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Two Things Chiropractors Need for Facebook & Google Ads

Two Things Chiropractors Need for Facebook & Google Ads

I believe that there are two things every chiropractor needs to know before they start running digital ads on Google and Facebook. The first is your average patient lifetime value. You can calculate that very simply. What does a patient spend on an average visit? And how many times do they typically comes to you during their lifetime? Once you have that number you can determine how much is appropriate to spend to acquire a new patient on Google or Facebook. And once you know those two numbers and you start running those digital ads some really fun things happen. First off, you start looking for ways to bring more value to patients, provide more services, do more for them, and that in turn helps increase your average lifetime value. The other thing that allows you to do, when you’re more profitable, is it allows you to spend more on advertising. And as you start spending more on advertising you become more efficient and that cost to acquire a new patient typically goes down. My name is Casey O’Quinn and I’m the founder of Gravity Digital

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