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Two Artists Fuse Styles On One Canvas

Two Artists Fuse Styles On One Canvas

At the time I was excited to get the call, but everything in my body said say no I was really excited about it for sure -so totally different reactions Shall we? 1, 2, 3 Started using the mask as a symbol of just like craziness of being free of becoming something else I I started creating these large black light paintings somehow the neon colors allow me to express myself like in uh, Metaphysical way. It got well-received, and it started kind of calling me black light king Um, honestly, I’m a little nerve-racked This is just, completely outside my comfort zone, which is the reason I said yes, but mm I think I would call myself like a contemporary wildlife painter I kind of take the animal out of its environment and put it on a background That’s a little more abstract when I was younger That’s all I used to do is I used to draw animals and I was completely fascinated by animals And I still have like a deep love of you know Everything on four feet. Um, I know we’re gonna paint something. I know I’m gonna meet another artist and I have no idea who that person is or what they do. I mean, they could be a tattoo artist for all I know Hi, how are you? What’s your name? Hey, may, what’s your name? Oh, ni-nice to meet you, I’m black light. Black light, ok Wow nice to meet you now. I’m very curious about what you do Yeah, this is my My studio what I do is like. I’ll do regular colors and then afterwards I’ll add neon colors on top of it. It works with the glasses – there’s glasses. Yeah, jebel. Oh my gosh, okay *laughing* No way! Oh my gosh What about you, what kind of work do you do? Um, I am a contemporary wildlife painter, so I paint animals. Okay, that’s cool. It’s still sick. That’s cool though because if you paint animals then we can do something with dope. yeah, um, yeah okay Because I have some ideas I’m thinking oh you could paint the animal and I could paint the spirit of the animal I love that I didn’t go like super psychedelic with it Yeah, you know and you can go like kind of like blend into the animal yeah, I’m into the animal yeah Okay, what if we did something like? Like coming around the piece by this guy over here Yeah, so like okay like for example like this will be your bird right here, right? I’m nervous about creating work that’s good without my normal process There is a possibility that I will totally fail, but I’m here Hey black light, You want to look at something, right? So it’s 8 by 11. I didn’t really know what to expect say the truth I was thinking okay is it gonna work or their Styles gonna mesh and of course? Personality-wise you know however. I was really optimistic Algright, go for it Let’s see. I need to like I need to good start I I had a dream last night about Ravens I’ve wanted to paint some recently you know he had some birds and some of the work that he showed me And I just thought well what if we worked on kind of a raven portrait together. I think part of how we wanted to collaborate is to both retain our styles But somehow find a way to have it integrate so that it looked like a piece that was collaborated But not super separate. On-Once we got these ideas going it was just they were just like water it was we were just streamlined so I really like that process of being able to on the spot create something and her ideas were really open to mine. I think he has a really good vision and imagination you know Even though our work is totally different we have a similar sensibility. I don’t know a little hard to put into words. I think it’s just more of a vibe. I feel that we uh, managed to braid two styles together and make it work, that’s really rewarding in itself So on your left you have black blinking when your right you have someone over Hi everybody oh Yeah, well I don’t know about you But when I got the call actually the call the email and the Instagram message from Amari at the time I was excited to get the call but Everything in my body said say no Because it made me so nervous you so you’re you were looking forward to it. You weren’t into it. Yeah I was more nervous about the project itself. You know like yeah a lot like uh Hard working. But anyhow I it was great working with you. I had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot so shall we Ready? one, two, three *laughing* *cheering from crowd* So we both kind of tried to focus on our strengths you know so I did a more realistic version And he did this amazing psychedelic spiritual version. Yeah, we like the Raven because he had like it’s like metaphysical uh we thought about rebirth a lot and um It like dying and being reborn into a spirit animal, and then you know. Kind of like two different worlds *crowd cheering* Thank you for watching another episode of between worlds from Jubilee I’m Amar’e Super glad to see you here at the end of the video if you made it here you the best and I love you go ahead and comment below if you couldn’t make a rap about what Jubilee means to you. I’ll send you a free t-shirt Uh, but yeah subscribe watch more videos. Love you guys peace

100 thoughts on “Two Artists Fuse Styles On One Canvas

  1. I have no idea what it is, but I'm an artist and I stopped doing anything for almost three years. I've just given up and recently I've been seeing things that have been just giving me to message to keep going and something about this video is touching me and telling me to get started on something asap. I really appreciate and enjoyed watching these two. I wish I could see that work up close. Thanks, Jubilee.

  2. It was dope just to show that graffiti it’s not a crime it’s just a way to express our selfs, it was amazing to do have two different styles blend together. We are all different but at the end in the world of art we are all alike, we blend together just like our art work. Keep your mind open and options are infinite.

  3. Alright, I'll be honest and say I didn't have time to watch the whole thing and skipped right to the reveal. The artwork is absolutely incredible! Bravo to the amazing artists!

  4. Graffiti artist have been collaborating and making huge mixed styles murals since decades. Now paintbrushes artists collide with streets. Better, the are getting seduced by street. Graffiti is the king of modern art. Better, is the Dad.

  5. Hey dumbasses you realize graffiti is words and that's it, there is no such thing as a graffiti character or cartoon because graffiti is the art of words and letters

  6. I've had this video in the "Watch Later" playlist for many many moons and I finally got to see this amazing fusion. Love the video and the artist.

  7. Am I the only one that thinks it looks ugly. I'm not talking about it not looking realistic but, plus I love the idea… but that just looks ugly. the background and the green bird are hideous

  8. Wait.. they've done it in just one day??..It takes me about 2-3 days drawing in my not-so big sketchbook…

  9. Wonder what happen after that. 2 interesting person, first time meeting to fuse… maybe i need to stay off from the internet for few weeks.

  10. Word of advice it is always better to speak to someone without a mask. It is more personable and polite that way.

  11. Graffiti is an art. I've seen shitty lookin old cities looking freaking gancy, better and with more urban culture because of some wonderful talented graffiti artists. I think municipalities should really fund the graffiti artists so they coupd create great artistic drawings around the city without interfering with historical or old architectural blocks.

  12. Like the guy below said. I'm not a fan of the ugly un-readable graffiti words, I'd rather see murals they look so much better.

  13. I want this as a desk top background (specifically when its under a blacklight) but they never show a good clear image without people blocking some of it 🙁

  14. Ive seen Blacklight based art on my city, we have the largest painted mural wall in the world I recognized it from 2:35

  15. I love how the girl was just completely chill with the fact that he showed up in a mask and goes by black light

  16. I feel like the whole point is for them to combine their own style into one piece of art. Here they just basically did two separate sections of their art which kind of sucks.

  17. It was a really good work of art. I kinda thought that black light would remove his mask at the end but oh well.

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