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UK Visa Documents | Sponsorship Verification | Part 5 | 2019

UK Visa Documents | Sponsorship Verification | Part 5 | 2019

Hello friends, Good Morning. I am Akbar Ali Ansari and You are watching Akbar Ali Ansari Vlogs on youtube Channel. Our today’s short topic is UK visa Documents | Sponsorship Verification The UK Embassy has been contacting Sponsor in the UK for last few years, and verifies from the Sponsor whether the Sponsorship verification is original or not which he sent to the Visa applicant. Sometimes Embassy contacts the Sponsor before making decision on your visa application, and sometimes embassy contacts the sponsor after the visa applicant come back to Pakistan from UK, and verifies from the sponsor that how long the visa applicant lived in the UK, and at what places the visa applicant got accommodation in the UK, and what other activity he did in the UK. Remember one thing here in particular, if you had written in the visa application that you would live in the UK for seven days, and if you have lived in the UK for ten or fifteen days, then if you apply for UK visa next time, the embassy will reject the application just on this point that you lived in the UK beyond your intended stay. So keep in mind. Thank you very much for watching this short Video. Good Bye.

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  1. Dear Akbar sab, My parents been here ( UK ) last year on Visit Visa and stayed here for 3 months Although in Application we wrote for 1 Month. Is it gonna be any issue for next Application? I actually asked my parents to stay more and spend time with us. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks

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