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(party noise) Oh my gosh you came! Yay! Of course I did! Hi! Oh my gosh! Wendy! How have you been? Hey Sup? So, Wendy just got here. Cool… You gonna be okay? I mean, yeah, it’s been awhile and we still talk so… Yeah but it’s kinda like- Hi! Hey Wendy! Good to see you! You too! (ahem) I’m gonna pee. Okay, heh. You want a beer? Uh, later. I’m gonna go say Hi to everyone. Okay, well I got an opener whenever you
need one. Great. Don’t you see You let the person who said they couldn’t live without you, realize they can. (door closes) Wendy: Hey. Oh hey. Wendy: What are you doing out here? Just getting some air. Wendy: Writing. Always a line or two. Um, I’m gonna get going. But it was good to see
for a little Yeah! Um I was pretty surprised when I
heard you were coming. -You know Pauline with these big get-togethers.
-Yeah. -Well alright see ya.
-Okay. Wendy: Bye. Hey Wendy. Yeah? Um… How are you? I’m good. Really though, like, how are you? What are you actually trying to ask me? It’s just been a while since we’ve gotten
to talk like we did tonight and I dunno, think we should hang out more yeah I’m around. Cool you want to grab dinner sometime
next week? Wh-What are you doing, Evan? Just asking to hang out. No you’re not. You know that I’m seeing
someone and you’re basically asking me out on a date. I just- I just wanted to catch up. We can catch up right here. Why are you doing this, Evan? It’s been
over a year you know? -Oh I definitely know.
-So why now? You don’t think I’ve wanted to reach out
everyday? How many times I’ve wanted to text you at night? Wow. So I was your almost drunk text? Thank you for that! (sigh) No, you know what… um just just forget it this is this is
coming out all wrong. I’m sorry just never mind. So we’ve been
thinking about each other lately so what? We? Yes, ‘We’. Do you think that you’re the
only one going through this shit? No it’s just- course not I just.. It seemed
like you’ve been doing fine. You too. Well I haven’t been. Me neither. So let’s hang out. Who am I to you, Evan? You’re someone i can’t seem to get past. Do you want to get past me? I know I should. I know we’ve tried,
multiple times, and I’ve let you down. I know I should just let you live your
life and I’m fucking everything up because i’m being weak and talking to
you like this so Yes I’m trying. Then try harder. -I am I just can’t help thinking that we’re not done.
-No! Stop! God! I just imagine that there’s a story
where this plays out- A “story”?! This is a fucking story? This is real
life and I am a person. I’m not just some script hovering around
to give you some drama You’re not writing this. Do you get that? Okay. Okay. You’re right. You know for a while I felt the same way. I think
we all do. We all want a story. We want that perfect resolution to our
heartaches and curiosity. But this isn’t a story. So you need to stop thinking about us
like you can predict or control where we’re going. So you’re not curious about us anymore? No. Fuck. I mean- Yes. But I’m not going to
keep sabotaging my reality for the sake of fiction. That’s what you do. That’s what you did the
whole time we were together. Because in your head real life is never as good as a story. You don’t actually want me, Evan. You want the possibility of me. You
always want me as a destination. But, I don’t think you actually want to get
there. I’m not certain that’s true anymore. But you’re not certain it’s not to true either. And… that’s no foundation to build a relationship on. You gotta be honest with yourself. With me. You know, it took me a while to accept it
and it fucking sucked. But I get it now. And I’m in a good place and you need to get
there too. I mean, you say you want this story but you’ve been stuck on this one page
this whole time No story can happen if you’re not
willing to turn the page You’re holding on to this one moment or
possibility and before you know it the rest of the world is going to finish
reading the book and start reading new ones and you’re going to be stuck here
reading the same page over and over. You can’t be so scared, Evan. I mean, it’s you and me. It’s you and me. You don’t think that I don’t know what
that means? It won’t be the same thing as time goes on though. And it shouldn’t. It should evolve and even fade a little. But there are certain things that will never
disappear. Those things are untouchable. You, Evan, are untouchable. The people were, at that time in
our lives It’s untouchable. I’ll see you around. Yeah. yeah yeah

100 thoughts on “Untouchable

  1. It's a touching topic. We all have someone deep in our heart who is untouchable, whom you gonna never forget.

  2. Dear Wong Fu Productions,
    Would it be possible to do another video in this kind of subject? There’s this girl who means the world to me. We dates earlier in our lives and after we broke up I thought I was able to move on. I felt so many times that I did, in the years that followed I’ve been in and out of relationships and flings and she’s never the reason why at all. When all is said and done, however, she still remains in my heart. In this video, they address that he’s stuck on the same page over and over. I feel personally that as I’m moving onto the next pages in my life she’s still there. And not just her from when we were together. We’ve hung out after a few times and I still see how much I adore and admire her. She’s not stuck in her own pages but we’re in two different books and yet she still can’t seem to escape the inner linings of mine. I want to be there for her for her good and bad. I have amazing experiences as I go along with my life and I always think “I want to share this with her.” When I’m at my low points I think “If only she were here.” I fantasize so much for the day that she will barge in my life again. And I will accept her in a heartbeat. Deep down I know it can’t happen and I want to move on. But I can’t. Please help.


  3. One moment she says she is not good the next she says she is in a good place? A little confusing, probably referring to closure instead of overall happiness and positivity.

  4. Can someone please explain "You want me as a destination, but you don't actually wanna get there."

    Does she mean he wants this idealized version of her without the journey of work put into the relationship himself? Or that he likes the "chase" better than getting to the actual end-goal of a relationship?

  5. God, exactly my case, man that was me in my exact situation and you depicted it so well. Regards from Innopolis, Tatarstan, Russia. Tuesday, September 25th, 2018.

  6. It took me 4 years to realize he just want the possibility of me and not actually me. It happened recently that I try to turn our page, it’s hard though.

  7. Isn't it crazy how people that used to mean the world to us, suddenly become strangers…Able to live without our existence…

  8. I really like this but her constant swearing felt cringey, like I'm not a soccer mom who hates swearing but the way she says "fucking" or "fuck" every 40 seconds gets really cringey really fast. But overall very good keep up the good work!

  9. I needed to see this, I don't know why I haven't but I needed to see this. For about 2 years now I've been stuck on this one girl I loved and honestly I made this one stupid choice that made a huge impact on my life. And I've been stuck on that single decision I made and I kept thinking maybe I can still fix it Maybe I can set it right if I do this. but I guess I needed to understand that its done and I need to let it go because as much as I had this perfect idea on how to make things right where I tell the story and the ending went the way I want it to be. I can't and as much as it still hurts I have to go and accept it. Learn from it and just cherish all those times me and her were together. I may still regret that decision but I have to move on. so to her I love you and if I could I wouldn't have made that choice but I did and you've moved on. I should too. I will. maybe someday.

  10. Found this from a soundcloud mix and thought it was too relatable at the moment and needed to find the video. P glad I finally found it, this hit home

  11. Never got to have that closure with an ex and I was stuck on that page for a while too. Now years later she's still untouchable in my memories and your video plucked every one of those strings so well. Such a powerful video, thank you.

  12. you are just amazing! i ve just recently came acroos this channel and i love it. All the stories are well built….It is as if there is a time of your life portrayed on each one of them.
    Keep on the hard work!! I ll be around here.

  13. As a guy struggling right now to let himself move on, this hits so close to home man. When a relationship ends because of unavoidable differences but there's still so much love in it I somehow feel like you lose your partner twice: the first is when you break up, and that's already terrible for the both of you. But the second time is when you are alone, alone in that garden of pure love for the other, and you have to look at that garden that's brought you the best feelings in your life and let it dry out, wither and rust.

    We feel tempted to keep watering it, with our hopes and longing and heaps and heaps of tears, until we end up still alone in a lush but empty garden, a husk of our former selves that dried up instead.

    It kills you to let that garden wither, and it kills you to water it… until you find closure. That is what I long for, and that's what your video helped me get just a tiny bit closer to. Thank you.

  14. 2:50, I got a bit annoyed of her not wanting to catch up with dinner. If they are friends, they can catch up even though one of the part is in a relationship…

    3:15, she is so defensive!! "Wow. So I was your almost drunk text? Thank you for that". Well… he didn't text you!

  15. It started when he said “yes” to wanting to get passed her. Everything else doesn’t really make sense. She’s confused herself. If he stopped “accepting how it should be” when she tells him off and start accepting things as he is! A story teller. A romanticist.

  16. Watching all these Wong Fu videos, I like how realistic it is. Like I'm not expecting a happy ending for every single one of them.

  17. one of the best channels to come to when you think your emotions are stuck and dont know where to go. You guys have amazing stories. looking forward for more really. Im from india i would love if i could help out to expand you to india and work along with you guys

  18. "You say you want this story but you've been stuck on this one page this whole time. No story can happen if you're not willing to turn the page."


  19. I don't know man, like yeah everyone's telling you to move on like it don't matter or its not a big deal when it is because when you have shared all your hopes, dreams, wishes, big words, fears ,memories of pure love, happiness and deep bonding throwing it away it don't look like an option.
    Maybe it's fear what holds us back or cowdness to open up to an other person, loosing faith that you can feel the same for a different person because for so long time you never thought that your gonna need to because you found the ONE.
    Nice video guys short and on point
    Thank you!

  20. Well this hit hard. Although I hate it, I've been on the same page for months and this video just helped curing it! Thank you!

  21. The way Alisa spoke is so unartificial. I believe she spoke those words out of her feelings from past experiences or she is that wise of a person.

  22. You have no idea how much this means to me man.
    Not words can say. It almost feels like i grew up with your videos with your channel. Keep going strong guys. Ly🙏🏽♥️

  23. this helped me so much in what i'm going through right now. I love how these vids are so relatable, i feel understood, and from that I can understand.

  24. This is my favourite Wong fu short…
    Phil’s acting is great
    Everything that they say to each other is clear.
    It’s a great video to come back to!
    Also Wes and his need to pee 😂

  25. Hello WFP, the caption of this story allowed the female to speak with the F word about how or when you missed the ball in both courts. Is this how gosling was waiting for her to come to him in the rain. The architect gosling. Go back in and say do you need a drink. elle for porch

  26. I'm gonna be honest, I feel like alot of your stuff can be cheesy at times. This wasn't. This was very very real. I related to this alot. Thank you. I needed this.

  27. 10 years ago I met the love of my life. Sometimes I ask myself if it was true love, young love, obsession or maybe it was all of it. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him, even if it’s just for a moment. Our relationship was one for the books. Crazy, wild, sweet, not so sweet, sad, happy and everything in between. It’s been 7 years since we’ve been in each other’s life and oddly I feel like I’ve still been there. I find myself always keeping an eye on him at a distance. Checking his social media, creeping on his family members.. just trying to somehow still be there without physically being there. I find myself passing by our old place, listening to old songs and going home after a night out thinking about him. He will always be untouchable, the kids we were so deeply madly in love will always be in my heart. At the end of it all I’m thankful for the memories and am great full to even have had the chance to love like that.

    To the 18yo me and the 20yo you, I will never forget you. 💔

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