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Under the hood: Video reach campaigns | YouTube Advertisers

Under the hood: Video reach campaigns | YouTube Advertisers

[MUSIC PLAYING] JULIA KARR: As we’ve developed
multiple video products over the years, we’ve
heard from advertisers that it’s getting more difficult
to manage their campaigns. ALI MILLER: Video
Reach campaigns work, first, by selecting
your goal, which is reach. So then you can add videos
of different lengths, and your audience targeting,
your location targeting, and all of the normal parameters
you would set for a campaign. And then Google can do a
little bit of its own magic. So instead of doing this
format-first approach, it’s more of a
goal-based approach. WES CHENG: The first step
is just go in and pick the marketing objective. And then the second,
just upload all kinds of creative that you have–
different [INAUDIBLE],, different video content. And then set up the audience,
[INAUDIBLE] and budget. And then just sit
back and relax. JULIA KARR: Video
Reach campaigns are a better solution
for advertisers because it saves them the
time of planning and setup, enabling advertisers to do
more with their creative and their business. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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