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(UPDATED) $5 Facebook Ads For Shopify – How to Make Profitable FB Ads Using $5 Ad Sets (2019)

(UPDATED) $5 Facebook Ads For Shopify – How to Make Profitable FB Ads Using $5 Ad Sets (2019)

($5 Facebook Ads for Shopify) Hey, what is up in this video? We’re gonna discuss the $5 a day low-budget testing strategy for 2019 2020 and beyond there’s a lot of strategies out there that are very outdated So I want to update you on the best low budget facebook ads 5 dolla day strategy before we get into the video. I want to thank you so much for 5,000 subscribers thank you so much for helping our Community grow and our movement grow and more people are enjoying the content and loving the value that I’m sharing in this video So if you’re not subscribed yet subscribe down below so you can get to 10,000 like the video. Let’s go to the video right now Alright so before we get into the strategy I’m actually gonna share what are the winning products for summer? 2019 so you can actually make a lot of money and this is one of the top products this little bohemian like It’s called a geometric dress. It sells really really. Well. We sold it like crazy back in May in June of last year So it’s gonna be may very soon. So this is a dress that you want to consider so let’s take this as an example for our Strategy what you’re gonna do is create a new campaign on Facebook And then we’re always gonna choose conversions and then we’re gonna leave it conversions continue and now for conversion event Depending on how your pixel is warmed up if you already gotten some sales or you’re just starting out completely you can choose the purchase Pixel right here and then down below how you’re gonna structure your audiences and how you’re going to structure your $5 they add sets It’s you’re gonna look at Google and look for the top brands of that specific product or of that specific niche So let’s take this particular dress and we’re gonna click top dress brands as you can see it’s already click in the world and You’re gonna choose the ones that aren’t obvious that aren’t huge you choose. So the first one is Nike The second one is H&M and Sarah H&M and Sarah are actually really really really good for dresses just because I’ve advertised on myself But this is how I find a lot of interest is I go into Google type in top brands in this product in the world And I choose one of those brands. So let’s say we want to do that brand. Let’s say hmm and Guys always start with countries that speak English. So let’s start with United States in this case I usually want to go with either US UK Canada Australia or even ‘back it But in this case, I’m only gonna keep it us because we’re doing with a low budget So let’s pick 18 to 22 actually like 35 for this dress which kind of fits women that are in that age range and then we’re gonna choose women and Always uncheck this box guys If you take that box Facebook is just gonna spend money on people that are not interested in the thing that you’re telling them to target So always on tick that and as placements, we’re only gonna choose feet So take all this out and choose feeds Facebook feeds take out messenger take out audience network and down on the bottom We’re essentially gonna choose five or even $3 a day Adsense You’re gonna do this at the ad set level not at the CBO level Like I teach you you want to learn CBO you can check it and one of the eye icons right here But in this case we’re gonna do ad set level campaign. So we’re gonna check $5 a day this ad set right so we create this ad set in particular Let’s create that and then you create your ad obviously, but in this case, I’m not gonna show you the ad I’m actually gonna show you the ad set strategy and as always guys comment secrets secrets down in the comments in this YouTube video Below so I can send you a free winning product. I’m a does more than five thousand dollars I’ll send you that winning product with the exact Facebook ads targeting that we use to get it to more than five thousand I think we mail at seven thousand dollars with that product and it’s still hot. It’s not saturated or over promoted So if you want that product with the exact faces targeting comment sequence as always I give out three products every single week So now that you have your ad set right here, we’re gosh you’re gonna label it So we chose H&M so 18 to 35 age and M And then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna duplicate that ad set and you’re gonna duplicate it into four more ad set So we’re gonna test five ad sets of five dollars a day if your budget is way lower than that if it’s just five dollars that you want to Pick one brand and run it for a couple of days just to see how it does if it starts getting clicks and start getting Sales, then you want to test other ones, but if you just have five dollars a day, which is a very low buddy But it’s still possible and I’ve had beginner students start at that level You just want to run that one that you found from the list If you have more of a budget We can duplicate that once and get it to a new duplicate out set And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go off of the suggestions down so if you don’t know what to target if let’s say there’s only like one big brand that you know of in that nature and That product you’re gonna hit the suggestions button right here and it’s gonna tell you more brands or more Interests that are very similar to that original one so in this case Sara is the first one so we’re gonna choose Sara there and we’re gonna publish that one and Then close that one Publish and then we’re gonna duplicate the other one the same way and we’re gonna choose the other Suggestion which in this case was mango. So in this case, we’re gonna choose the suggestion That was below the mango one and that’s how you’re gonna start creating new ad sets at five dollars a day You’re just gonna keep it to one country You’re gonna keep it to one specific a trench and you’re gonna start with a winning product that you know If you don’t know how to find winning products You can check the I icon format specific step-by-step strategy If you also want to know my other strategies you can check the first thing in the description is a step-by-step 0 to 10 km of training that I just released. It’s a brand new training April 2019 You can check that out down below. But essentially you’re gonna take hmm out and you’re going to essentially keep Duplicating these ad sets until you reach your budget So let’s say your budget is like twenty dollars a day. What you want to do is test as many interests as possible so if it’s 20 dollars a date you want to test for interest at five dollars a day or Even eight interest at three dollars a day So that’s like 24 So you want to test like seven interest at three dollars a day, which would put you at twenty one dollars day total budget So that’s essentially what you want to do is you want to test as many as possible in this case as many interest as possible because the more you test the more you can know what works and what doesn’t work and Then you can transition on from those that work into more things that work, right? So in this case, we’re gonna label those I don’t know what it’s showing error But it shouldn’t so let’s go with Sara right here that we chose and then this one we’re gonna do mango Mango, yeah Mango, in this case and that is how you’re going to structure your ad set So essentially you’re gonna start one campaign per product You’re gonna structure them at five even three to five dollars a day create your ad first and then duplicate those ad sets one by One if you duplicate up a bunch of times, usually Facebook doesn’t like when you duplicate one ad into five at a time so it’s better to duplicate once into a new one and then duplicate that one into a new one and then separate them by the suggestions that Facebook give you now How do you actually look at the data and know if these ad sets are actually performer gonna go into the step-by-step? Data analysis that I put together for you. So this is actually taken from my private mentoring program the paid private mentoring program This is one of the modules that I talked about how to look at the data and what exactly I need to look for But it’s gonna apply to you, too so it’s a little bit of a gift a little bit of value that I’m providing for you guys just because we reach 5000 sub so essentially what you want to shoot for is the first 10 to 20 link clicks that you get the first 5 to 10 dollars that you spent across all the ad sets you want to Shoot for less than $1 CPC If an app set has higher then one dollar cost per click right you look at the cost per click on that particular ad set on that particular audience if it’s higher than 1% and less than if it’s higher than $1 and less than 1% CTR you want to pause that outset? It doesn’t work. You just give up on it and the first 20 10 to 20 link clicks you want to at least get one or two Add to Cart on that particular audience if you get 20 clicks with no Add to Cart you kind of want to chop that out because it’s just people are interested in the product or in that particular audience People are interested in that particular product, but they’re not interested in actually buying it and taking an action on your website So you want to pass it as well and then the first 30 to 40 clicks if you’re getting a lot of clicks you’re getting A lot of out to cards really chip clicks you want to go for 30 or 40 clicks and have at least? 1 to 2 initiated checkouts If you don’t again you want to pause that cuz people are just adding to cart not really checking out and then the first 50 to 100 clicks if You’re getting a lot of add to carts a lot of initiated checkouts and you have those abandoned cart sequences installed SMS bum read VCard and retargeting campaign on email which I can show you how to use in the app section right here You’re gonna see another video for apps So essentially if you have the abandoned chord sequences put in place if you’re getting all these metrics like less than a dollar CPC 10 to 20 clicks and you’re getting at the cards 30 to 40 clicks and you’re getting checkouts on a particular audience or across all The audiences and you don’t get a sale within those first 50 to 100 clicks You want to just pause the product if you get 100 clicks on? the total product on that old whole campaign with all those interests without a sale you want to pause because people are interested in the Product that might be clicking on it There might be adding to cart, but they’re not interested in actually buying So in that case you just want to pause that product completely, right? So that is the entire strategy guys I hope you enjoyed this video You want to start with one campaign one product one specific country one specific 8r inch and then divide by $5 or even $3 at sets with different audiences based on the suggestions of that product if you want to take that One winning product that I just gave you go ahead and do it. It sells Incredibly well, we sold like a thousand back in in June of last year. So we made about $30,000 $40,000 off of this product. So it’s it’s almost a six-figure product right now So if you want to take it, you know take it as a value for reaching 5000 subs Thank you guys so much for watching this video If you want a free step-by-step 0 to 10,000 a month training for Shopify drop shipping check the first thing in the description and if you want to schedule a free one on one call with Me or someone in my team check out the second link in the description if you want to join the mentoring program with me 101 it’s a third link in the description. Thank you guys so much for watching this video I will see you guys in the next one. And again, thank you from the bottom of my heart 5000 subs I’ll see you guys in the next one

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  2. Hey Mr.Rafael, Personally I've been following up with your videos for the past 3-4 months. You deserve all the respect due to the efforts you set out for the entire ECommerce student audience. I personally learned many keys through watching your videos, If it's me to judge I'd agree with paying you all respect as a great friendly mentor.

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  9. Hey bro, What I don't understand & it seems that everyone else is also agree with me, is that: according to your formula -> 50 – 100 clicks can generate 1 sale and let's say CPC is 80 cent then one sale alone cost me $40-$80 on ads cost and lets say we put $15-$20 for product cost, taxes and the shipping, then I have to sell that none branded product at a price tag of $70-$100 to make a small profit. And, that is not realistic, no body is going to buy a non brand product at that price, also I don't mentioned other costs like losing money on some testing campaign, website and apps monthly cost , customer return, refund and etc. So, how do you explain it?

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