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Upload to AdWords (Demo)

Upload to AdWords (Demo)

Hi i’m Paul from Google
In this video, I’ll show you how to upload your Google Web Designer and hand-coded HTML5
creatives to AdWords. Editor and API upload are currently not supported
but will be in the future. First, you’ll need to sign in to your AdWords
account at adwords.google.com. Once you’re signed in, click the Campaigns
tab, then click the name of the display campaign you want to work on. In this case we’ll select “AdWords HTML5″ Select the “Ads” tab
Then select “+ AD”, and click “Image ad” To upload an HTML5 Ad click “Upload an ad” In the upload Image Ad form on the left, click
select an ad group or search for the ad group you want and then click that add group to
add it. In this case we’ll select “HTML5 Ad Group”
Drag your HTML5 ad file into the gray box or click Browse files.
Here we’ll select “myAd.zip”. Note that this must be a ZIP file.
Enter a display URL in this case www.google.com. Now preview your uploaded ad and click Save. Thanks for watching!

11 thoughts on “Upload to AdWords (Demo)

  1. That great !! But I'm having trouble understanding when i add tab area and don't add event touch click -> exit -> url. Upload to Adwords, add link to display URL. But when i view ads i click and link not work? I have to add link in Event before Publish?

  2. Can you upload HTML5 banners created from Adobe Edge Animate onto Google Adwords? I have looked through multiple forums and can't seem to find a clear answer.

  3. Could this be any more confusing, why call the ad you are trying to upload any words using "ad" and "word". Call the ad you are uploading 'dummy' or 'example'. i heard the word ad and word used like 15 times in one sentence, like you put the ad word in the ad word campaign in ad words using and adding words. What the hey? Only Microsoft could make this more confusing.

  4. Can I have interactive form ad in display network and the entered form data should be forwarded to me via email or some means to view it later

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