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Understand Verified Calls on AdWords Express

Understand Verified Calls on AdWords Express

Verified calls are the most accurate way
of knowing that your ad is generating calls. Here’s how they work. When a customer calls directly from your ad, the call will connect to your business
and the phone will ring as normal. The difference is that verified calls go through a Google number
instead of your business number As a result, you’ll get extra detailed
tracking information about the call like the duration, time,
and the area code of the caller. This way, you can be sure
which calls are coming from your ad. When you answer a verified call, you’ll know it’s from your ad
because you’ll hear: “Google Ads customer call”. If you have the mobile app installed, you can also get notifications
when you miss a call from a potential customer. And best of all, setting up verified calls is free. You only pay when a customer clicks your ad. There’s no additional charge for the call. And that’s it! You’re ready to start tracking your calls!

11 thoughts on “Understand Verified Calls on AdWords Express

  1. I have got calls but in verified calls it show call from Delhi, Mumbai and other cities where my ads is running in another cities !!

    Not able to understand what to do with this

    Help me out to Understand this !!!

  2. Can you verify that this will work in Canada? I spoken to a few people from Google on the phone, but unfortunately your website has conflicting information as Canada is not listed

  3. So apparently you can't disable verified-calls with Google Adwords Express, ONLY on Google Adwords, very disappointing, this video is very deceptive. I just went to my Dashboard and did the same thing and it doesn't even give me this option, only option is to change my cell-number.

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