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[Tuto] Geofencing advertising with Kuzzle – Geofencing

[Tuto] Geofencing advertising with Kuzzle – Geofencing

Hello everyone today we are going to talk about geofencing and we will use a use case which is Geofencing advertising. For this we are going to use an application we wrote with the JavaScript SDK So here is the application. I have a map and on this map. I have a user which is represented by a marker. to simulate the movement of this user We are going to click on the map and it will change the location of this user like this. then I have zones represented by circles which are ads. So if my user enters one of these zones, An ad will show up and if it exit the zone the ad will disappear. here, I have another ad so if I enter I have another app showing up and then if I have two overlapping ads Naturally, both of the ads will show up So now let’s take a look at the code so first I have to create my user which is represented by the marker user 0 1 for this I use the Kuzzle JavaScript SDK With CreateOrReplace and then I will create my ads first ad here which has a shape of a circle, distance of 100 meters and I will subscribe to it. So if my user enters the scope of this ad So if the user is in I will show the ad Otherwise, I will hide the ad and then I do this for every ads I want to show That’s all you have to do I will provide the link in the description of this video to the github where you can take this application Which is open source, and then start playing with, it change it and do whatever you want. So I will let you to your keyboard and I will see you next time

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