math and Science?" Boy, that sounds like an objective, unbiased, non-anal retentive study of what's happening!! LOL. To the dumbass writer who came up with that asinine "infographic": I'll tell you what goes wrong. It's called PUBERTY, OVULATION, MENSTRUATION, and the BIOLOGICAL NESTING INSTINCT, that are so powerful and so hard-wired into most women that they take precedence over doing equations, and other analytical pursuits. Ovulation, pregnancy, lactation, breastfeeding, estrogen, XX chromosomes, different brain functioning, and more intuition and sensitivity/less analytical inclination are NOT "social constructs" in women, they are biological realities.

    As for "Girls Are Smarter Than Boys", that's reverse sexism by the ball-less "man" who came up with it, and it's discredited by the fact that men have built and invented virtually everything we enjoy in our daily lives and benefit from (and the great works of art, music, and literature as well)… and an example of a mangina/white knight who's pandering to the approval of feminists by kissing up to them, if I ever heard one.

  38. This logic would have been more appropriate if they compared interests in 4th grade with interests in college.

    In 4th grade I liked math and science, and music and art, but by college I chose history as a major. i still like history but i am now in instructional design. There are a hundred other topics that i like, but some will be hobbies and some will be my occupation. The sad thing is that I really like real estate now, but no one helped me pursue this in 4th grade either.

  39. I am sure that if a study was done with a large group of 4th-grade girls about all of the subjects that they liked, a high percent would claim to like most of the topics they are taught. Just because you like a class does not mean that you want to do it for a living. Would if a greater majority of them enjoyed reading and writing, should we all be outraged that more women do not pursue writing careers. People can always twist statistics to whatever they want it to be.

  40. I used to be into LEGO, why am I not an architect by now? I say it was the matriarchy that forced me to change my mind. Definitely.

  41. My parents definetly encouraged my brother in science and engineering things, and encouraged me more in creative things and soft skills. It might not be true for a statistical majority, but it does happen. Some parents do need to get with the times.

  42. I would expect much more out of Version and the media when it comes to reporting on sources. This is goes to show you can't trust the mainstream media, they are promoting propaganda. If you want someone that is truly balanced check out Dave Rubin from The Rubin Report.

  43. Truth of the SPIRIT OF THE VIDEO?! Yea, the truth there is that Verizon is using the fact that the highest paying buyers are all too stupid to actually figure out how screwed up their statistics are. They are simply using shock to try to draw attention. It's misleading, and outright self serving to take advantage of people's ignorance in this way… but it's even sadder that so much ignorance to the facts exists.

  44. By ignoring boys these advertisements convey the notion they are either bullies or simply irrelevant. Or do these ad exist due to the obvious knowledge that boys have long since quit watching TV? Advertise to the girls(!) since they are your future shoppers anyway.

  45. I used to think math was kind of cool, but then as I discovered drama and art and then media studies and religion. After that, science and math became the most boring thing ever. I majored in Religion and Theology… which is pretty much the opposite of STEM fields and I regret nothing. My husband's a STEM nerd and I try getting into it (I love Cosmos, with the Neil) but it doesn't stick! But I will sit in church, front row and listen to a preacher/priest talk about God and morality with avidity. I guess I'm just cis as fuck.

  46. Check you facts, not your privilege. How great is that? Why are we not holding news media outlets to the basic standards of news reporting, such as authorship and source citations? Why do we allow advertising to pose as news media? Most news media outlets are guilty of overlooking these basic standards and it's getting worse. Good luck finding a source reference from anything that comes from BuzzFeed, for example, yet people gobble it up without question. I don't care who is feminist or anti-feminist or whatever "wave" of feminism, our society has completely lost the ability for critical thought.

  47. That ad, with the dad telling her to hand the cordless drill to her brother, was offensive. Who the fuck talks to their daughter like that?

  48. your good, I can only imagine the backlash you get from other feminist and sjw's. all of TV, movies, commercials, are like that now, they're all pro female and anti male ( well anti-white male anyway)

  49. Maybe she was looking at the science fair poster and putting on her lip gloss at the same time, a girl can multitask

  50. The really funny thing about the girl on the beach with the starfish is it reinforces the childish idea that successful scientists are just big inquisitive kids. Most scientists are doing what they're doing because they were lucky enough to get a job in a particular lab between sophomore and junior year and decided not to go to medical school. They became biology majors in the first place because they were pressured into it by well-meaning adults. The reason so many people (male and female) drop out of science is because it's boring and they didn't want to do it in the first place.

  51. It's like they want to paint women as victims even if schools and universities are basically cut out for girls and women.

    You can't always be the victim.

  52. This 'advertisement' is shameless social engineering. Fascist dictators also did this kind of thing, just less dressed-up.

  53. I think the only way that radical feminist will be happy is when 100% of every type of degree is earned by women and men are pretty much the ones scrubbing the toilets and Floors and windows and things like that

  54. This add makes me seem like I was the only girl with parents who supported my love for science. 😐 As a science major (geology/paleontology) I have yet to experience any form of oppression, the most badass professor I know is a woman. XD Growing up no one told me I couldn't be a scientist because I was a girl, if anything my professors/teachers were giddy that I was going into a STEM major. All my teachers throughout my life supported that, not everyone has the same experience but I can't be a super special snowflake (pun intended) who was raised in the only community supportive of women in stem. There's nothing wrong with being "girly" either. I'm a girl, as a kid I loved exploring, looking for fossils, getting dirty, rough housing, dinosaurs, monsters etc. But I also had my littlest pet shop ( a very feminine toy) and loads of super soft cute stuffed animals. Girls can be both, and so can boys! My brother as a kid loved my little mermaid and wearing my ballet tutus that I despised. Yet he still loved hot rods, cars, planes, guns and sports. People can be both, why is this so complicated for them?? I know girl geologists who can be both girly and still get joy out of smashing a rock with a rock hammer. It's not one over the other.

  55. Another terrific analysis of the misuse of statistics behind political campaigns. Keep up your terrific work!

  56. in 20 years she will be part of an ad showing how she was enslaved into this shitty engineering gig and was never allowed to follow her dream of psychology or sometbing

  57. As a student who loved math throughout middle & high school and who excelled in GE math (Calculus) in University, I found a Business Major unsatisfying. I went over to the Engineering dept to inquire about their field of study and was told not once, but twice that engineering wasn't something that was studied by "little blond girls." So, there IS still a problem with girls not being encouraged to study STEM subjects. (I continued with a business major.) Given the recent revelations in the tech world, I would say that women still have a very long way to go to be accepted in the world of science and technology.

  58. Verizon actively commits reverse discrimination and age discrimination against white employees and employees over 50. Stay away….

  59. For a brilliant, smart, woman, you're awfully pretty and lady like. Please don't tell my wife, but thank you for showing me that not all feminists are brainless.

  60. You are so goddamn right on every single topic! You are like the only person on YouTube to call these hypocrisies out, you should have a much larger following.

  61. Hey! Where are their safety glasses!?!
    As a matter of speculative thought, I suspect that, in primary school, `mathematics' actually equates to simple problem solving (ie. How many objects, costing $1.37 each, can I purchase if I have $10.90) or arithmetic, rather than subjects like algebra, trigonometry, logarithms, modular forms, number theory, etc. Arithmetic, Logic and Mathematics are related but they are separate entities – and I would venture to suggest that mathematics is not, truly, taught in primary school, though the manifestations of very simple algebra are apparent (where shapes to contain answers are supplied in place of pronumerals). I've also seen projectile motion being taught using show-jumping horses rather than cannons, rockets, missiles or trebuchets because it will 'appeal more to girls'. (Straight out of my Diploma of Education indoctrination). The question that I have is, in response to this particular absurdity is, "Who does not love the idea of a trebuchet and would not be willing to engage in some experimental archaeology/history?".


  63. Verizon must be owned by Jews. That would explain the propaganda. I wonder how many Jewish girls are in the sciences?

  64. Maybe take it a step further and just address all children not just girls. Why heed to this sly attempt to establish dogmas by offering other solutions to a problem only the ad has posited exists?

  65. I really liked your message in this video, it was very smart and I love YOUR message at the end. That you should expose your daughter to all kinds of things and that she doesn't have to throw her beloved barbie dolls in the trash and pick up a tractor instead! Because you CAN'T HAVE BOTH!!! Only one! And if you choose your dolls then you are WRONG. Lol.

  66. Of course it wouldn't be feminism without some deadbeat dad. I feel like feminists are the kind of people who will tell some story of how their dad told them to put down the drill but will intentionally leave out the portion where they just drilled a hole in the car door 10 seconds before.

  67. As this is an ad, it is not surprising that it is full of misleading information.  Ads are, at best, slanted and , at worst, outright lies.These are just the popular lies of the times.Thank you for digging into this for us.

  68. Me:
    Said I liked math in 4th grade ✓
    Thriving in the biological sciences field today ✓
    And surrounded by an office-full of intelligent, highly competent women ✓

    The statistics tend to be right. But lazy statistics don't tell the whole story. I've never experienced the kind of biased upbringing shown in these ads, and even if I did, I probably would still not have chosen to study engineering. I tend to pursue things that make me happy.

  69. Well,  I have to say that I personally can relate to the themes in this video.  I reowmember my dad never took an interest in the things that I was interested in when I was a child.  However,  I am not saying that this was because of my gender;  it was probably because of his own issues.  I think this ad serves a good purpose by showing how a person can be discouraged from a young age from pursuing his or her interests and talents and that parents have an obligation to nurture their children's interests and not to mock them.  I think this ad would be better served if it were gender neutral.

  70. Cultural Marxism: a collectivist application of Marxist class warfare along a broad spectrum of identitarian axioms, such as race and gender, as opposed to solely along class lines.

  71. 100% of the boys in my 4th grade class loved Pokémon. Now I'm 30 years old and not one of us is a Pokémon master. Disgusting yet powerful evidence of male discrimination.

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