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VCU Brandcenter alumni explain how Brandcenter prepared them for careers in advertising

VCU Brandcenter alumni explain how Brandcenter prepared them for careers in advertising

Brandcenter prepared me for the real world by teaching me that creativity can solve everything. The churn. The back-and-forth. The churn and fixing on the fly. Working in teams having to work with people basically all day every day. You think it’s not useful but that’s exactly how agency life is. There’s no individual contributor you
have to work with your team. So team work literally does make the dream work. Getting a lot of your ideas killed. The work ethic at Brandcenter is just irreplaceable. You come out of it just totally prepared for anything that’s going to come your way. You just learn like what a campaign is and how to identify what a big idea is and that is just like such an asset compared to a lot of these other people that I come out of other schools they might not have
us get a grasp on that so it just puts you that much farther ahead I think. Treating everything like a creative opportunity and always digging a little deeper to make something cool. Learning how to work with different types of personalities on every single type of problem. and trying to get to good work is still fundamentally what we do each and every day. The ability to work with a
strategist which you don’t get a Creative Circus or wherever else and it’s
important because that’s how you sell work. I think there’s a lot curveballs that get thrown at you and Brandcenter teaches you to think on your feet. Long hours and just teaching yourself to break yourself down to build yourself back up again. I think the level of intensity the Brandcenter puts you through really prepares you for what the real world can be. I mean the real world is sometimes of easier than what the Brandcenter was so by the time you get out there you’re kind of like okay I got this. I would say to collaborate with
people just because someone is in one track doesn’t mean they can’t provide
awesome ideas for a project you’re working on just to talk to anyone you
can and listen to their ideas and don’t just think you know it’s my project I
should be the only one I think that Brandcenter actually over
prepared me for taking critique. Really high standards I think the best thing that I learned was not to take the easy way out. To keep pushing and never settle
for the first idea. There’s a big emphasis on craft and what is a concept and what is good creative. I think all the all-nighters we pulled together it kind of made this not seem so bad. There’s a lot of people around you and
it feels at times like you might be competing or that you’re all kind of
going for the same thing but at the end of the day the race is started with
yourself and if you can just kind of do your job and you know be as proud of the
work as you can that’s gonna leave you in the best place and the people around
you can only support you and kind of help you get better versus beating your
competition. I got really used to hearing no and that’s something that you should get used to hearing it because it ends up making the work a lot better. showing scary work – very scary people I remember when Brandcenter started When it was founded in the late 1800s by Joseph and Marjorie Brandcenter They were good people They built half of Richmond and raised me so…

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