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Understanding YouTube’s “Ad Performance” Analytics

Understanding YouTube’s “Ad Performance” Analytics

Hey, guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer, and I
want to update you guys real quickly about a new change to your
monetization analytics here on YouTube. YouTube stated
that at the end of February, they’re going to eliminate monetizable
views, because they said they were having a hard time figuring
out monetizable views on mobile. So, instead, they’re going
to roll that metric into playback monetizable views, the estimated
one that they give you in your YouTube analytics there,
and hopefully you can just use that to kind of figure out which
views are monetizable for you and which ones aren’t. You can find
those analytics for you YouTube channel, if, like you’re looking
at your video manager on YouTube there’s a bar across the
top and one of those links in that bar says “Analytics.” You click
on that and then on the left side bar you’ll see, I think it’s
like second or third from the top, it says “Add Performance.” You can click
on that, and it’ll give you a whole bunch of different
stats, depend-, you know, that show you what kind of money you’re
making from reviews and what kind of ads are making what
and all that kind of stuff. In case you’re not familiar with everything
on this page, let me give you a quick rundown on everything
that’s here and a really brief explanation on what each of these
things mean. If you want more information, I’ll link to the
help page for YouTube and description below that’ll kind
of walk you through each of the things on this page in more detail.
One of the first things you’ll see there is playback based
reports, and basically that takes the idea that if someone’s looking
at your video on YouTube, there’s probably a couple different
ads that are being shown. One there’s like the one that kind
of starts, you know, the pre-roll ad, then there’s also like a
little banner icon above it. There could be like a couple different
ads on your page at any given time, and so that is looking
at the amount of money you’re making per playback of each video
that you have, and taking into account all the ads that are showing
there. The other option there, which is the impression-based
report, it takes kind of the other approach and says
this is how much money you’re making per ad that’s showing up. This
is how much you’re making off of the pre-roll. This is how much
you’re making on the ad that’s displayed to the, like, top
right of your video, and so, for example, on that one, you could
have one video show three different impressions of ads, because
you have a couple different ads showing, and so, for one playback,
you could have, let’s say, three ad impressions. If you scroll
down towards the bottom, you can see exactly what different
types of ads are doing, how they’re performing. CPM is basically
how much money is being earned per thousand views against your
video content. Gross revenue is the amount of money that
an advertiser has paid to YouTube total for their ads that are displayed
against your content. That is not how much money you make.
That is how much the advertiser has given to YouTube, and now
YouTube’s going to take a cut of that, and then YouTube’s going
to determine, you know, now much of that you actually get based
on, like, let’s say you had some copyright content and one of
your videos, and so YouTube’s going to take a chunk of that and
give that to the rights holder of that copyrighted content
and a whole bunch of other things, and what’s left over is actually
what you get, and the estimated monetized playback is how many
times a video on your channel has been viewed, that could be
monetized by YouTube. Now, you would think that, like, doesn’t every
time someone watch one of my videos, isn’t that a monetizable
view, and it’s not, really, because, you remember like on Smart
TVs, sometimes like those YouTube apps on those devices don’t
play pre-roll ads. They could be on third-party apps for YouTube
that ignore pre- rolled ads, so that’s becoming less and less,
thankfully, but they’re still a lot of ways to not monetize
views out there. If you go into the impressions-based report,
you’ll see a couple of other things there, such as like impressions-based
CPM, and that’s basically how much money you’re making
per thousand ad impressions, and so, like I said, remember,
you could have one video play that shows three different ads,
so that’s how much money you’re making, you know, per thousand
ad impressions. We could actually spend a lot of time digging
into each of these, and I know there’s probably a lot of questions
out there about them, but this isn’t meant to be an in-depth
review. It’s just kind of to give you guys a quick overview
and let you know that YouTube is changing how they report some of
the monetization features for your channel. If you have other
questions, you can comment below. I’ll do my best to answer them
in the short little box that YouTube gives. I promise you
that this takes a lot more space than that, but maybe we can
talk about it on live, you know, Google hang out sometime when we
start planning those. Also, make sure you check out our Facebook
page and our Google Plus page, because I’m also posting other
updates there, just like kind of smaller ones that I think are
really interesting that I think you should know about and I think
we should discuss, but don’t really warrant me cluttering your
subscriber box here on YouTube with more videos. So, make sure
you go check those out. Looking forward to connecting with you
guys there. If this is your first time here, please subscribe. Love to hang out with you
guys. Every week we talk about stuff that’s happening that
influences how we make our stuff and create our content and
develop our audiences here on YouTube. If you master the
platform, you can build your audience and a whole bunch of other
stuff. So, make sure you subscribe, and I’ll talk with you guys
soon. Bye.

100 thoughts on “Understanding YouTube’s “Ad Performance” Analytics

  1. how do you find the money that they owe you, i saw on mine at first the amount but now just says a stupidly low amount, how can that be? please help

  2. What is my real earnings in estimated earnings and Ad performanse ? and is there counts 40% to rpm in that number or?

  3. It's the amount earned per 1,000 views. If you only have 500 views, then you've probably earned half of that amount. If you have 2,000 views, then you've probably earned twice that CPM amount, although actual paid revenue varies depending on a lot of other factors, like YouTube's cut, fraudulent ad clicks, etc.

  4. Dear sir , my youtube ad performance earnings for the month of march is not credited on adsense home page till April 12th . Can you tell me when it will appear in adsense home home page

  5. With networks, I believe all the money goes through your network. YouTube takes a cut from your network's cut, not from your channel or your cut.

  6. Im in a really difficult situation. I cant see anything on the analytics about how much im making, it simply says try a broader data range but doesn't show any information or statistics. What do I need to do to make some money off of my account. I don't have a google adsense account cos it says just use youtube analytics directly to monitise. I therefore cant see any reports on whether or not im making any money. Is this simply because I don't have enough view etc?? I would really like help pls

  7. Have you successfully connected your channel to your Adsense account? If so, then yes, you simply do not have enough views.

  8. How do you know on the end of month how much will your earnings be together with Total Earnings on AdSense for clicking on ads and for CPM? Do you know exactly how much will you get or you find it out when cheque come on your adress?

  9. Your "estimated earnings" are what YouTube guesses you've probably made so far that month, but it's just a guess. At the end of the month your monetized videos go through click fraud algorithms and such to determine your final payment.

  10. $0.00c33 per 1 view
    $3.00c per 1,000 views
    $33.00c per 10,000 views
    $330.00c per 100,000 views
    $3,300.00c per 1,000,000 views
    Are these rates for original video uploads true?

  11. No, there's no standard rate per view. It totally depends on what advertisers are paying, what ads are being displayed against your content, who your audience is, and many more variables.

  12. Yes i know that but where can you see how much money will you get together for clicks and for views? I see my earnings on AdSense only for clicks but not for views.0 Tell me please where can i see how much i earned for views. From first april i dont know anymore how much i earned for views. Its not calculeted with clicks.

  13. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're asking, but maybe what you're looking for is the "estimated monetized playbacks" found on the "Ad Performance" page in your YouTube analytics?

  14. Yo man, I'm just getting started on youtube and it says I have $2.34 Playback-Based CPM and $1.24 Impression-Based CPM. Do I actually receive that money?

  15. I don't understand I have 70 views all together on my youtube channel and the videos are monetized but the estimated amount is still showing $0.00?

  16. It's possible that all 70 of your viewers skipped ads or something. But you may not have Adsense linked to your YouTube account, too. Make sure you've done that.

  17. Um I have 100 Subs and more than 1000 views and it dosent show how much money I got and my cousin has 35 subs and has more than 1000 views and dosent have adsense but yet he has money please help idk what to do

  18. Make sure you've actually linked your YouTube account with your Adsense account. It doesn't track money for you until you do that.

  19. Simply look at which ads aren't performing well in your YouTube Analytics, then uncheck those ads under the "Monetization" tab of your videos.

  20. hi nice video.
    i just have a qn.
    i have 1 video that's earning full money and others add virtually nothing at all. what you think its missing here ? all my videos are monetized on the same way. ! and importantlt no copyright content.

  21. There's too many variables about how ad revenue is determined to tell you what's happening just based on what you have here. I mean, the type of ads they attract could be different, the number of views they get, the type of viewers they attract, etc. Sorry man, don't know what's happening with your videos in particular.

  22. You get money whenever someone either watches a skippable ad for longer than 30 seconds or if they watch a non-skippable ad. You also get money if someone clicks on an ad around your video.

    CPM is approximately how much you earn for every 1,000 views.

  23. CPM is just an estimate of how much money you'd get for 1,000 views on your channel's videos. Your total estimated earnings is how much money you've earned so far. So with an estimated earnings of $1.50 and a CPM of $10, it sounds like you have approximately 150 monetizable views so far.

  24. Another very insightful video, Tim

    There is quite a lot of confusion over Youtube Ad earnings and views, and most of this can be due to inconsistencies in the data, especially if people look at their Adsense accounts and compare with their Youtube Analytics.

  25. i really don't understand adsense how do i know when im actually earning money and how high my stats need to be to make money

  26. My channel is not showing any ad performance and estimated earnings???
    Can you help me in solving this issue.
    I have around 63000 views.

  27. yes I have added that yesterday.
    I was already had adsense I linked to that as per the google policy.
    how much time it will take to update?

  28. It might be another day or two until YouTube Analytics updates with the earnings information. Make sure your videos have monetization enabled. It's important to note that it will only start monetizing videos from yesterday forward. In other words, Your past 63,000 views do not count as far as earning money is concerned.

  29. In video monetization is enabled from day one but i have added adsense account yesterday only so in that case there will no monetization of my previous views???

  30. I have read some where in polices that they will monetize views but u can add adsense when you need transfer money to your account ??
    I am right or wrong

  31. go to youtube help at the bottom of the page and search the following

    "Will I get a bonus for associating an AdSense account?"

  32. Hello Tim,
    Are "Estimated Monetized Playbacks" (on Youtube) and "Page Views" (on Adsense) the same thing??
    If they are the same, why do you think I got 134 (on Youtube) and 378 (on Adesnse)??

  33. Since I've started monetizing videos and obtained and linked a adsense account, I've never seen any earnings. That can't be correct. Most of my videos have been monetized over a year and playback says $0 as well as, earnings page. Who should I contact? I clicked your help link and it didn't work for me. Please help if you can.

  34. Very helpful video, I have a question though, please correct me if I'm wrong but this is pretty much it:

    playback based cpm – if I have one kind of ad activated on two videos, when they combined reach a thousand views I should roughly get that amount?

    Gross revenue – what I actually earned with it till now, right?

    estimated monetized playbacks – the views I actually monetized?

    Thanks alot!

  35. For Auction TrueView In-stream ads (skippable ads), is "estimated monetized playbacks" showing how many times a viewer will see that ad, or how many times a viewer will watch enough of it for us to make money?

  36. Aloha Tim, I've noticed that only 30% of my views are monetized playbacks. Does that figure seem normal? I have not restricted my videos to play on monetized platforms exclusively and they are set as embeddable in the sharing options. Have you addressed what the best settings are in another video?

  37. Hi, Tim,, Could you help me out in Which make money turn on IMPRESSION-BASED GROSS REVENUE  is marking as zero  and the other  Impression-based CPM is showing $ 3.. Which will be the total amount??

  38. My YouTube page always says 0 earnings even though it says I have views and cpm. dont know what  to do now spend hours on hold with google
    no one answers 

  39. @Video Creators at 3:46 you said “disable low – performing ads types on your videos” but wouldn’t you loss money?  or can you replace low performing ads with high performing ads????. please answer 

  40. Hey Thank you for video about understanding  Youtube "Ad Performance" the problem i have my Analytics show total Estimated Earnings $0.00 …when i go into my Ad Performance it show : In order to see your earnings reported here daily, you must associate an AdSense account with your channel. i have two Youtube Channel on the same E-mail both are Monetize but just one i see Estimated Earnings but the other it show 0.00 HELP

  41. whats the difference between estimated views and the views it shows under your video. for example in my studio thing it say 95 estimated views but when you see my thumbmail it says 66 views. can you explain that?

  42. If you facing low monetize views because of lovely adblock plugins which let video run without ads so no monetize views.

  43. Hello, i have a question that i googled but didnt found answer, so my question is : What is difference between Playback-base cpm and impresion-based cpm, which of these two is that only 'cpm' they say in videos, which of these two is that which you use to multipli with monetized videos divided by 1000? Thanks.

  44. As you can see my account has very little views, when do I actually start making money on my videos (at what amount of views etc)

    Thank you for your time +Video Creators:)

  45. Hey what is this mean (( analytics AD Rates )) i have YOU­TUBE AD REV­EN­UE
    $105.04* why this not add to adsense and what this mean YOUR ES­TIM­ATED REV­EN­UE
    $62.20* and in adsense is Current balance $37.14 O.o

  46. what page is he on? he should do less talking more showing on the page is talking about.

  47. Awesome Video.. Thanks!! How do you find the amout you have made on youtube that is going to be paid to you??

  48. If anyone subs me I am doing a shout out and I'm going to put there channel in my description I will sub them back just type done on any of my videos and I will. Also I'm trying to reach 100 subscribers and I am doing subscriber specials like challenges for you to show how much I appreciate your support

  49. Hello dear Tim Schmoyer thank you for all your perfect videos I hope you can help me to solve my monetization problem
    because 2 days ago disabled and I received this email ( Hello,

    We recently detected invalid activity on your YouTube channel(s). As a result, we’ve temporarily suspended your AdSense account for 30 days. During this time, no ads will be served on your channel(s) or sites. )

    best regards
    Hayk Manougyan

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