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Turning $5 into $496 With Facebook Ads (First Try) – Shopify Dropshipping

Turning $5 into $496 With Facebook Ads (First Try) – Shopify Dropshipping

What is up Ninjas! If you use
Shopify and Facebook ads and you’re not Using this one strategy you are
literally costing yourself thousands of Dollars every single day that you’re not
using it stay tuned guys are gonna Change your life! Alright guys so let’s talk about one of
the most exciting types of ads for Shopify for e-commerce on Facebook
because most of the time on Facebook you Have to create individual retargeting
campaigns right where we’re saying okay This person came to our product listing
for you know this specific single purse And so we’re gonna target people who
visited the order page but not the Thank You page right and so that we can
actually retarget them saying hey like You were looking at this product but you
didn’t actually buy it so here take Another look so in the past right what
we would have to do let’s say that we Had a hundred products we would have to
make a hundred different Adsense Targeting people who saw a specific
product order page but then excluding People who saw the thank-you page right
so basically showing them targeting People who had seen the order page but
not actually bought and saying hey you Know you’re looking at this product here
take another look buy it from us but now You know we can use what’s called
dynamic Product Ads guys and how this Works is you know when people visit your
website any specific product page let’s Say that you’re selling these five
different products right the beautiful Thing that you can now do is you can
create a dynamically updating automatic Ad that actually shows these specific
products to the exact people who view Them right so let’s say that five
different people visited our website if We set up dynamic product ads correctly
right the Facebook pixel is gonna do all of the heavy lifting for us let’s say
five people visit and each person all five of those people visit what this the
first person looks at this purse the second person looks at this purse third
fourth fifth right so they all all five viewed five individual different
products what dynamic Product Ads allow you to do is then automatically have
Facebook create five different ad sets that show the exact product to the exact
person who viewed that product all completely automatically from behind the
scenes so I hope you understand how incredibly time-saving and exciting that
is it’s a it’s made me more money probably than any other type of ad
specifically related to e-commerce and Shopify and I’m gonna show you guys
exactly how to set it up so the first thing we have to do is head into our
Shopify store and once we’re here we’re gonna click on the apps tab here to open
up the apps I’m in the way that we’re gonna do this guy’s is using an
called Facebook product feed by flex if I it’s completely free I’m just go to
the Shopify app store and go and download Facebook product feed by flex
and buy so once we actually download this we’re gonna click in here and it’s
super easy to set this up guys so we’re gonna choose one of our collections you
can also do all products if you want your dynamic product ads to actually
trigger for all of your products right so we’re gonna choose bestsellers here
and we’re gonna press save and these are already the collections that I have set
up on my store so I’m just gonna press bestsellers we’re gonna click Save here
I’m and now we’re just gonna copy in this little link right this is our feed
our Facebook product feed Facebook got RSS and then inside of Facebook we’re
gonna come in here where it says catalogs and we’re gonna go to create
catalog ecommerce next if you do have a business profile you want to choose pro
personal for this one and we’re gonna call this best sellers create we’re
going to view catalog so once we go to view catalog what we have to do two
things first we have to add the products right and we’re gonna use data feeds
here and we’re gonna do set a schedule and then we just paste in that feed that
we copied from right here into our data feed URL right and then we’re going to
go to start upload so once this uploads guys it’s basically going to import all
of the products that are in that particular collection we chose or if we
chose all products it’s going to import all of the products kind of in to
Facebook’s collections that we can then use to actually create dynamic product
ads so we’re gonna go to done here and then the last thing that we have to do
is connect an event source and what I mean by connecting event source guys is
you have to actually choose which pixel or excuse me you have to choose your
pixel that is on your Shopify site so you know most people only have one pixel
so just choose the pixel that’s on your Shopify site click Save okay and then
the last thing you have to do guys is actually to create a catalog sales
campaign so we’re gonna click create ad here we’re gonna call this one DPA a
best-seller catalog sales is the objective it’ll default to the catalog
we just made and we’ll call this one DPA um save the draft and then this will
open up the editor for us alright and so here we go
renfeng’s is down to one because this is obviously just a test here so use
information from your pixel or app to create a retargeting audience right so
what we’re gonna do guys is we are going to promote products from all products to
people who viewed or added those products to the basket in the last 14
days but there’s other things we can do right we can choose a data basket but
not purchase we can choose upsell products like I talked about before
right if we wanted to for example sell let’s say that somebody bought a camera
from our Shopify store but we want for everyone who bought that camera we
wanted to show ads dynamically for a camera case right we can do that with
upsells we can do that with Prada with cross-sells right promote all products
of people who purchase from the products set below promote all products to people
who viewed the products set below right so all different types of things plus
custom combinations but for most people guys just leaving it on viewed or added
to basket but not purchased in the last 14 days is very very powerful and I like
to do you know even like between one and seven days just so it’s like a little
bit more recent and you know so basically what this means guys is anyone
who viewed any product in either a collection or all of your products
viewed or added to the basket but not purchased right so they were about to
buy they thought about it but they haven’t yet Facebook will automatically
show the exact product that they were looking at in their basket or viewed but
didn’t buy to them as a Facebook ad guys and so that is how you set up a dynamic
product ads that’s how you import a catalog on to Facebook I hope you guys
enjoyed this one last but not least I do want to give a big shout-out to our
daily winner of cache of thousands of dollars of courses and if you guys do
want to enter to win completely free money a free giveaway right and
completely free thousands of dollars worth
courses every single day all you have to do is look down in the description of
this YouTube video and follow the instructions and last thing guys make
sure you subscribe make sure you turn on those middle notification bells and join
our free groups right there’s no better resource in the world than joining a
free group and there’s literally 50,000 all most of us have been in our Facebook
group right there’s almost 70 thousand of us in our Shopify group these are
some of the biggest most active passionate groups in the entire world
when it comes to being successful using Facebook Ads and using Shopify guys so
join the family I hope you guys enjoyed this one dynamic product ads have
probably made me more money than any other type of Facebook ad specifically
for Shopify so you start using it on your own business if you’re not you’re
costing yourself thousands so I hope you guys enjoyed this one and I’ll see you
on the next one

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