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TurboTax Live 2019 Commercial “Tech Bragging” (Official :30) TV Ad

TurboTax Live 2019 Commercial “Tech Bragging” (Official :30) TV Ad

Heyo, Lena, it’s Chad! Did you hear, my app just got
massive funding. Oh wow really?

100 thoughts on “TurboTax Live 2019 Commercial “Tech Bragging” (Official :30) TV Ad

  1. In a few years, Lena sitting at home alone watching tv see a report about a young man named Chad who is now on the Forbes list due to his successful "CAT-culator" idea that has taken off to massive success. Lena remembers and regrets treating Chad like dirt hasn't had a date in years eating her ice cream while her pet cat watches her gain weight at an alarming rate. She has fallen back on hard times since discovering she owes the government taxes she neglected to pay since she lost her job. She also hasn't paid Turbo Tax their fees. A knock on the door reveals an eviction notice. If only she gave Chad a chance things may have been different.

  2. A whore, probably a lesbian that hates men and will die alone, probably killed by her female partner, as lesbians often hit each other far more than gay or heterosexual couples.

  3. It's kind of funny how a trend today is to deter men from hitting on women (like this), when SOOO many of us wouldn't even exist if our dads didn't hit on our mom.

  4. Yes, sitting in a coffeeshop using an easily-hackable public WiFi is the PERFECT time to go over your taxes line by line. And make sure you do it without using earbuds, everyone in that coffee shop is very, very interested in hearing your conversation. Knob.

  5. I think there's a backstory to this and she really doesn't like this guy for some reason totally unrelated to the cat app. Thus, her abrupt treatment of him.

  6. Look I’m not here tryin to argue but all I’m sayin is try and find me a commercial where the male actor is shorter than the female actor. Turbo tax knows what they doin they ain’t dumb.

  7. I can tell she's most likely to allege sexual harassment if spoken to by an attractive dude, just so she can draw attention on herself, at the cost of a man's reputation, and think it makes her look more desirable to everybody.

  8. FINALLY…..and I think it's RIGHT…. N-O-B-O-D-Y could find out her name and I was searching EVERYWHERE…. I seen an answer tonite and after really looking into it with a bunch of sites, it seems correct,….HER NAME IS ……………
    Adriana Trajkovski

  9. Why look…it is yet ANOTHER commercial that depicts a white male as being stupid and a nuisance!
    Hey losers who had to fall back to writing for commercials when your REAL dreams of being an ACTUAL writer in Hollywood didn't work out…ask yourself if what you are writing would be OK if the genders, or races were reversed. If the answer is no, then it is NOT OK that way either! And you would NEVER make a video where a woman was the one telling a man about something and the man was ignoring her because she was a fool.

  10. I'm reading through some of these comments and laughing. It's almost like a lot of you think you're watching an actual verbal transaction between 2 people and you're taking the piss with the way she treated him. These are ACTORS playing a part in an ad. But sure, why not publicly scorn her for reading a script. That seems like the 2019 thing to do.

  11. I always was that shorter heavier doofus guy women wouldn't give a second look and laughed at when I walked away after trying to be sociable. The difference came when I gave zero fucks and acted disinterested then I noticed those same women were always alone wondering why they were home on Saturday nights while I was out with women who actually wanted to know me.

  12. Another sexiest retarded feminist ad. Saw this post Gillette release…. You guys are all sick….. All big Companies need to go Bankrupt and be the one to pay for everything… you make your money abusing the "guidelines" you put yourselves and then blame "Pop Culture" BUT ONCE AGAIN DONT REALIZE…. ALL COMPANIES CREATE POP CULTURE AND ALGORITHM… ITS HUMAN MADE EQUATIONS IN A MACHINE THAT JUST SPITS OUT WHAT WE PUT….. Sick world. Will never go to Turbo Tax just like I thrown away all my Gillette products and stop permanently buying from them….

  13. Why are you all mad? And the girl is a female not a man so lets clear that up first….And she is beautiful and smart and obviously has a lot more going than most of you! Stop hating on everything and everyone and just be happy for others! Great job Cat!!

  14. If this is how millennials actually act, you really are generation zero. This commercial is almost as bad as the Peloton mess that bombards Me TV every half-hour.

  15. These commercials are too funny!! And 90% of y'all is taking this to personal that girl isn't ugly but she is funny and half of y'all probably didn't even work the whole year to file so why do y'all care!!

  16. Not only is she incredibly unattractive and way below his league, but everybody knows she would have waited to see how much he was making before she shut him down.

    Better luck next time Turbo Tax.

  17. Dumpy girl walks in and sees a guy.
    Dumpy girl strikes up conversation.
    Guy turns her down.

    SJWs declare Nuclear War.

  18. As much as I hate feminists. This has nothing to do with feminism. If you can’t tell how big of a douchebag that guy was. That’s probably how you talk to women. #nogame.

  19. She is so entitled, this is why I don't date American women they are just so rude. "Tell me more" yeah you're a prude

  20. Someone down below published the girl's name: Adriana Trajkovski, an actress from Chicago. Looks like she's also in another TurboTax commercial as another character. I remember this commercial but didn't notice they are the same actress. ACTING!


  21. Does anyone know the name of the girl (very thin lips and does not smile) who is in the Intuit TurboTax video advertisement?

  22. The most salient feature of this ad was the fact that this woman physically cannot smile. She has no lips to speak of, and I have yet to see her smile. I think it makes her appear as more "sterile." However, in the long run, 292 people on Youtube cannot forget her. You can't pay for this kind of response. So….

  23. Joke explanation: on Reddit, a Chad is a narcissist man who thinks he deserves all women and manages to get them, a Stacy is the woman who goes for Chads only

  24. What's wrong with this commercial? Dude handled rejection with class and kept it moving. Even if she (or any other woman) don't like short men, find someone who does!

  25. Yeah, sure he's awkard but he walks off okay and talks to someone else. She comes off as a conceded, condescending snob. Screw her.

  26. Ugh the comments ruined this commercial for me. I only liked it because of the meow and people want to dig deeper into the commercial… just shut the hell up and enjoy the goddamn commercial 🤦🏻‍♀️

  27. I'm not sure I agree with everybody here. Let's view this. They know each other. This dude obviously is one of those guys that thinks he's a lady's man, but clearly is not. So since they know each other, then she knows what kinda dude he is. I can't blame her for blowing the dude off. Then he demonstrates this by off to the next girl. Seriously why does she have to accept this guys advances? We all know that if you reversed the dude be like I'll tap that and then move on and she would be called a whore. I just don't see the "attack" here myself. Of course she could of handled it differently but y'all assuming a lot here. It'd be like if it was different races. Everybody be all that's so racist. Not really. Some folks aren't into other races or possibly specific races. Doeesnt mean they hate them or are racist. Just means that they aren't into that. Or that's how I see it.

  28. This is hilarious 😛 Never ever give up my tech homies! You can break free from the safety of waifu , but it may take some practice

  29. Your commercial makes me NOT want to use your service…We've had quite enough of demeaning commercials showing men as idiots…Go ahead and stuff it..

  30. Let’s review this ad,so a woman is just on her phone and guy she knows try’s to start a conversation with her,she doesn’t want to talk to him so she excuses herself,and he goes to another girl.yet somehow this a political ad,or a feminist attack on men,or some type of stereotype,but in reality it’s just an ad with no purpose but to get you to buy their product

  31. Dang am I the only one who thinks she seems cute? The guy was annoying, even if he ends up being rich I don't think she'd change her tune.

  32. Look at all the sad MRAs and Bots in the comments. its funny that the most easily triggered are the ones who coined the term snowflake.

  33. This commercial is not good but accurate. I work in Washington DC at times in the IT industry and the trips to the bar to establish relationships with the IVY league crowd in my business is just horrendous. I hate it, the constant "1 up" but team building…

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