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UNBOXING ITEMS FROM “Buying Every Advertisement I See”

UNBOXING ITEMS FROM “Buying Every Advertisement I See”

– Hey guys how’s it hanging? I’m currently not at my own apartment. This is my friend Jenn’s apartment. She is in Europe and I am sleeping here and taking care of her doggie. Isn’t that right? Don’t you love hanging out with me? He’s just the cutest doggy I ever did see. Arck! Don’t ruin my makeup Finny. Later. We can make it up later. I’m just kidding. Okay. A couple weeks ago I made a video spending $1000 by buying
every single advertisement that came up as I surfed the Internet. And today is the day you’ve
all been waiting for. I’m excited are you excited? Yeah, I’m really excited. Chew on everything including your hand. All right. Get out of here. Get lost. This first one is from knixsware.com It came with a complimentary what is this? What is supposed to go in this bag? What are you doing here? First off this is a knix
V-neck evolution bra for everyday wear. The website I remember
advertised these bras as basically like the bees knees. The best bra you will ever wear. Here it is. Whoa this is such a weird bra. I guess I should try it on. Don’t look! Hot damn I’m going to keep wearing this because it’s so comfortable. It literally feels like I don’t know, like nothing. But a lot of support all
at the same time. Wow! The next thing I ordered off of knixware were these sweatpants. Ooh these look comfy. Oh my God they feel comfy. I’m gonna put them on. Don’t look! Ooh they are so comfortable. A little big definitely definitely a little big but definitely a lot of comfortable. These are the most
comfortable pants I own. And they have pockets! Oh my Go- Wow! Let’s move on. So apparently this candle is supposed to smell like my home state. So I bought the Rhode Island candle off of homesick. And it’s supposed to
smell like my home state. Which is Rhode Island. I hope this candle smells
like Dunkin Donuts. Wooo! Um that’s cute. It says fill your house with home. This is a product for
a very niche audience. Like people who have moved away from home. I guess everyone, a lot of people do that at some point in there life. I’m just gonna open it. Wow it smells so good. I don’t know if it
smells like Rhode Island ’cause like what the fuck
does a whole state smell like? But it does smell really good. Oh my God. It smells like fall. Which is my favorite season at home. So I guess it kind of
smells like Rhode Island. I don’t know. But I own it and I will use it. Thank you. To myself for ordering it. What’s next? Wait a minute. ♪ Wait a minute ♪ ♪ I think I’m missing something. ♪ I ordered two pairs of shoes and there’s only one box that looks like it could be a pair of shoes. There’s one pair of shoes
I’m really excited about. And one pair of shoes
that is quite possibly the most hideous thing on planet Earth. So I’m hoping these are the cute ones. Let’s see. Oh they’re not. Oh my God. These are the ugliest
shoes I have ever seen. Holy. Oh my God. If you can’t tell what these shoes are. They are coffee bean boots. With a little bit of a
cappuccino detailing. I just wanna know why? I know I bought them. It’s ’cause I had no choice. But like why? Does anyone own these shoes? Has anyone else purchased these shoes? Maybe like a coffee
connesseur has bought this like someone who owns like a brewery. That’s alcohol. No one owns these shoes but me. I guess that’s kind of cool. Let’s try them on. Oh no! They’re too big. I ordered a size seven but
they feel like a size 8 maybe and 8 and a half. So if that is your shoe size and you fucking love coffee. Then leave a comment down below and I will ship these shoes to one of you. And please explain in the comments why you want these shoes. ‘Cause I would love to know. Also I have a tendency to say that I’ll ship something. Then I take two months to do it. So scouts honor I will do it ASAP Rocky. What’s next? This little bag is calling my name. What is this? I forgot I ordered these. These are mop shoes. They are shoes that serve as a mop. Oh my God look at him. Look at him. He’s like put me on camera. Oh my God. Shall we try cleaning something up? Okay first off this mission
is nearly impossible because the dog will
not let go of my shoe. Stop. Get off of my shoe. I am going to go get something
to spill on the floor. Get off of my shoe! Okay you’re gonna have to go in your cage for like a hot second. Okay so as you can see I’m a really good house sitter. ♪ I’m gonna wash that man
right out of my hair ♪ ♪ I’m gonna wash that man
right out of the floor ♪ ♪ It feels like my socks are wet. ♪ My feet feel soaked. Ew! They are soaked. This does not work! Well that was gross and now
my feet smell like milk. Let’s continue. Oh I forgot. Okay so one of the websites
I ordered off of was barkbox. I got one barkbox. And when it came in the mail I immediately gave it to the dog. We both just got really excited about it. I recorded it though. I recorded him opening the box. But then I deleted the
footage by accident. However I will do you
one better and I will now play a music video
Finn and I made together of him and his new toys play the video. Oh my God you’re so talented. Oh that was a lot of work you tired? I love you okay get lost now. What’s next? How about this? Ow! Plexus Wheel. It’s supposed to help with back pain. Here are my three wheels. I don’t even, what the fuck am I? Okay. I guess we’ll try it out. What the fuck? Ooh, Oh, Ooh that feels good. Hi buddy, okay, stop. Now we’ll try this one. I think I already got the
job done with the other one. Ooh but that feels good. Now I’m gonna use the smallest one. Whoa! Wow! My back is honestly feels amazing. Oh my, Oh my God. Oh my God. I experience a lot of back pain. So I’m kind of really excited about this. All in all that was a pretty cool product. I am rolled away. Next! This is Ritual. You guys saw this in the video. But I was on the website
and I filled out all this information about myself. And this is one vitamin that supposedly has everything I need. Take two a day. One in the morning. One at night. And then the other side. It says 21 day challenge. And then it comes with stickers to mark off that you’ve
done it every single day. I love stickers. Here are the vitamins. Ooh they smell minty. Ooh I like that. Neat! Okay what else do we have? This next package is from Revise, Revice I don’t know. Eww Waa! Eww Waa! Let’s try them on. Don’t look! Wow! Uh Uh! Wow! Uh Uh! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! (dog barks) Finn loves them too. (dog barks) Finn loves them (dog barks) I can’t even make the joke Finn. Okay let’s see what’s next. This is what I was most excited about. It’s Thinx underwear. It’s underwear that is
supposedly supposed to take place of a tampon or pad. When you’re on your period. I’ve got a brief. I’ve got a cheeky. And I’ve got a thong. Here they are. Ooh! It feels like a bathing suit bottom. I’m tempted to like pee in this. And let you know if it works. But I’m not gonna; I’m not gonna do that. What’s next? Two packages left and it looking like my light up shoes never came. What the hell? Can’t find in my e-mail a tracking number but I guess if you wanna
see those light up shoes I will show them in a video once any video. I’ll just show ’em in a video once they come in the mail. So I guess you just have to subscribe and watch every minute of every video I post. If you wanna see those shoes. And they’re really cool shoes. They light up. Subscribe. Okay we have two things left now. This is he Hydrate water bottle. It’s a water bottle that is supposed to sync with your phone and
remind you to drink water. It glows as a helpful reminder. Ooh! Fancy. What the fuck is this? Hold on I gotta read the directions. All right I’m gonna download this app and then show it to you. So give me a second. It’s glowing. Okay I downloaded the app. It was very strange. I connected my phone to my water bottle. Sturdy um I don’t Why is this one of the weirdest things I’ve ever owned? It just feels like it’s so unnecessary but you know I’m gonna give it a chance. And I’m kind of excited for it to glow up. It’s like getting a text from a friend. I’m like Ooh what’s up? I think this is also a bag of clothing from zaful.com Ooh first off Okay this is so fucking cute. I’m not gonna try it on for you. I’m getting progressively lazier as this video continues. What these look like oh it’s a jacket. It looked like medical pants. Okay this is cool little hoodie. We’ve got a shirt with an orange on it. That just says Orange. Exactly as I expected. And then a sweater which is weirdly short. Do you guys see that too? It’s like strangely short. Okay This is a cute doggie. To distract you from
throwing tomatoes at me. I forgot one of the
packages at my apartment. And it was that little
device that’s supposed to help the pain of period cramps. I was actually pretty excited to open it. But Que sera sera. However I saw a comment on my video of someone who wanted this. And said that they have bad cramps and they couldn’t afford it. So I wanted to give it to you because I don’t really have period cramps that are that bad. Isn’t that right? So to this commentor I will try to message you. If not get in contact with
me and it’s all yours. And that is everything. Thank you guys for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did make sure
you give it a paws up. You can comment down below if you want those hideous shoes or just if you wanna chat. And subscribe! I upload videos every hello? Thursday Finn it’s Thursday. All right. I gotta go.

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