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Two Worlds Effect (Droneception) | Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

Two Worlds Effect (Droneception) | Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

Dramatic Piano Music today we’re gonna see how we can create
the two words affect order inception in Final Cut Pro 10 without any plugins
required for those of you who are hosting me for
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let’s hop into Final Cut Pro 10 and see how we can create this effect we’re in
the final cut pro 10 interface and we have placed the first drawn clip which
is art by Greg rivals your everyday job a very special friend and you can check
his channel in the link in the description down below and the first
thing that we wanna do to create the two worlds effect is to drag the other drawn
clip and place it above the first clip in our timeline now we will go into the
section where we want the clip to take place we will match it in length and now
what we want to do is to go into the inspector panel and here in the rotation
we’re gonna type 180 we will click on the transform box and with the left
click we’re gonna drag this clip and break into the top just just where the
train is gonna be so now we will go into the first clip again with the transform
we’re gonna drag this and place it a little bit down right here now again
we’re selecting the second clip we go into the effects panel and we’re typing
masks we will select the graduated mask we will drag it and put it on the second
clip now on the inspector panel on the graduated mask we will click on target
we will go into the white and we will drag it to the right all the way to the
right and then going back to the left just like where we see here that the
mountains are having a nice fade again we’ll click in the transform we will
take it a little bit up and the first clip we’re gonna get it a little bit
down as you see here we will go a little bit in the white to the left so it
doesn’t mess with the first clip and to make it perfect we see that it’s not
perfectly aligned so we go into rotation and we will select 181 but as we can see
here we have little bits of empty space on the right and left so we’ll go into
scale we will place one hundred three percent maybe 102 percent it’s going
better so we don’t lose any of the elements there let’s see what we have
and I was it a very easy and quick effect that you can do when you have to
drone shots and you want to creates the two worlds effect one more thing that
you can do is to create the two worlds but with the same clip and what we will
do is by pressing alt in our keyboard and the left click on our mouse we’re
going to duplicate the clip we will go into rotation we will change it to 180
degrees and we will drag this clip we will put it on top and then again saying
were typing mask graduated mask with the left click we’re dragging it to the
double k2 clip we will go into target and on V why we’re putting in the right
us where we see the sky is bleeding together here it’s okay I will drag down
a little bit and the Y here the first clip a little bit down
here and let’s play to see there you go the same drone salt double carried that
gives you the feeling of two worlds upside down or the drone ception or
however you might see this effect be if you liked this video don’t forget to hit
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I can’t express how thankful and grateful I am and I will see you in the
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28 thoughts on “Two Worlds Effect (Droneception) | Final Cut Pro X Tutorial

  1. So thankful and grateful for all of you…Almost 3000 people…There are no words!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  2. Μπράβο!! Εψαχνα να βρώ πως να κάνω το συγκεκριμένο εφέ για το επόμενο short film που θα κάνω… και έπεσα σε Έλληνα που δημιούργησε ενα πολυ ωραίο και κατανοητό tutorial !! Συνέχισε την καλή δουλειά! Subbed!

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