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Using Expanded Text Ads in AdWords – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

Using Expanded Text Ads in AdWords – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

ERICA: Hi, everyone. I’m Erica from the
Google AdWords team. And this is AdWords
in under five minutes. In this video, we’ll tell you
about a new type of text ad in AdWords, the
expanded text ad. Expanded text ads give you
more space for your ad text and are designed for optimal
performance on mobile devices, so you can reach
potential customers when they’re on the go. We’ll tell you how they work
and give you some helpful tips to make the most of
this new ad type. Let’s get started. Expanded text ads are similar
to the standard text ads that you’re used to but
with a few key differences. One, expanded text ads have two
headline fields instead of one. Two, the two
description lines have been merged into one field,
and three, the display or aisle shows the domain of
your ads final URL. Let’s go over each of these
in a little more detail. First, let’s talk
about the headlines. Standard text ads give you
one headline of 25 characters to work with. Expanded text ads
have two headlines, each allowing up
to 30 characters. These headline
fields will appear next to each other
separated by a hyphen. The headline may
wrapped multiple lines depending on the size
of the user’s screen. Next, let’s look at
the ad description. Text instead of the two
35-character description lines you get with standard text
ads, expanded text ads have one 80-character
description field, giving you more control
over your ads messaging. Finally, there’s the URL that
shows with your ad called the display URL. With expanded text
ads, you no longer have to enter your display
URL when creating a new ad. Instead, AdWords will use the
domain from your final URL and then give you the
option to combine it with up to two new path fields. These fields are
designed to help people who see your ad get a
better sense of where they’ll be taken when they click it. They can be up to
15 characters each. To illustrate, let’s say you’re
advertising your new inventory of men’s hiking shoes. You might want to use men’s
shoes as your first path and outdoor as your second URL. So your ads display URL
will look like this. You have control over
the paths you choose. They don’t need to match
the exact structure of your website. Creating an expanded
text ad is simple. Just follow the same steps
to start creating a new ad and you’ll be taken right there. Now let’s go over some tips
to make your new expanded text ad effective. Expanded and standard
text ads share many of the same best practices. For example, you’ll still
want to use at least one of your keywords in the ads text
to make sure the ad is highly relevant to those who see it. You’ll also want to
continue capitalizing the first letter of each word
in your ad to help it stand out. One key difference is
the additional space expanded text ads give you. Take some time to rethink
your ads messaging to make sure you’re
getting the most value from this additional
text space, especially your headline. Also make sure your two
headlines are easily scandal and will make
sense when read separately from each other. And finally, take
advantage of the new path fields you can add to an
expanded text ads display URL. This offers a simple,
straightforward way to give your customers a
good idea of where they’ll go once they click on your ad. To learn more about expanded
text ads and get more tips, check out the
AdWords help center. If you have any questions
about expanded text ads, post them for our experts
in the YouTube comments. You can also ask a
question on social media or join a discussion in
the AdWords community. Be sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel to catch all the
latest AdWords videos. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC PLAYING]

32 thoughts on “Using Expanded Text Ads in AdWords – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

  1. Thanks for Quick and Helpful Insight on the new Text-Ad Feature!
    Tried to check this on few Adwords Acc we manage but couldn't spot this new Update in Text Ad section.. Please suggest! Is this roll-out not applicable India or some other issue, Please Suggest!

  2. Thank you google, I am sure this is going to help me a lot.
    & Erica you looks so awesome and I really like your hair 😉

  3. What about sub domains in the display URL? I understand expanded text ads will use your final URL domain, but many times in the past I've used sub domains in my display URL when one was not available in my final URL. Being able to test a sub domain as part of the ad text display URL has provided better CTR in several cases for me.

  4. So, will the second headline be optional to the user (depending on her/his device)? Or will it always be a part of the ad?

  5. Hi. Just wondering how this works with the specific "mobile ads" I have set up as can't seem to see a section for expanded text ads within this? Thanks

  6. How do I target only one audience? For instance I have a gaming channel that is mostly directed to only one game and I want my ads to be viewed only on videos for that game. Please tell me since this is the very most important thing I can do to reach the potential future subscribers I need. Thanks

  7. It would have been useful if we had known in advance more accurately when these were going to be available..

  8. The keywords i am going use it is going to be same keywords i used in my website meta keywords? Will it have effect on your website being display in google search?

  9. What exactly happens if I exceed the 30 character limit on either line? The example preview shows the text appearing as normal, so why the limit? will some devices not show the text after 30? the preview does not show this as an issue.

    Thank you in advance for all the help

  10. Nice vid but sorry the croaky voice really grates on me after a while 🙂
    Even so, have waved this vid at a few clients with the "YOU REALLY NEED TO DO THIS" subject in an email – I've only been saying this since the switch was threatened 2 years ago!

  11. I heard that we can't use strong CTAs like: Click here. Does this mean CTAs like: "Sign up" and "Create now" are also out?

  12. I want to create call only ads compaign through my mobile but I can not see all adwards account featured in my android tablet, plesse help me. further please give your support email as well. thanks

  13. Hi Adwords. May i know how some Ads have more than 80 characters. For example like your google Adwords Ad in the Search Engine?
    "With No Minimum Budget Required, You Only Pay For Clicks. Sign Up For AdWords!
    Only Pay For Results · Promote Your Website · Appear On Google Search · Sign Up Today
    Services: Video Ads, Text Ads, Display Ads"

  14. Really do NOT need background music while watching a tutorial type video. It is a distraction, not an enhancement.

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