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so you’ve got your product let’s target
some customers what’s going on everybody it’s your boy The Beast Of Ecom and I’m back
with another video drop innocent but you already know value bombs if it’s the
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upcoming content so in today’s video I want to talk about targeting and how you
can target customers what’s the best way to target you’ve got your products and
now it’s time to jump into the ads manager and actually target some
customers now there’s many different ways you can target and it generally
comes down to the amount of budget you’ve got to play with but what I
wanted to do in this video is show you guys just how I was set up an advert as
if it was to test a product owl I’ve already got the products what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna actually show you the product and then actually show you the
targeting as well in the ads manager so by the end of this video you’re going to
be able to see the source of ad sets targeting that I would use for the
specific products again what I would put live for a test remember testing is
literally that you’re casting it out to find out which audiences are buying and
reacting to that specific product and ad creatives so make sure you watch all of
the video stay to the end you know that I dropped my sleep but value bombs but
most importantly implement and go out there and test so let’s quickly talk in
it let’s jump into the computer and let’s get on with it okay so let’s jump
straight into this video no BS just pure actionable content okay so let’s crack
on with it now how to target with Shopify Facebook ads this is the
products that we’re going to be selling okay or targeting specific audiences for
as you can see is a baby water float device it is one that I showed him one
of my other videos actually of a hot product to sell
in summertime it is a fantastic product I think it comes with a video as well
but the first thing is first okay you need to have an avatar in mind now I’m
not talking about an avatar one of those weird crazy blue things in the movies
I’m talking about an avatar of the person who you’re going to be selling to
so of course this here naturally we’re showing it to parents now women mothers
grandparents were purchasing it for their their their son or daughters
newborn baby so that’s the avatar that you need to have in mind age wearing age
ranges we’re going to be looking at around about the 25 to 65 because we’re
going to be including you know grandparents right up to people 225 you
know years old you know I’m not sure when you have babies nowadays but uh
there are sort of rages that we’re going to be using with okay so moving on now
now I’m not going to go into campaign creating I’m not going to go into into
ad creatives and stuff like that that’s a completely different video I just want
to talk about targeting okay for this product so for anyone who is wondering
this product this campaign itself is a website conversion campaign of course
we’ve got the purchase here now obviously this one’s red because I’ve
done advertise on this whatsoever yours may be green if you’ve got purchases if
you haven’t and it’s still red I tend to go with purchase if it’s a new account
if it’s a new pixel only because I want Facebook to send me buyers and people
who have buying intent okay so scrolling down here we’ve got our budget again it
all depends on testing all comes down to the amount of budget that you’ve got to
play with the more that you’ve got to play with the more you can test but
let’s just put this at 8 as a happy medium between 5 and and 10 moving on
worldwide now some people do target worldwide and it can be fantastic but
you made to start out with you may be sending stuff to weird and wonderful
places and not have any tracking numbers whatsoever or alternatively is gonna
take absolutely ages we’re talking about sixty days two to three months to get
their product which is very bad okay so start with these ones died with a packet
country’s okay now I’ve already created a list for this so if you hit browse and
tick that save locations I’ve got one called a packet beast and if I select
that it’s all the countries that people current that they can send via a packet
so I’m gonna get tracking number from A to B okay so for the paypal do you say
anything I’ve got those tracking numbers and it’s gonna be a lot quicker so
moving on from that if you don’t know what these are by the way is you can
just literally just do a google search it will pull them up I have got rid of
some of the different countries on there such as Vietnam and Japan and Russia and
those sorts of countries which I don’t want to be advertising it so remember as
mentioned before we’re gonna get about 25 to 65 we’re gonna be going to or
women okay now here’s our targeting you just want to put in a broad keyword now
you can use audience insights but this suggestion tool is fantastic for finding
audiences so we’re looking at babies okay so the first thing that comes to my
mind is babies is it’s pregnancy as you can see we’ve got 68 million here and
moving on from that we want to edit our placements now again people always ask
what’s the ideal size I generally like to go for big audiences big broad
audiences only because it gives enough a load of room to scale and also what I
like to do is I always generally tend to have one interest per ad set but again
it comes down to the amount of amount of money that you’ve got to test if you
haven’t got that much to test again I wouldn’t group loads of different broad
ones in here because this will just turn into one hundred and twenty million and
you know it’s just pointless and of course if you’ve got big broad ones big
broad interests per per ad set of course it can lower you CPMs because you’ve got
a bigger audience to play with so so that’s what I generally like to do but
we’ll go through and try and show you a little bit of a mix so pregnancy as one
scrolling down edit placements now this will be on automatic
of course take off audience networks don’t need that don’t need messenger
take off market plays take off right column take off Instagram articles now
again I like to have just Facebook feeds okay I like to separate our Instagram
into a new campaign rather than have it in here but again it comes down to the
budget that you’ve got if your budget isn’t high you can of course just have
the Instagram feeds and Instagram feed and Facebook feed and see which ones are
giving you the best raw ass but uh what I generally do like to do is I’d like to
take off Instagram and just have Facebook and if it works on Facebook
then move it over to Instagram that’s just personal preference for myself so
we’re working with 49 million here so as you can see pregnancy we’ve got
pregnancy as one we’re talking in a packet countries so yeah that’s looking
or one I’m good with searching for conversions I generally have it on
seven-day clicking and one day clicking after view that’s what Germany works for
myself feel free to test but seven day clicking always generally seems to work
for myself and what I’ve always pretty much used obviously lowest cost and and
yeah so that is one sort of audience that we can use okay very broad we’ve
got our eight dollars we’re on purchase and for this one of course we can just
put so women brackets what is it we’re targeting on here we’re doing pregnancy
and it’s 25 to 65 and we’re mobile and desktop okay you you can obviously put
in your countries as well if you wanted to call it a packet so that you know
that you should eat packet countries and then when you scale worldwide you can
obviously change this to worldwide so that’s what we’re working with with one
audience okay now obviously in that in this ad set here I’ve got my two
creatives I always like to have two creatives and
let give Facebook a lot more to work with Nikkei and Germany find out
which one is doing the best again I’m not gonna go into them and I would just
to be a case of duplicating this so let’s load the duplication and then what
we want to be looking at these different sort of angles okay what are sort of
different angles we can work with with this so first and foremost you want to
take that off now if we scroll down keep the budget exactly the same keep our
countries the same and hit the suggestions tool it’s going to give us
loads of different audiences okay that we can use now one of the great ones
here is this sort of demographic here new parents as I mentioned fantastic
audience here who’ll be working with it’s got 2.3 million people fantastic
size there this is going to be showing people this is going to be showing the
advert to parents who are I’ve just got a newborn essentially now you want to be
careful because of course if you scroll down and have a look at some of these if
you see new parents here it’s got something called source and if you look
at that source it’ll say it’s a part in a category based on blahdy blahdy blah
but basically you’re see PM’s are gonna rise if you use this one here
why because obviously it says here no more than 15% of your spend will be used
to cover your data costs so try to avoid these sorts of demographics if it says
sauce on there this one’s okay we can we can use this so again this would be
another great audience new parents so we’ll take new parents and just put
that as that there study that let’s duplicate again try and find a different
angle you’ve got to be thinking outside the box so you know what sort this this
tool here at the bottom here is fantastic for doing suggestions I’m
coming up with different angles that you can use so we go suggestions inference
is not really there’s probably small child care
breastfeeding is another fantastic one this means they’ve obviously got a baby
if they’re interested in breastfeeding 12 million people fantastic and again
the size is I generally like to target no less the
a million if possible if it is if the audience size is less than a million
then what I’d like to do is I will just stack it with something Cal so that it
is over a million so breast-feedin I’m not sure why my nose is so itchy but uh
let’s carry on with this press feeding scroll down parenting birth is another
fantastic one so here’s another angle as well is brands okay so if we’re looking
at brands we can take off breastfeeding and pampers is a diaper company or a
nappy company if you’re here in the UK Huggies so if we scroll down we go
Huggies three point three so I generally leave this as that okay only because
it’s got 3.3 million people and you know that’s fine by me but if your budget is
a little bit less you know you don’t want to split them out then you can
group them together of course they’re all brands six mills okay Johnson’s baby
how much is it’s gonna push up by seven mil so yeah we could just call this one
here again it comes down to your budget remember testing all comes down to your
budget but if your budget isn’t you don’t want to split them out as much you
can see that these are all the same sort of things they’re all brands that
Mother’s okay would purchase so Huggies Johnston’s pampers which are all diaper
companies and we can just put diaper companies let’s duplicate one more
goddamn one knows what is going on let’s do one more so let’s take these off what suggestions
have we got here baby shop new parents baby sling baby bottle there’s so child
care baby bottle baby shower is a fantastic one so people who are
interested in baby shower where their newborn baby has just been born 7.5
million people now as I mentioned before you can do flex targeting on some of
them as well as I mentioned which is fantastic to actually narrow down what
you could do on this one is if you want people with buying intent you can do
shopping online brings it down a little bit more so there’s not really a reason
why you could add that one you could leave it as that so we know that we’ve
got people who are baby shower flex okay we now have two baby shower flex so as
you can see how we’re building these up now let’s just do one more
duplicate way for a computer to load take off the copy and let’s see what
else we can rock with now this product as well was I believe it’s you can use
it for babies that I wanted to as well who are not old and what sort of numbers
are we rocking with they’re 2.5 million okay parents okay so let’s head up there
as well so as you can see there we’ve now got six ad sets okay six different
ad sets six different sort of angles that we working with parents diaper
different companies breastfeed in pregnancy baby shower flex so we’ve got
a range of different audiences that we can work with here now all of which have
got different creatives as well so not all different creatives sorry but of all
each ad set has two creatives so we’ve given Facebook a lot of different
information here here to work with and we could just run this
see how this would work and how this would operate over the next you know 24
to 48 hours because the audiences are so big as well we can break it down we
might find that 34 to 48 34 sorry 35 to 44 maybe a fantastic agent converting we
can then break that in and go down a little bit deeper but I hope this really
helps yourself out in terms of targeting as usual I hope you got some value from
this video if you did please please please like comment and of course smash
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to date with all of my latest content remember ultimately it is about testing
okay and the more targeting and the more audiences that you can find then the
better results that you are going to have remember the person who test the
most generally wins the most again it all comes down to the amount of budget
that you’ve got to play with if you did enjoy this style of content then please
do just give it a like and of course drop a comment down below I do read a
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so as I’ve mentioned that is it for this video I’ll be back with another one as
you already know japa nothing but value bombs so take care and I’ll see you


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