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Using Google AdWords Bidding Strategies

Using Google AdWords Bidding Strategies

In this video you’re going to learn
how to use different Google Adwords bidding
strategies to meet your advertising objectives. We’ll cover manual bidding automatic bidding and the flexible bidding
strategies when it comes to our Google Adwords
campaigns. We can choose from a manual bidding
strategy where we set the maximum we want to
spend on any given click or we can use an automated bidding strategy which is designed to achieve a particular result based on our campaign objectives. So let’s take a look at these. First off for our search campaigns we can select from a range of
different bidding strategies beginning with manual CPC. This is again where we set the
maximum we want to spend on any given click within the campaign. We actually set a default bid at the at group level but we also have the ability to set
our own manual bid at the individual keyword level as well. For example we could select to increase our bid on particular
keywords and decrease them on others. Then we have the automated bid
strategies starting with Target search page
location. This allows you to set the objective of trying to reach the top of the
page results. When people are searching
on Google. Next we have target CPA which has target cost per
acquisition. This is basically defining the
amount we want to spend on a particular
conversion action. Once someone has travelled through
to our website This allows us to move from a CPC bierde to an acquisition bid for example rather than spending a
dollar a click. We could now say that we want to
spend ten dollars on a lead on our website. The CPA bidding option does require that we use conversion tracking so
you will want to check out my other resources for actually tracking conversions for our Google Adwords campaigns. Then we have target are away switches for return on advertising spend. This also requires the use of conversion tracking in order to use this bidding strategy. What it does is it allows us to put
in a percentage that we want to see on top of the
amount we’re spending inside Google
AdWords. For example if we put in 500 percent that would mean we want to
see five dollars for every dollar spent
within our campaigns. Next up we have target outranking share. This is ideal if you do have a particular competitor that you’d
like to appear above inside the paid results. So what we do is we enter the domain name for that particular
competitor and the system will try and automate our bidding so that we outrank them as they’re competing for advertising space on Google. We also have maximized clicks which
is the default bid strategy if you’re
creating a new campaign this will try and receive the maximum number of
clicks possible within your daily spend amount. Then there’s maximize conversions. This allows us to again use the conversion tracking we have
already configured inside Google AdWords to try and achieve the most number of
conversions possible. Again this is going to automatically
bid for us. We also have enhanced CPC which is quite similar to the
maximize conversions bid strategy but with enhanced CPC you do have the flexibility of setting
individual bids at the AG group and the individual keyword levels
for your search campaigns. So they’re all of the different
bidding strategies that we have the search. Next we have bidding strategies for display. So we do have some that overlap. We do for example have manual CPC as we had in search as well as
Target cosper acquisition and target return on advertising spend as well as the maximize clicks bidding option. But we can also see here we have the
addition of bidding on a viewable CPM this is where the impression for our display ad needs to be viewable for example above the fold as someone’s browsing
through a display network site. So what this allows us to do is set
the maximum we want to spend for a
thousand impressions so CPM is cost per thousand
impressions. The amount we want to spend on those
impressions for our particular campaign so I can say that is at the aggregate level. So let’s jump into our Google Adwords account and look at how we actually set up these bidding
strategies for our campaigns. So now I am inside my demo account and I can say I have a
display campaign and a search campaign. I can now click on search. And settings and scrolling down I can see the bid strategy for this particular campaign. So for my search campaign its maximized clicks I can now click on edit. And I can see for my maximize clicks bidding strategy I have some additional options so I can
actually enable enhanced cost per click for this bidding strategy as well as set a maximum cap amount. So basically if we were to select
enhance CPC what this will do is will automatically adjust our bids. If a conversion is more likely. So what this means is it’s going to
automate our bids based on that conversion
data coming into Google AdWords. And also if we were to use Macs most
clicks I would suggest setting a maximum
cap because otherwise there is no limit to the amount that a particular
click will cost for the campaign. Now if I wanted to change strategies
I can just click on change and then selecting from the
dropdown. I can see all of the options that
we’ve talked about so from targeting search page location. So where we’re peering inside search
results through to the options like CPA roic which rely on the conversion tracking as well as
the other automated bidding strategies and manual is down the bottom there. So you can then select the bits
you’d like to use and click on save. And this will now be applied to the particular campaign. We can also of course change the
strategy for our display campaign. So just clicking through on display and then scrolling down I can see
the current strategy. And I do have the option of changing
that to the other strategies available
for our display campaigns. So that’s how we can change the bid
strategy inside our Google Adwords account. Since we’re talking about bidding I
also wanted to touch on a couple of topics that
can impact the final amount you’re
spending inside your Google Adwords
campaigns. First we have big adjustments. These actually manipulate the final bid amount. When the ad auction takes place for
Google Adwords we can see I mean the settings tab and I have selected devices and the big adjustment column is
currently set to blank so two little dashes. And what this is saying is that the
bid is actually the same across all the different
devices people are using. But we do have the option to
actually modify the bit adjustment. For example if we were using manual CPC and our default bid was a dollar the final bit amount for someone on a mobile device would
actually be a dollar 25 because we have adjusted up by the additional 25 percent. We can also make adjustments based on peoples geographic location location but adjustment means that
we can increase or decrease our bid if someone is located in a particular area. This is great for local businesses or stores. There is also the option to adjust
your bids based on time of day using ads schedule. Some of these big adjustments won’t
be available if you are using an automated
bidding strategy other than maximize clicks. So just keep an eye out for example
if you are using target return on
advertising spend then the only bit adjustment
that you can make is negative a hundred which
will basically prevent your ads from displaying on that particular device. Its also important to understand
that our bidding strategy will work alongside our daily budget amount that we have
set for the particular campaign. So daily budget is the actual amount that we’re spending for the
campaign. It’s important to highlight that the
actual daily spend can vary by up to an
additional 20 percent on any given day. This has to account for
fluctuations in search and impressions across the
display network. Just to highlight though you’ll
never spend more than thirty point four times your daily budget amount in a calendar month. As long as you don’t modify
that budget and the daily budget amount is set
at the campaign level or the shared library this is
an option if you want to use an
individual budget across multiple campaigns. So just remember that when you’re
setting your bids this will work inside your daily budget amount. So that’s how you can use the
different bidding strategies. Tell me how you’re using bidding
strategies. Let me know and leave your tips in the comments below. If you thought this video was
helpful please subscribe. Share it with your friends and hit the like button so I know to
make more videos like this. See you next time.

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