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Using Keyword Planner in AdWords

Using Keyword Planner in AdWords

Hi its Kathleen from AdWords Having the right keywords is the key to getting
your ads to show on relevant searches. But what if you’re not sure which ones to choose? That’s where Keyword Planner comes in. This
free AdWords tool can help you build or expand your Search Network campaigns. Keyword Planner makes it easier to find the
right keywords by helping you: Research keywords that might be relevant to
your product or service, landing page, or product categories
and Get historical statistics and traffic forecasts In this video, we’ll show you how to use
Keyword Planner to search for new keywords and ad group ideas, see how popular certain
keywords were in the past, and learn how well they might perform in the future. Want to follow along in your account? Click
Try it now to start. To access Keyword Planner, visit adwords.google.com/keywordplanner
and sign in to your account. You can also access Keyword Planner from the
“Tools” drop-down menu in your account. Now let’s look at how to get new keyword
ideas, let’s say for a used car campaign. Select “Search for new keywords using a
phrase, website or category.” Fill out one or more of the boxes that appear.
Including phrases or words related to your business as well as your website URL can give
you more focused, relevant ideas. Then click “Get ideas.” Next, you’ll see a list of keyword ideas
sorted into ad groups. You can also see these same keyword ideas by clicking the Keyword
ideas tab. You can decide which ones to add to your plan
based on which keywords are most relevant to your business and by looking at overall
trends in the graphs and reviewing the historical statistics in the table. Click the double arrows » to add an ad group
or keyword idea to your plan. When you’re done building your plan, click
Review forecasts. You’ll see a graph with several estimates,
like clicks, impressions, average position, and cost.
You can use this information to help set your bid. When you’re ready to save your keywords,
click Save to account. To start serving your keywords, you’ll want to make sure that
you’ve created ads for your campaign. Next, let’s take a look at how to get new
keyword ideas by combining multiple lists of your keywords. For example, maybe your used car business
has several locations. You can have one list of keywords just for locations and another
that describes your business. Start by clicking “Multiply keyword lists
to get new ideas” Enter each list of keywords in the List 1
and List 2 boxes. To multiply more than two lists, click the
X to add more boxes. Next, choose whether you want traffic forecasts
or search volume for your new keyword phrases. By clicking the appropriate button, we’ll
combine your keywords from both lists to get new phrases like “New York used cars.” To get detailed forecasts, set a bid using
the bid graph or the text box at the top of the page. Now let’s look at another way to use Keyword
Planner. Let’s say you already have a list of keywords and want to find out how popular
they are. You can see how your keywords have performed
by clicking ‘Get search volume data and trends”’ for a list of keywords or group them into
ad groups. Enter your list of keywords, one per line
or separated by commas. These keywords won’t be added to any of your existing campaigns
yet. Click Get search volume. Next, you’ll see historical statistics,
like monthly search volume or competitor domain data in the Keyword ideas tab. You can also see these keywords grouped into
ad groups by clicking on the Ad group ideas tab in your results.
Perhaps you want to get estimates of how your keywords might perform and how much they might
cost. To do this, click Get click and cost performance
forecasts. Enter your list of keywords or upload a CSV
file. Then click “Get forecasts” to see the
performance forecasts for your keywords. And that’s it! Ready to use Keyword planner?
Click this link to get started in your account today! Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. While you’re there, you can get all the latest AdWords Tips videos,
and if you have any questions you can post them in the comments section.

36 thoughts on “Using Keyword Planner in AdWords

  1. Hi there!

    I've not I idea what I'm doing wrong, but I don't have access to keyword planner.Every time I follow the keyword planner link I'm asked to create new campaign and pay for it! How can I access keyword planner?

  2. Every time I login to AdWords it takes me straight to some page where it's trying to setup an ad. Is this something I have to go through before I can get to the keyword planner, or do you have some other advice I could try? It's been a while since I was logged in, so I don't know what this ad is about or why it won't let me skip past it.

  3. The keyword planner provides a very rough estimate at best. Most of the data can just be thrown out as it rarely reflects actual data.

  4. a question very similar to Detail below, as soon as i include billing information will i be charged or i can pause billing process to get deeper insights about keyword planner?

  5. It made me buy an adwords acc before letting me in – making a complaint to ACCC https://www.accc.gov.au because this is ripping people off – took screen shots!

  6. i can't get to my keyword planner page whenever i login in to adwords its get me to the add page where google ask me to put add for $5. Please somebody help me.

  7. I am having the same problem everyone else is having. I can't get to the keyword planner. It takes me straight to creating a paid for add.What do I do?

  8. Google has decided in its wisdom and dominance to stop all new Adwords accounts without bank account details. Guess what, new companies haven't set up their bank accounts yet.

  9. The video is very misleading (and potentially illegal in the UK) because unless you have a high paying google adwords account keyword planner no longer displays the level of detail described in the video. Bad practice by Google.

  10. Hello, In keyword planner i am seeing 10k – 100k average search. How can i check exact searches like before please tell.

  11. How should I interprete the metrics of the column "competition"? Unfortunately this documentation is not very helpful: https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/3022575

  12. It's hard to interpret some of the forecast results when you are looking at how a select group of keywords might perform. The math doesn't work. Is it best to call and have someone walk through with you?

  13. I was hoping it would be Free.. https://adwords.google.com/home/#?modal_active=none >>This is the Key Word Planner…be prepared to pay for, tho…I dont have the Budget for as yet…
    Best Wishes All! Google keeps calling me wanting to help me to set my analytics better…it's a little frustrating…

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  15. please watch out for these spend £25 get £75 there not all valid and Adwords will set up a automatic payment plan behind your back the voucher dosent work all tho itl say its been applied you end up with a heafty bank statement, the woman i spoke to Vasundra advised me to up the CPV to make it kick in it never did, i found out twice when my landlord tx me and my car insurance rang me, ive asked to speak to a manager not allowed, do you know what they said "should of read the small print" oldest SCAM in the book!!

  16. LONG TAIL PRO-KEYWORD RESEARCH SOFTWARE : In my opinion LTP is very easy to use and an intuitive tool for keyword research. I use it all the time and it is an integral part of my work with my businesses. I believe that most businesses, bloggers and others who has a website they wish to drive traffic to, can benefit from this tool. VISIT HERE AND DOWNLOAD THIS SOFTWARE : https://bit.ly/2wbIQXb

  17. Hi, I have a question. I’m bidding on phrase match keywords for a YouTube video campaign on google ads. but I can’t see what the actual search terms are for the keywords. How do I find the search terms? There used to be a button to easily see but after they changed the look a lot of stuff has either moved or disappeared.

    Can you help?

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