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TurboTax Free 2019 Commercial “Game Show” (Official :30) TV Ad

TurboTax Free 2019 Commercial “Game Show” (Official :30) TV Ad

Free free, free. Free. Uh… Free. Free. Free…uh. Freefreefree! Free! Free. Free! Freefree!
Freefreefreefree! Free. Free! Free free. Free! Free! Fr-free! Free!!! Free! Freefreefree. FREE…freefree. FREE! FREE!!! FREE!!! That’s right, TurboTax Free
is free. Free, free free free.

100 thoughts on “TurboTax Free 2019 Commercial “Game Show” (Official :30) TV Ad

  1. These commercials are annoying. I will never use turbotax just to spite them for making such annoying commercials.

  2. Free free, free free free, free free free free free free free free free free, free free free free free ‘Free free free!’ free free free, free free free free free free, free, Free free free free Free free free free, free free! Free free free free FREE free! Free free free.

  3. free free free free free freefree free free freefree free free free freefreefreefree free free free?
    (why am i getting this ad even though i’m not interested in this stuff?)

  4. All of these Turbo Tax commercials who have people only speaking the word FREE are really stupid commercials, Come on people speak other words besides FREE.

  5. Damn I didn't expect this much hate. Yeah, it doesn't provide any more information, but for what it is, the free commercials are some of the best of all time to me

  6. they LIE!!…i have the simplest tax and they weren’t able to make it “FREE”, one single extra schedule and it’s not free anymore, so this applies for the majority of people.

  7. BS! You start free but they still charge you in the end for. Just had to pay Turbo tax $70 to file my taxes. Not Free!

  8. It’s not free tho. They wanted to charge me $138 (with tax) just to file my federal and state tax.

    On top of that, they said they couldn’t e-file my federal tax and it had to be done by mail. Yet, I still had to pay $138!

  9. NOT Free – Total BS. It just cost me $104.00 for Fed and state. Not to mention, they keep trying to add more services while you're filing, so it would cost you more and more.

  10. This commerical is a complete lie. Money, money, money. I guess I shouldn't have expected any better.

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