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Under the hood: Bumper Machine | YouTube Advertisers

Under the hood: Bumper Machine | YouTube Advertisers

me about coming into work is solving interesting problems
in new and exciting ways. ERICKA MENDEZ: We are starting
to explore what machine learning means for creatives. Those advertisers who have
no video, little experience, we’re trying to create
a suite of new products that can help them ramp
up on our platforms and be ready to start
running campaigns on YouTube. – This is a first step
towards our vision of applying AI in video creations. NICK ROSE: A bumper ad is a
6-second long, non-skippable ad on YouTube. ERICKA MENDEZ: Bumper
is a perfect format for that on-the-go
mobile person. NICK ROSE: Bumpers are
really, really good at blasting a message out to a
very, very large audience very quickly. ERICKA MENDEZ:
Our research shows that when you run a
three-bumper sequence, you actually have 107% higher ad
recall and 134% higher purchase intent. We know that, for example,
if someone already has a context from a
30-second video, when you use the bumper
to remind them, they already know
what was happening. So now you’re just keep keeping
that sweet thing, that one last piece of message that you
wanted to communicate to them. NICK ROSE: Bumpers can
be kind of expensive and non-trivial to make. If you’re an advertiser, you
might have a 30-second long ad, you might have a
60-second long ad, but it’s not always clear
how you transform that into a compelling 6-second
long narrative that works for everybody. We reached out to the Research
and Machine Intelligence team, and we asked them
how they could help use Google’s machine
learning technology to solve this use case. – The first thing
we do is we sit down and watch a lot of video ads. And we have also interview
with the professional video editor at Google, and we
watch them manually cut out bumper ads. Cutting video ads from
30 seconds to 6 seconds, you actually need to remove
80% of the original video, and, at the same time, preserve
the most important part and attain the same message. We looked through
the whole process, and we felt like this is a
very complex process, even for humans. ERICKA MENDEZ: We
wanted to create a tool that would
enable advertisers to take a long-form video,
put it on the bumper machine, let the machine cut it down
into multiple bumper options. NICK ROSE: All you
need to get started is a link to a YouTube video
that’s 90 seconds or fewer. Then you hit Generate
Bumpers, and Bumper Machine will provide you,
in about a minute, with several different bumpers
that you can edit or choose from. What goes on under the
hood in this process is actually a lot more complex. First, the algorithms analyze
each frame within the video. A video usually consists of
multiple shots and clips, so it’s important to find
the right frames to use. Each of these frames gets
evaluated and assigned a visual score using a variety
of machine learning models. For example, one
of the models looks at each frame of
the video to detect whether a person is in frame. This is done using visual
recognition capabilities, which can identify if a
person is in frame and how close or far they are. Another model, using
similar technology, helps find branding
elements within the video. We have trained the
model to identify when logos, text overlays,
and products appear, so we can use the
best branding shots in the final bumper cut down. Lastly, to make sure that the
video isn’t blurry or choppy, we use a combination
of rule-based decisions as the final step to selecting
which scenes make the cut, and the final six-second
ad is created. – Bumper Machine
is just a start, and there is a lot of things we
can do to help the advertiser, to help YouTube users, to
make editing and creation much easier and faster. NICK ROSE: What excites
me most about the future of this product is being
able to expand this tool to other types of formats. Maybe if we can help you create
a good 6-second long video, we can also help
you create good 15 seconds or a good 30-second
long video ads as well. ERICKA MENDEZ: We know that
the creative process can be very complicated, and so
Bumper Machine will add value to that creative process for
both advertisers and brands, and just help them
build better, creative. And so being able to take that
first step is very exciting. I feel like I’m making a
difference, really helping these advertisers create better
strategies that can drive their business objectives.

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