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Update Vlog Sep ’19 – Crazy schedule & Youtube advertisements

Update Vlog Sep ’19 – Crazy schedule & Youtube advertisements

Clarifications and notes will appear here. Please comment with timestamps if you notice any issues.

17 thoughts on “Update Vlog Sep ’19 – Crazy schedule & Youtube advertisements

  1. Ads are fine i think. As long as its not like a 30 second unskippable one imo

    Do you have a picture of your 200 game shelf?

  2. Hi Jon, hope you are looking after yourself, and most channels seem to have the skippable ads at the start, and these are ok.

  3. Jon, I dont currently have the availability to help you via a donation but I am happy to see ads if that provides you some small monetary benefit. I really appreciate your videos!

  4. Good luck with the surgery, Jon. No problem about the ads, everyone else is doing it and it won’t stop me watching good content (yours is the best).

  5. You should definitely include ads at the beginning of your videos. Please don't put them in the middle of your videos. I encountered that recently and it was a huge turn-off.

  6. Wingspan is leaving the shelf ???? Tsss, maybe it's time I start to look for another channel about games, this decision is unforgiveable.

    What ? Fabled Fruit too ! Totally unacceptable.

  7. Love the honesty Jon about the ads, I wouldnt worry it at all asmost of the contributors I watch have the less invasive ads and it doesnt cause any probs at all. Would much prefer the ads than lose your channel

  8. I wouldn't sweat the videos. When we come onto YouTube, we expect them. The only ones that annoy me are the ones with commercial breaks. Some have them popping up every 5 or so minutes. I have started limiting how much I watch those.

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