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TWIM: Instagram Algorithms, New Google Penalty For “Intrusive” Mobile Sites, FB Ad Update and More!

TWIM: Instagram Algorithms, New Google Penalty For “Intrusive” Mobile Sites, FB Ad Update and More!

Let’s talk about what you need to know in
Marketing Tech this week. Starting in January of 2017, Google will punish
websites with intrusive mobile experiences. That means pop-ups, pop-unders, full-screen
takeovers, forced takeover all this stuff. You may see a decrease in organic search rankings. Honestly, whether you get hit or not, just
cut them. It’s not 2004 anymore. The stuff doesn’t work. You’re just pissing people off more than anything. Number two, Facebook adds new features to
slideshow Ad format. This is when you can drag images to create
a short video. Video is by far the best way to market on
Facebook. If you have limited resources to create video,
this is a great way to hack that. Definitely, look into this more. Number three, Instagram is using visibility
algorithms everywhere. That means on your discover page, on your
newsfeed, and even Instagram stories, you’re getting serve-content based on your history
of interaction with that content before. As a marketer that means you’ve really gotta
start treating this more like Facebook, really driving content that drives comments and likes,
getting people engaged, if you really wanna get seen in the ever-crowded Instagram. Number four, Google launches FaceTime competitor
Duo. This is interesting because it works on both
Android and iOS. It will be interesting to see if iOS users
actually download and use this and push FaceTime out. Number five, Twitter opens up Moments to everyone,
which is essentially yet another copy of Snapchat Stories. They’ve had a rough month just like Instagram
did. Again, only time will tell if people actually
use this at all. Number six, NBC launches exclusive content
on Snapchat Discover. This is interesting, because social media
is really pushing more into mainstream media, and this is just further proof that a conglomerate
like NBC is really adopting it. I expect to see more of this in the future,
exclusive movies on YouTube, exclusive TV shows to Facebook. These social networks are becoming media giants
in themselves. Expect to see more of that. Finally, Facebook launches Lifestage, an app
only for users 21 and under. Really smart by Facebook. This is really just, it functions exactly
like Snapchat, but they’re tapping back into the exclusivity that made them popular. When I joined Facebook, you could only have
a dot.edu. Teenagers do not want mom and dad seeing what
they’re doing. This is a great idea to build another Snapchat
and potentially push them out, because Facebook is a beast. That’s all I’ve got. As always please like, please subscribe, please
share, please comment, and I will see you guys in next week’s video.

6 thoughts on “TWIM: Instagram Algorithms, New Google Penalty For “Intrusive” Mobile Sites, FB Ad Update and More!

  1. Ryan I really like that you're pushing into a more holistic "content marketing" approach which definitely includes social media. It shows you're always adapting ad as marketers we can never be static! Keep the roundups coming!

  2. Good update, as this is shorter video one from your earlier once. But looks good keep it up. More explanation will be more helpful. Anyway Keep the good work!

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