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Using Advertising Redbooks

Using Advertising Redbooks

Advertising Redbooks is a great resource for
finding information on how a company spends its advertising budget. You can also find
contact information for company executives and examples of their advertisements. Please
be aware that not every company will be found in Advertising Redbooks, but you can find
content for most larger companies. For example, I want to find information on YUM! Brands,
the company that owns KFC and Pizza Hut. I can simply enter the company’s name into
the search box and then after my search has finished I can click the correct link under
the Search Results section. The first page of the company profile provides a brief overview
of the company: how much the company spends on advertising; which companies they own;
who their competitors are; which brands they own; and more. I can use the tabs along the
top to get more information. Key Contacts will provide a list of company executives,
their titles, email addresses (if available), and links to LinkedIn profiles and recent
news articles (if available). Use the Title dropdown to limit to executives working in
a particular department. You can also select specific executives and download their information
to Excel by clicking Download Contacts. The Agencies tab lists the various agencies the
company works with to create their advertisements. Clicking an agency will give you more information
about what that company does and who some of their major clients are. The Media Spend
tab walks through how much the company spends on advertising and breaks down where those
advertising dollars go. How much do they spend on cable TV versus network TV? Magazines versus
radio? You can click any of the links for more detailed information. The Creative tab
includes some of the company’s tv, video and print ads from all over the world. The
Social Media tab includes information on the company’s social media usage. You can find
statistics for various social media outlets and their most recent posts. Finally, the
News tab includes links to some of the most recent news articles about the company. Clicking
any of the links will direct you to an external website where you can read the full story. Use the Download to Excel option to export
some of the data to a spreadsheet. The Print Company option opens up a printer-friendly
version of the company profile.

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