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Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary’s Russian asset claim in new ad

Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary’s Russian asset claim in new ad

100 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary’s Russian asset claim in new ad

  1. When I caught wind of this, I just thought of one thing. Hillary is extremely intimidated by Gabbard as she's the ONLY obstacle in her way to a presidency so Hillary will slander anyone in her way to attempt to win the gold at the end of the race line.

    This 2020 is going to be extremely eventful and drama filled with fingers pointing everywhere. More so than usual.

  2. Tulsi should tell Hillary she's the one who has 145 million reasons why she's the Russian agent.
    Hillary has more nerve than sense.

  3. Gotta love that smile on his face at 2:53. Priceless! Tulsi isn't playing. She means business, and will devour Clinton in a face to face. And Clinton knows it!

  4. Hillary is apparently an adherent to the old saying, that there's no such thing as bad publicity…… How can Hillary be so daft? It's okay, though. This will all be over soon. Just another couple of months.

  5. I am a Trump supporter but if Tulsi runs 3rd party I'm voting for her. We still don't have a wall and I can't afford healthcare for my family? Trump is not going to be able to get these things done. Over six trillion dollars and how many lives in the middle east to overthrow dictators that had better control over the population and gave more freedom to women then religious zealots that try to control a low IQ population and turn it back a 1000 years.


    This Comment Is For
    trump On Hannity Now:
    Question: One Of your
    Campaign Promises Was
    To Lock her Up
    As One Of The First Things
    you Would Do As President.
    & Now,
    Need you To
    BY Congress Democrats
    That you Are Talking About
    Right Now On Hannity.

    & If you Ignore This
    And Do Nothing,
    Then you
    BRING you TO TRIAL AS WELL AS your Cousin hrc
    ALONG With all who
    SUPPORT you both.

    Your Move.

  7. Why did Tulsi Gabbard meet with Bashar al-Assad during a 2017 trip to war-torn Syria and then dismiss his entire opposition as โ€œterroristsโ€?

  8. Tulsi has a mind for the people, Trump a mind of his own. If by chance a view aligns that doesn't make them the same, while Tulsi does not want US involvement in Syria she would not have acted that inexperienced as Trump just did. Being non interventionalist also does not make her a Russian asset.

  9. Tulsi is a deceptive liar ( trained like an MK Ultra victim) lips are moving, but there is nobody in there…. Im guessing Hilarie and Tulsi have devised some devious plan to try and win

  10. Billary and make NO mistake about it, Bill is equally guilty of this maneuver against Tulsi, are two of the biggest gutter dwellers on the planet…

  11. Hey Tulsi, how about you take your own advice and guidance and finally realize it's EXACTLY what Hillary and the DNC has done to Trump.

  12. Tulsi, if the Russian shoe fits, wear it proudly!! And please, bow out gracefully, then move to Russia, where they trust you!! KISSES, HONEY!!

  13. LMAOOOOOOOO THAT INTRO THO ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

  14. Putin is Socialist. Democrats are Socialist. Obama, Hillary, Bill and others worked with, took donations from and aided Russia.

    Exactly why is it bad for Democrats to be a Russian asset if Russia wants exactly what the DNC wants? They are both anti-American.

  15. Everyone is a Russian spy that's why Hillary sold our urainium to Russians everyone is guilty but Hilary Clinton cartel!!!!!!

  16. Hillary Clinton and her husband fraud and corruption , they're betrayal all American people , bringing all company's to China make them wealthy , so they're against USA … Time to put them in jails for good !!!

  17. Basically Gabbard is confirming that the DNC power brokers decided long ago that any candidate not behind Clinton would be influenced by Russia. Gabbard isn't a Russian agent and Trump isn't either. Usually the most simple explanation is the correct one Clinton was a horrible candidate and she and the DNC stole the legitimate candidate Bernie Sanders who should be president right now.

  18. "…they can do it to anyone…" Yea, Tulsi, like they did it to Trump, and you had nothing to say about it you flaming hypocrite.

  19. Hillary is a corrupt joke and always will be. The rest of the leftist government and it's candidates are right there with her. However, is it just me or has FOX quietly taken up their left sided push to back Tulsi?

  20. Hillary Clinton Will loose here witsh power she is still surfing on the Luzifearians whater and the Globalist all over love here for Beeing a leader in the Luzifearian New world low order. The Pope are in it the Un are in it the EU and 70 whelty contryes are in it the Royaltys in Europa are in it and the jesuittes and freemamsion are running slaves for satan and all are called the secret Babylon in the bibel. Folks take the mark of the Beast by still belive in the man power and in their forheads they get marked by taking into the devil lys about the round globe and the noen landing in 1969 ask them why they havent Beeing to the moon again and I says the mening was to sell the Tv to many as possible so they starter There the evil agenda to lye about all truth and the people now still belive in the man and not God who Sees everything every step you take he saw before you walked them I know becouse I have seeing by beliving miricals Who cant Bee done ore exsplained by the ungoodly since they havent any spirritual eyes at all they are blind deaf and are dying for surten well done but all have free Will to turn and Bee a power full woierer for our savoir the king ower all kings he is coming and you have perhaps wondering what happening and do not know nothing about the only truth News all are written down in the one and only Bible the living bok for a man to bevoming Godly if they fallow his ten comandments Who all Nations lows did have but they like to shange them into Rulers for Radikals isent that book that Hillary loved and used to turn the Usa UP side down now you know what the Globalist are fallowing thank you

  21. Hillary is no-body Tulsi should sue the snot out of her .if she doesn't this is all an act , Jill should also be taken the wicked witch to court . 250 million dollar for each settlement seems about right , Hillary is not going to be around much more anyway , she should share the money she has stolen from the American tax payers

  22. Clinton is 100% correct! When you have Trump coming out in defense of a Democrat you know that Democrat is a mole being groomed to split the Democratic vote for the Putin Trump team! Wake up people!!

  23. Hiltlery says Tulsi is a russian spy when yet she and obummer allowed a Saudi spy Uma abedin in the whitehouse


  25. Any threat to the Clinton crime machine is called a Russian traitor! Tulsi is just what Hillary doesn't need right now, and will ruin any chance of a deluded race against Trump!

  26. I don't blame Hillary Clinton . Russia and India are friends with the persons Tulsi gangs with via Russia buds trump buds do you blame her ? Gabbard is nieve and I think she was helping voters to investigate her before voting that's scary Tulsi name means basil in India it's her friend's India to Russia ..

  27. Tulsi gabbard is exposed politically now politically striped of her shady side it's those ones that next to her that deal with trump India Russia been friends along time

  28. Wow… and I thought Biden's mind was gone. It would be nice if JUST ONE of the Dem candidates would just come out and say "With her record… it might be a good idea for Hillary to shut up about people being Russian tools." But the cowards won't do it.

  29. Who cares about whether Tulsi is a Russian asset or not. She is not going to be nominated anyway by democrat party. Just ask DNC if you don't believe it.

  30. Gabbard is likely a Russian asset because thatโ€™s Putinโ€™s spooey on her chin, the same as on Trumpโ€™s chin.

  31. Hillary's campaign manager John Podesto, helped to finance Gabbards campaign for office in Hawaii. Smells fishy to me.Tulsi and Hillary are working together to deceive the American people.

  32. More pathetic propaganda by mainstream media. Fox should be ashamed of yourselves.

    If any dumb American listened to your lies, they'd believe Russia was to blame for every problem in the world <<< FREE ASSANGE

  33. Hillary Clinton is truly suffering from a mental illness and depression? You can see it in her face and she tries to hide it when on television…A husband who's public infidelity can definitely change a women's mental state…

  34. This Lady is basically telling us what DON TRUMPS been saying shes is from the same party now that theirs feuding on the Democratic side shes snitching Clinton out. Why cant they sebonea gabbard in and grill her on what she knows on Clinton ask her how does she knows Clinton's corrupt.

  35. Wow Tulsi was raised under Hillary R Clinton and Democrat's.
    Tulsi endorses Bernie in 2016 for Germany Swastika (symbol of hindutva shubham like shubham jeweler's) socialism and now AOC/Squad endorses Bernie in 2019.

    So squad rules in Democrat's and the injia puka puka Tulsi Gabbard gets hit. So who was exploited by Democrat's? Tulsi Gabbard. What says injia puka puka Kamala Harris for Tulsi Gabbard?

    Hillary R Clinton was doing One Uranium project for BABYlon and worked with Russia and who was working for Hillary for the One Uranium for Russia? Likewise Hillary got many appointed cheer leaders to collect uranium fissile spent fuel isotope's ~ยฉ from Nations to add in the spent fuel pool project with the canister's/caskets submerged in spent fuel pool or buried under ground or under mountains.

  36. I would have thought that Tulsi wouldโ€™ve lost her high security clearance if the allegations were true. And the FBI and CIA would go nuts over Russian infiltration of the military since Tulsi is a serving major. Wake up mainstream media!

  37. Homicidal Hillary is in an altered state. Three years of tantrum burned out all the rational parts of her brain. In the world in her head, Tulsi is a stealth Russian pretending to be an Indian, and she can say anything she wants because she's president.

  38. Tulsi Gabbard – what a gutsy woman! I wonder if Hillary included her in her recent book on "Gutsy Women". Maybe Hillary can correct the oversight in the second edition.

  39. Tulsi Gabbard slams Hillary Clinton?!


    Since when?!


    FOX NEWS!!!

    I should have known!

    Phew, I just save myself a bunch of time and effort fuming over this madness! ^_^

  40. We should all turn up at hillarys house wearing putin masks for halloween, russia is pretty impressive, putin took back control of the central bank and now is in surplus.

  41. Hillery has always been a criminal psychopath,- but now she sounds completely insane.
    Maybe it's more a padded cell and a straight jacket she deserves…

  42. Hillary is so out of touch with reality that it is HILLarious. Come on, Gabbard is a veteran while Clinton has nothing but contempt for the military and the people that serve. Investigate Uranium One and we will find the real Russian Assets.

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