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Types of Facebook Ads And Their Differences (For Beginners)

Types of Facebook Ads And Their Differences (For Beginners)

what’s going on guys in this video we’re
talking all about Facebook ad structure I’m going to show you once you have
everything figured out with your Facebook ad how to actually launch your
Facebook ads that you’re getting the most profitable result and I’m going to
do that first by going over each general the Facebook ad structure so stay tuned
because that’s going on right now what’s going on beautiful people my name
is Gabe Ekemezie with www.gabeekemezie.com and welcome back to my channel on my channel
I teach internet marketing as well as entrepreneurship so if you are trying to
learn how to make money online go a business online whether that’s ecommerce
whether you’re trying to sell courses whether you’re creative and you just
want to learn how to get you yourself out there into the marketplace this
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videos that I release on a weekly basis and today we’re talking all about
facebook ad structure now you are just joining us in my free Facebook Ads
course on my channel this is a comprehensive course people pay
thousands of dollars for not even joking when I say that and I’m literally giving
it to you guys for free I know it sounds crazy sometimes I wonder what I’m doing
it but it was like I’m playing I really I want to do it because I want to give
you guys value that’s really what it is but at the end of the day when it comes
to Facebook Ads if you don’t understand the structure and how absolutely works
you it really kind of sets you back in terms of everything else in delivering
when it comes to even creating your ad and actually launching your ads so
before we kind of move into our next phase of launching your ad here a couple
of things that I want to go over with you to help you kind of understand the
structure of Facebook ads now before I dive into this video I also did another
video that’s kind of like this out put the video link up here somewhere so you
can see that and with that video I actually do some kind of a little bit of
a more visual demonstration and presentation that you can exactly what
I’m talking about so if you’re more of a visual learner and you understand things
more visually that video is basically gonna be what we’re gonna cover here but
I’m gonna touch on a couple of the different things in this particular
video that I didn’t really mention on the last one so without further ado
let’s go ahead and hop on to the general Facebook ad structure so when it comes
to Facebook Ads there are three components okay there’s three main
components and that is the campaign your ad set and your actual ad all right now
if you’ve ever been into the ads manager in the back of the Facebook Ads manager
a business manager you’ll notice these three
things when you’re trying to create a Facebook ad now how we want to think
about this is you want to think about this on unlove was okay so the first
level is the campaign now the campaign level allows you to do one thing pick
the objective of your ad what is the purpose sole purpose of your actual ad
is it to generate a lead is it to generate a sale is it to get a click is
it to get a view whatever that objective is that’s where you set it up on your
own your campaign level it’s the very first thing you have to decide when
you’re building an actual ad out okay so remember the campaign is the first level
and you can have unlimited number of campaigns okay
now within a campaign is the second level which is the ad set now the ad set
stands for ad settings well I don’t know if it stands for ad settings but that’s
how I remember ad settings and this is where you set up the settings of the
actual ad so this can be stuff like your budget your placement your audience the
targeting alright those are the kind of things that are being set up in the ad
set level to remember although you have one campaign you can have unlimited ad
sets within that campaign okay now so the campaign picks the objective what’s
the purpose of the ad the ad set picks the settings this particular ad that has
this objective is going to be shown to women at the age of 24 to 46 who like
makeup right and then after the ad set you have the third level which is the
actual ad okay and the actual ad meaning like the creative okay
now this includes the image or video right this includes the text this
includes the the link they choose that people are going to be set to once they
actually click the ad or want to learn more about what you are offering in your
ad okay and just like you can have one campaign and within that campaign you
have unlimited number of ad sets and within an ad set you can have an
unlimited number of ads okay so that’s kind of the premise of an ad
structure when it comes to Facebook like I said if another video I do a little
bit more visual kind of guide about this so if you’re more a visual person that
will definitely help you kind of digest what is kind of going on here but I want
you guys to understand the actual ad structure and concept and on how to
actually set this up because when understanding this will help you when it
comes to actually launching your ad so let me give you a quick example so you
can kind of understand exactly what I’m talking about here so let’s say I sew something random okay so let’s say
you’re trying to sell like I don’t know a grill I’m not really random but let’s
say a penicillin grill okay so this is how the structure example of
a campaign could be so example we’re trying to sell out a grill right so
we’re trying to grow our campaign the objective our campaign is going to be
for conversions okay we want somebody to basically buy all right that’s that’s
our campaign all right now remember you can have as many campaigns as you want
but for this particular campaign we’re talking about grills all right now
within this campaign which is set to conversions that is our main objective
we can have as many ad sets as you want and remember the men that ad sets are
what change your settings so they control who sees what they control your
budget all that kind of stuff so let’s say you can have like three different ad
sets right I’ve set one that’s set to and that’s at three right and let’s say
this ad set we’re targeting people who like cooking okay and this adds that
we’re targeting people who like grilling and believe it there are two different
things and you can target both of those in facebook and for ads to number three
we can target people who like you know outdoors okay and these are just three examples I
could have as many examples as I want and each one of these examples are going
to be targeted to people and can be targeted to people in separate places
can be targeted people in the same places can be targeted based on a
different type of budget all right I could spend $5.00 for this budget I can
spend $5.00 for this ad set and I could spend $5.00 for this ad set and this is
where the whole premise of testing kind of comes in okay because the benefit
about using different and testing different ad sets is that when you find
an ad set that’s actually converting well that works let’s say for example
grilling surprisingly is actually performing well and getting the results
that you want which is what conversions that’s our
objective so we’re getting sales from the grilling ad set what we can do now
is we can now turn off any one of these access that are performing and just
focus on the one that actually is performing okay so that’s the benefit of
having multiple ad sets that’s where the testing comes in because if you just do
create one ad set and it’s cooking and it doesn’t perform and you just turn off
the whole ad like oh well this doesn’t work you have been given you a chance to
see what actually does work right so that’s kind of where the whole ad set
premise comes in now remember within each ad set you can have an unlimited
number of act okay so now let’s go into the ad portion let’s say for this
particular ad set you can have three different eyes right ad one can try a
test a different image ad two can be a different headline at three could be
let’s say just different text right on in the body okay so now the rabbit-hole
gets a little deeper because now not only can we test out different access to
see which won’t work better but we can test out different images to see which
one works best too so let’s say we had this created for all three ad sets
within this one ad campaign how many and do we have running for Southern
grills the correct answer is nine we have nine actual ads that are running
within this one campaign one two three four five six seven eight nine now each
one of these nine ads or testing different elements in this whole
campaign to figure out the street spot to figure out what is working so
remember like I said within their objective of convergence we could say
that ad says performing well but within the ad set of grilling that’s performing
well this image that we picked for this particular ad set might be the winning
image now ideally what you want to do is you only want to test one thing at a
time so if you were testing out images you want to make sure that headlines and
the text are Universal throughout so that it’s kind of like the scientific
method you like how do you know what’s working if all of you’re just changing
everything all the time you want to make sure things are kind of universal and
you’re changing one thing at a time but this is how we kind of come up with our
test of how to figure out what is going to work and what’s not going to work
so at the end so that at the end of the day we can see that if we’re spending
five dollars a day for each one of these ad sets and I got you know five sales
for this ad and I got a zero for this one and I got I don’t know maybe one for
this one I can turn this out off all right because there’s no point in
wasting money when I’m not getting a profit okay and then I can devote this
five dollars to the one that’s actually working so we might raise this is there
are five to ten you know and that’s how we can start to grow our results with
just changing the budget all right now there’s a couple other things that go
into this so scaling is sometimes nice easy as just changing the budget but
we’ll talk about scaling and my future videos but that’s kind of the whole
premise of the Facebook ad structure okay guys so now that we’ve kind of gone
over the different ad sets and the ad and campaign objectives one last thing I
want to make sure you understand is what’s the whole big deal when it comes
to setting up your actual objective like what is better is that better to do
conversions is a better that do traffic is it better to do lead gen like what is
better the answer is sometimes you just have to test it out to figure it out but
in order to understand what’s happening I’m going to show you something very
quickly so let’s say for a particular ad campaign right we’re gonna go back to
our grilling example for example so our campaign right campaign when you are
trying to pick your particular objective for your campaign you remember there’s
multiple objectives that you can pick think of the population that you’re
trying to target so for example our example here is grilling right we want
to sell the grill so let’s draw the entire population of people that might
be interested in grilling okay let’s say this is like five million people right
five million people in this population what a campaign objective does is a
campaign objective focuses your particular ad based off of the objective
that you pick so let’s say the first objective that you pick is you want
conversions right basically you want sales okay what Facebook is gonna do is
Facebook is going to look at the audience you pick which is people that
like grilling it’s gonna pull out the audience and within that audience
facebook is going to find a portion of this audience that is more ideal ideally
going to click and buy your product because you said it for conversions so
it might be this population right here however how many people is and Facebook
is only going to show your ad to those people okay now this is where that
algorithm stuff comes in because based off of the data that Facebook has
facebooking to determine out of this population
what group of people is going to show and I remember this whole population is
interested in grilling in some way shape or form but based off of your objective
Facebook isn’t going to show it to every all five million people it’s just going
to show it to a portion that’s why whenever you start to pick certain
options and Facebook ads your actual projected audience kind of drops down
sometimes depending on what you’re targeting alright so um you know and so
Facebook is just going to show your product or your add to that particular
objective okay now let’s say that we had another objective and our objective was
just to get traffic okay now this would be a whole nother piece
of the pie this might be this portion right here of the audience okay
that’s into traffic right so based off of the campaign objective you pick is
going to determine what portion of the pie of your overall audience is going to
actually see your ad so that’s why when it comes to picking an objective it’s
great to one understand what your actual objective is whether it’s to get
conversions get the leads sales traffic whatever but to to also understand that
by testing out different objectives you can also gain access to different parts
of your audience that you wouldn’t necessarily get access to if you just
focus on one objective now with all that being said which objective do I actually
recommend I actually recommend conversions why because at the end of
the day we that’s what you’re here for you know there’s no point spending money
and like not trying to get some type of return on investment a positive return
on investment so I do recommend conversions and the nice the reason why
I also recommend conversions is that Facebook is constantly re-evaluating
this whole audience so whenever people take an action let’s say in this whole
conversion audience here Facebook is constantly evaluating and seeing who
does what so that this audience might change you know a
little bit based off of this whole conversion objective so at the end of
the day convergence is what I recommend because conversions depending on what
you trying to do remember this all really depends on one’s trying to do but
if you’re just trying to for example if you are particularly trying to sell a
particular product or sell a course conversions is what I recommend now
there are other types of Facebook ad objectives that you can use that you can
eventually go into conversions with like you can start off with like an
engagement at first this is a popular method to do with e-commerce kind of
products is kind of running engagement at first see how it does and then you
can convert that and took a version ad whatever the case may be people at the
end of the day conversions is what you want and conversions is what I recommend
but as long as you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing when it comes to
picking unobjective for your campaign and then once you pick an adductor for
the comp campaign understanding the the segments and audience that you’re using
depending on what you’re targeting and then understanding that within a
particular campaign you also have ad sets and you have ads
that all fall under each other so that you can basically test out what’s gonna
work best for you so that you can figure out at the end of the day what is going
to be most profitable for you and work on on down and down your ad and of
getting that ad to optimize so that you can get the results that you’re looking
for and that’s it guys for this video man I really do appreciate it thank you
guys so much for watching if you liked this video give this video a big thumbs
up leave any comments that you have down in the description below if you have any
questions about this or anything in general really and last but not least if
you want to get Facebook ads to the next level make sure you download my free
Facebook ads copy cheat sheet and that I go over 10 Facebook ad copy C fees that
you can use to maximize your ads when it comes to the copy remember all these
other elements play a fact that your text your video your offer all that
matters but if you can’t get somebody that click
on your ad and even get its and get their attention within the first two
seconds of them looking at it it’s all for nothing so this is going to give you
some guidelines as to creating copy that is effective that’s catchy and it’s
gonna actually help you sell it better on Facebook guys so if you want that go
ahead and click down the link below just follow the information I’ll send it to
you free no charge at all but it’s to your benefit to help you get your
Facebook ads to where you want it to go but that being said guys I appreciate
you all so much for watching if you are continuing along with my please add
sports you can go ahead to the next video on the playlist and if not I hope
to see you on another one of my videos somewhere on my channel so appreciate
you guys and I’ll catch you guys the next time you

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