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Using AdWords bid adjustments

Using AdWords bid adjustments

Is a click is worth more to you if it comes
from a mobile device, at a certain time of the day, or from specific locations? By setting
bid adjustments, you can increase or decrease your bids to gain more control over when and
where your ad is shown. So, what’s a bid adjustment? A bid adjustment
is a percentage increase or decrease you set that’s automatically applied to your cost-per-click
bid in specific situations. Here’s an example: Lets say you’re advertising
a restaurant. You know that people who are closer to your restaurant are more likely
to come in for dinner than those who are further away. Since their clicks are worth more to
you, you apply a bid adjustment to raise your bids by 50% for people who are within 5 miles
of your restaurant. In addition to bid adjustments based on the
location that the customer is currently in, You can also use bid adjustments to target
customers using specific devices, or searching at specific times of the day.
You can also combine bid adjustments. For instance, to catch those hungry commuters
on the way home from work, you can set bid adjustments for time of day– at the end of
the work day– and for mobile devices. Adding bid adjustments is quick and easy.
First, navigate to the Settings tab of the Search Campaign you are making the changes
to. Make sure you’ve selected “All Features”
as your campaign Type. Go to the campaign’s “Settings” tab.
Here, we’re going to adjust our “Devices” bids, but as you can see, you also have the
same options for “Location” and “Ad Schedule”.
In the “Bid adjustment” column next to “Mobile devices with full browsers,” click
the dashed line, and input the percentage you want to increase
or decrease your bids. Because I value mobile traffic over desktop,
I’m going to increase my bids by 20% for mobile devices. Click save….
And that’s it! Ready to give it a try? Click the link to try adding bid adjustments to
your account now. Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel to get all the latest AdWords Tips videos.

8 thoughts on “Using AdWords bid adjustments

  1. Big thanks to the team working on the #AdwordsTip  videos! The short, concise instruction along with the visual demo are wonderful. Keep it up!

  2. I'm not wanting to show ads on any mobile or tablet devices, so will I enter a decrease of -100% for these devices?

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