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Use Call Extensions to Drive Phone Sales – Google Best Practices

Use Call Extensions to Drive Phone Sales – Google Best Practices

Hello the Internet, welcome to our ongoing
series all about the wonderful world of ad extensions. My name is Sean Quadlin, I’m a
product marketing manager here at Google for SEM best practices. Right now we’re talking all about using
call extensions to drive phone calls for your business. You’re going to want to use call extensions if you
want to give users the option of calling you directly from the Google results page. Can be a
great option for users who are on their phone who just wanna talk somebody to get their answer
immediately. So, when you’re setting these up, you want to add a phone number or edit
one that you’re already using for your call extensions. When you set up these options, make sure
that you’re using a Google forwarding number if you can, because that’s going to allow you to track
the details of the calls that you are driving and also track those calls as conversions, which is great. We love
conversions. So be sure to use Google forwarding numbers if there’s any way that you
actually can do so. Within AdWords, here are some options that you can
take: click the plus new extension button from the Ad Extensions tab. You’ll see a list of
phone numbers that you’ve already set up. You can also choose any one of these, or
create a new one by clicking the grey “+ New phone
number” button. Click Save, then you have a new phone number you can
apply to your campaigns. When you’re setting these up, make sure that you’re scheduling them for
whenever you have someone there who can actually answer the phone. If you have a 24-hour service, great! You may not
need to worry about it. But if you’re only open for 8 until 7 in the day you might only want to drive phone calls when
someone can actually answer the phone. It’s an important consideration. Some more best
practices for using call extensions in Adwords is to determine whether conversions
generated from calls are more valuable than conversions from website clicks. If
there’s a big enough difference between the two You actually have the option of
targeting calls specifically. So there’s new call-only ads or call-only
campaigns so you can bid specifically to the value of a call. However, if you want to drive calls but
clicks are still your primary focus, then you can use call extensions, which is all about
what we’re talking here. It’s just going to determine what your call strategy is moving
forward. If you’re tracking calls as conversions, like we talked a little bit
ago, you can also use target CPA or enhanced
CPC bidding to actually get more of a great thing, which
is a phone call. It makes the bidding process easier for you and also just drives the type of valuable
interactions that you want your business. So once you’re tracking calls as conversions, you
can take those and actually start using conversion-based bidding strategies. It great! So to recap what we talked about today,
phone call extensions allow people to call you with just a single
click. You can use automated bidding with your call extensions as long as
you’re actually tracking conversions using Google forwarding numbers. Finally if call-out extensions aren’t right
for you, you might want to use call-only ads, so you can bid
specifically to the value that a phone call delivers. So determine that value on your own terms. So
that’s everything about call extensions, please tune in to the rest of our videos
all about ad extensions. Thanks so much for watching.

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