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Use Callout Extensions to Promote Offers – Google Best Practices

Use Callout Extensions to Promote Offers – Google Best Practices

Hello the internet, welcome to our
ongoing series all about the benefits of ad extensions. Right now we’re talking about call-out extensions. My name is Sean Quadlin, I’m a product marketing manager here at Google focusing on SEM best practices. So, what are some best practices for using call-out extensions to promote specific features of your
business? You’re going to want to use these to highlight specific information about
your products and services on top of what you’re already mentioning in your ads or your site links. So, it’s extra space for your ads, which
is a great thing. We know that the ad text can be a little bit restrictive, call-outs just give you more opportunities to brag about yourself. Very cool feature. So, when you’re
setting these up you’re going to have two call-outs minimum to actually show, but you can enable up to four. It should be easy to think about 4 things to brag about yourself, and enable whatever you can. You can also enable them at the ad group campaign or account level, so you have some flexibility there. The more specific the level, the higher the preference, so if it’s at the ad group it’s going to trump the campaign settings, et cetera. Let’s see what it actually looks like in Adwords to set these up. On the add Extensions tab, you can choose call-out extensions from the view drop down menu. To create a new call-out, click the new
button below the list of existing call-outs, Enter the new call-out in the text window that appears, click Save and boom! You have your first call-out. So when you’re actually setting this up, there’s some things to keep in mind.
First, keep them short and specific. Sometimes a benefit is that
much more appealing because its specific. Think about things that you offer, such
as no contracts or free shipping, so that you don’t have to mention those
benefits in your had text and you can save a little bit of space there for some more
creative messaging, but then people know you offer them
because it’s present in your call outs. It’s going to open up space for you. What you also want to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t repeat yourself in these call-outs.
Anything that is present in both your ad text and your site links, and your call-out can lead to your call-out not being served. You want to showcase something new that you
aren’t already talking about. So when we’re talking about call-out
extensions in Adwords, there are some things to keep in mind. First, call-outs highlight more information
about your products and services that users might want to know, that you may want to
brag about. They’re great. You also want to keep them short and focus on standard features. Be
specific in these call-outs. And finally, avoid repetition. Don’t say
something that you’re already saying in your ad text, because it’s probably not going to show the call-out anyway. So that’s it for call-out extensions, but there’s a whole bunch of other extensions. So please check out the rest of our video
series. Thanks for watching!

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