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[TUTORIAL] How to Use the New Facebook Pixel To Do Retargeting Ads Campaigns?

[TUTORIAL] How to Use the New Facebook Pixel To Do Retargeting Ads Campaigns?

hey everybody what’s up our Hernan Vazquez here on this video I’m going to show you how to use the new Facebook pixel to
create custom audiences and how to target them via retargeting so it’s
that’s something that you want to do stay with me because I’m going to show
you how let’s do this hey guys what’s up or my mask is here welcome to another
video this is a question that has been posted on the real internet marketing
group the group that I kind of managed I wouldn’t say I own because Facebook
counts owns it you know and I hopefully won’t get charged like a lower fee or
something like that but anyways that’s the group I manage and you’re welcome to
join I’m going to leave a link over here so that you can join that Facebook group
and you can drop questions I usually drop I try to drop a ton of value over
there and it’s completely free and it will thrill that you join because
there’s a bunch of other entrepreneurs asking questions fighting each other
throwing food etc it’s a ton of fun now the truth is that I got a question the
other day was you know Facebook has changed the pixel a couple of months ago
you would have different pixels for different audiences
alright so let’s say that you have three websites you will have one pixel per
website and then you can do some retargeting campaigns to those websites
or to those audiences based on the pixel now Facebook change the mechanics now
it’s one pixel for all of your ads account now the question would be how do
you divide the difference audiences if you’re using the same pixel or the same
ads account for many websites or on the same website you have different
processes like you have free subscribers you have you know people that actually
reach the end of your shopping cart meaning a sale you know people that
actually download this PDF and not this one how do you divide those and how do
you make tailored campaigns for each of those with one pixel and that’s the
beauty of Facebook and that’s exactly what I want to show you guys how to set
up the Facebook pixel the retargeting pixel and then
and how to use that pixel to make a ton of retargeting campaigns I think for
audiences using just one pixel so let’s hop into the computer and I’m going to
show you how to set this up and we’ll see how it goes okay guys so let’s hop
into that alright guys so welcome to one of my Facebook accounts okay so once you
have your ads account and in order to set up different audiences for the same
pixel first off you need to install the pixel in all of the pages that you want
to retarget people after okay so let’s say that you want to install the pixel
in your website so that you can later serve a retargeting campaign so what you
want to do is to go into the ads manager this of course could potentially change
when you’re watching this video but follow me here so you would go into the
ads manager and here what you want to do is to go to all tools I have it already
here because I use it a lot but here on the old tools you will go to pixels okay
so here in pixels what you want to do is to here in actions you want to view the
pixel code and here’s the pixel code that you’re going to be using as you
know already – all into all of your website now you want to install this
between the heads okay the head tags of your website if you do not if you’re not
clear about this you may want to talk to the guy that design your website or if
you’re using WordPress for example you can install a plugin that’s called
header and footers headers and footers I’m going to leave a link below it’s a
free plugin and you can install it and it will allow you to put these kind of
scripts and pixels and whatnot on the head of your website so let’s copy this
for a second so we’re going to copy this I’m going to paste it okay so we have
here’s the pixel that we’re going to be using now you want to install these on
all of your pages of your website so again you want to copy this on the head
of your entire website so once you’re done with that
and let’s say that you have installed these pixel on many websites okay
because again this is one ads account and again this is one pixel for all of
your websites so as you can see here I have it on many web sites the same pixel
I have it on many web sites have it on a blog I have it on a bus kiss comm I have
it on a couple of web sites of myself okay so as you can see Facebook is
automatically determining where the traffic is coming from so if I wanted to
create a custom audience for this blog I would do it if I wanted to create a
custom audience for this blog I can do it and also this okay so once you
install these pixel on different web sites and you live it like a couple of
days okay because the pixel needs to be activated then you come here two pixels
and you will see if you go to the domain columns you will see what are the
domains are actually triggering the pixel so once you have this you can
create an audience based on these URLs so for example let’s say that I want to
target people at visitor numbers case com so what I would do is to use website
traffic anyone who visit your website and then
what I want to do is to use or not Vasquez com so what this is going to do
is to create a custom audience that you know anyone that visit my websites
doesn’t matter which kind of which part of the website
I just want to retarget them all so then I would use this audience and put
visitors to an R on Vasquez com all right so this way what you’re doing is
to tell Facebook that you want to target only the people that triggered the pixel
from these domain and nothing else all right so then you will create the
audience and then you can use these audience on your ads so that makes sure
you’re making sure that you’re using or your retargeting brother
you’re serving those ads to the people that visit these blog I could do it
conversely I could do it with any of these URLs right here now we can go even
deeper than that let’s say that you have a shopping cart in your website and oh
and and then you know the last page of the shopping cart when they actually
purchase is let’s say that it’s a numbers case outcome for slash thank you
so what I want to do is to potentially serve ads to people that have purchased
before okay so how do you do that well basically instead of using anyone who
visits your website you would do people who visit specific pages okay so people
who visit specific pages here I will do with URL contains and here I will put
something like around Vasquez com4 slash thank you okay this would be this here
this would be the Thank You page for a purchase so instead of visitors they
will this will be purchasers okay purchasers on on on Vasquez calm and you
can create this audience and you can serve ads to this audience now if you
want to go even deeper what you can do is to go with people visiting specific
web pages but not others this is useful when you have for example a lead magnet
and then you have an offer so but you want to serve ads to people that
download it your lead magnet but didn’t visit the Thank You page that means that
people you know they are interested in your stuff but they haven’t purchased so
URL contains remember skis.com four slash download for example and
exclude people who visit any web page that means the following rules that
means when an Vasquez com for slash thank you okay so the download
for slash download would be the actual download page for my lead magnet and the
think II would be the actual you know thank you when they purchase so then I
could put something like free downloads on around Vasquez comma and and and as
you can see these are all being fired from the same pixel okay so you have all
of these options and then you have custom combinations like you know
conditions if you want to go really really ninja like if you want to create
like a retargeting a retargeting path etc you can go for example four devices
you know depending on where they are they are where they are visiting like
Android phone desktop iPhone you want to go for URLs for example people that
visit one URL and not the others let’s say that here I have some recipes so I
would be you know better officer serving these people recipes PDFs for example
okay and then salad so I would send people
you know a salad PDF or something like that okay now the other the other thing
that you could do is to create conversions and this is like a really
advanced thing so what you want to do is Facebook will give you a ton of
different conversions okay so track conversions with standard events so as
you can see these are the events name so view content when somebody sees you know
sees a product page or a landing page or an article so this is gonna be a view
content then Add to Cart you know when somebody adds to cart and then you show
him the the cart initiate checkout you know these are all little steps that you
can use on your pics and I’m gonna show you how to edit your pixel purchase you
know it’s somebody purchases at the end of the at the end of them
the shopping cart okay you can do purchase you can do lead for example I
would add these lead on the after they have download for example right after
they have register or complete registration for example so as you can
see on the pixel here I have this right here okay which is FB cue track page
view so this is going to track a page view so these I will put it this code I
will put it on all of the pages of my website however I could also track leads
so let’s say that I want to use this pixel code and all I need to do here is
to change this so instead of fbq you know track page for you I would add FB
cue track lead so I’m going to paste it like that and this code I will use it on
the conversion page for lead okay when somebody you know when somebody
downloads lead magnet now another is let’s say that I want to add another
pixel just how many that purchase so here I would use purchase and here which
is cool I could add values to and they will show these values will show on your
ads manager so here let’s say that the purchase the value is 97 currency USD of
course so every time this pixel is initiated or fired this is going to
count as a purchase and these purchases are actually showing on your Facebook
ads so if your tracking conversions on your Facebook ad it will tell you the
ROI this is kind of a more advanced feature
sometimes all you need to set this up is to actually set up the URLs and this
pretty much it but if you want to go really ninja and you want to go really
deep you can use the custom the custom conversions okay you can also create
your own conversions like track custom conversions like
if we you know if people URL contains I don’t know for / thank you this will
count as a purchase but this is kind of the more advanced set of things alright
guys so here this is how you track your different domains your different pages
your different steps in your shopping cart in your sales funnel with the same
pixel as you can see I only made a couple of changes to the pixel or even
you can create an audience based on what people visits alright guys so hopefully
this is helpful if you have any questions whatsoever drop them on the
comment I will be more than happy to answer them and share with and share
this with somebody that needs to see it ok click on the subscribe button if you
love it and I’ll see you guys in the check out www.perpetualprofits.net next video

60 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] How to Use the New Facebook Pixel To Do Retargeting Ads Campaigns?

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