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understanding advertising – quick overview

understanding advertising – quick overview

in this video I’m going to share my
perspective for how to establish a basic advertising
for your business as well as give you some tips on how to get started the
first rule is to fish where the fish are or more specifically get as close to
your customer at the time when they’ll need you as possible where to place your
ads is the essence of media strategy fishing for the hungry fish who are most
likely to buy the media landscape is incredibly fragmented so you need to be
super focused on where you are most likely to be successful thinking these
two dimensions by geography and by channel by geography this could mean
global regional national provincial city level local level or hyperlocal the best
way to define your geographic scope is determine where you can sell your
product or service and who is most likely to buy in just because you can
sell online and technically could ship your product to any country doesn’t mean
that you should consider the world your target start with the who’s most likely
to buy it question this takes into account competitive presence readiness
to buy client need and ability to buy once you’ve picked the geographies and
segments to target consider which channels will work best for you between
video print digital and outdoor there is no right way to start a campaign the
best place is to start with what you can afford and don’t think that it has to be
super local to be affordable you can get audio raids of your ad buy satellite
radio hosts for as little as a few hundred dollars now you can’t do it once
and wait for the orders to fly in I suggest you experiment with different
media and messages for at least a month or two before changing strategies
messages or media now the second part what to say in your ads is completely up
to you as long as you’re selling the sizzle and not the steak or more
specifically talk about what is the benefit to the customer versus just a
description of what you’re selling and leaving it up to the customer to figure
out the benefit for themselves also less is more be very clear about the benefit
that will appeal most and don’t do a laundry list of all the awesome things
that you can do remember there’s no rule that says you have to buy into the paid
advertising and I strongly recommend that you test
learn and optimize each channel as you go don’t try to do everything at once or
you won’t know which ones are working best you

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