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Using ctmcreate to submit an ad-hoc job

Using ctmcreate to submit an ad-hoc job

Welcome to the Support Videos for Workload Automation video series. This video will demonstrate how to use the ctmcreate utility to submit adhoc job This is the Control-M/Server. The ctmcreate command can be run at Control-M/Server or agent machine. The ctmcreate command can be used to submit ad-hoc jobs when access to the WLA GUI is temporarily not available. Running ctmcreate without any input will give usage syntax. To run a ctmcreate ad-hoc job, we can issue the following command: ctmcreate –JOBNAME adhoc1 –HOSTGRP W2012A –RUN_AS administrator –TASKTYPE COMMAND –CMDLINE “echo adhoc” The ctmcreate job will run on the local host with the local username, and it is a Command type job. The ctmcreate command output will show the orderid when submitted successfully. Run the ctmpsm command to check the job status. The job has run at local agent and ended ok. This is another example of a ctmcreate command to run a job on a different agent machine: ctmcreate –JOBNAME adhoc2 –HOSTGRP rhel63 –RUN_AS ag8 –TASKTYPE COMMAND –CMDLINE whoami The job has ended ok. For more details on ctmcreate parameters, please refer to the Utilities Guide on BMC’s Support web site. That concludes this Control-M Solutions video. Please see our knowledge base and Youtube channel for more videos like this.

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