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UWM College of Engineering & Applied Science Student Research Poster Competition

UWM College of Engineering & Applied Science Student Research Poster Competition

Today, we had the poster competition. There are very
high-quality posters that I’ve noticed. Over 85 posters were presented – undergraduate, graduate. We have about 80 to 85 judges. I research the Viscoelectric Effect. That is a coupled
phenomena that has to do with the flow of a dielectric fluid and the electrostatic
current that it produces. Before I did this research, I’d never even heard of
this phenomena. Here at UWM, we believe that it’s important that students
participate in research activities. This is a kind of experiential learning where students learn by
doing. They explore novel ideas that are not necessarily in textbooks and as a
result they learn more and deeper information than they would learn
otherwise. I am currently working on a DC community microgrid to serve an underserved
community in Milwaukee. The main idea is to make smart homes. Getting the recognition of R-1, I
think it puts us in a higher level. An R-1 designation is the highest
possible research designation from the Carnegie Institution. It means
undergraduate researchers are exposed to some of the best ideas, the
best knowledge creation, the cutting-edge theory, the cutting-edge
practice and it also reinforces the partnerships that we have. I’m here today
to judge the research poster competition both as a representative for GE
Healthcare and as an alum of this university. GE is helping to support this
poster competition and the university in general because there’s a large investment in
developing new engineers and the sooner we get at them and help them start
developing the critical skills that they need to be effective in the workforce is
better for us. It was really a great event!

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