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Tucker Carlson Begs Advertisers To Stay, Declaring “I LIKE IMMIGRANTS!”

Tucker Carlson Begs Advertisers To Stay, Declaring “I LIKE IMMIGRANTS!”

This past Thursday evening, Tucker Carlson
decided to go on yet a another racist tirade against immigrants saying that they make our
country poor, dirtier and more divided. Now, immediately after he made those comments,
people started flooding social media asking advertisers why they would support somebody
as openly racist as Tucker Carlson. After he made those comments, the first advertiser
to say we’ve had enough was pacific life. Then on Friday, Tucker Carlson tried to walk
back some of his comments fearing a bigger advertiser backlash. So on Friday, Tucker once again talking about
the caravan, because that’s all that man could seem to talk about. Uh, he said the following, he said, the reason
we keep going back to this topic, and let me just stipulate as I have before with you,
that I, I like immigration. I like immigrants. I give every person in the caravan the benefit
of the doubt. I think most really do want to come here for
a better life. So poor Tucker Carlson has just been taken
out of context this whole time. Folks. He loves immigrants. They’re all coming here with the best of intentions
not to, as he says, make us poorer, dirtier, and more divided. I mean, you literally said that 24 hours ago. Now suddenly after you lose your first advertiser,
you’re saying, I love immigrants. I wish more would come. Oh Gosh. They’re just so wonderful. Yeah. Nobody bought it. Especially your advertisers and you know what
else? They didn’t buy more ad time on your program,
so in spite of Tucker Carlson’s begging, because that’s exactly what that was. He made that statement to essentially begged
more advertisers to not flee his program, but after that, in the last few days, a total
of five advertisers have now dropped Tucker Carlson with more expected. In the coming days. As I mentioned, you’ve got Pacific life. They were the first to drop. Then you had indeed smile, direct club minted
and Bowflex. All five have now dropped Tucker Carlson’s
program from their advertising rotation. Now, Tucker Carlson is probably not in any
real danger here, but I do expect more advertisers to flee his show, but given the fact that
he’s the second highest rated host on that network, I do not think anything is actually
going to happen to him in terms of losing his job or whatever the network certainly
could and should lose money from this, but Carlson’s going to keep plugging along saying
these horribly racist things like he has for the last few months. I mean, if you’ve paid attention to Carlson
Tucker Carlson for the last few months, his rhetoric and his tone about immigrants is
getting more and more harsh. You know, he said that they’re coming over
here to take over our culture, to change our culture. You know, turn it into a non white culture. I mean, Tucker Carlson is 100 percent using
white supremacists talking points in his program. Anyone who advertises on that program is basically
saying, we’re cool with that. We’re okay with it. We like it. We embrace it and we’re going to attach our
brand to it. But here’s the problem. It’s not just tucker. This happens all day on Fox News. It happens on Fox and friends. That happens on Sean Hannity and Ingraham
and judge Jeanine, um, they all talk like this. They all act like this. So it’s not just tucker, anyone who advertises
on Fox News for any program at all is basically saying we’re okay linking our brand, whatever
it may be, to the talking points on Fox News. So my advice for every single advertiser out
there that is currently running ads on any Fox News program, be careful because eventually
you’re going to face public backlash. You’re going to get those messages on social
media, why you support X, Y, or Z statements made by any given Fox host on any given day. And if you’re not prepared to answer those
questions and let the people know that you’re totally cool with those statements, then I
would suggest looking elsewhere to place your ads.

100 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Begs Advertisers To Stay, Declaring “I LIKE IMMIGRANTS!”

  1. Fucker Snarlson is a bottom feeding piece of human garbage, I bet if U gutted him with a meat clever he’d bleed just as red as anyone from any other race, I advocate all means against these rat wing cretins on this Christmas Eve. I know one thing for sure this Christmas’s season, and that is Jesus hates White Christians.

  2. He doesn't hate imagrants he hates our pathetic imagination system. Saying he hates the imagrants themselves is a dishonest argument. Everybody knows what he's saying but some people are just dishonest.

  3. We love Slovenian whores, German pimps, Russian mafia, Jew merchants and Pinocchio’s gang, we don’t want immigrants please.

  4. The reason why you protect freedom of speech is to defend marginalized groups, clearly the group that Tucker Carlson represents has become marginalized. They're being kicked off all forms of social media and now advertisers are being encouraged to abandon them. If that isn't marginalization I don't know what is. Diversity anyone?

  5. Am I the only one who sees the irony in him making fun of the idea that Tucker is being taken out of context and then proceeds to quote him out of context? No progress will be made if we continue misrepresenting ideas we don’t agree with for the sake of making others seem less credible.

  6. Fox has always been a den for ignorant thugs all the way from o'riley to tucker. I say all advertisers should abandon this racist network. The only respectable person is Shep Smith. He is standing alone but standing firmly behind the truth.

  7. So is this dipshit in this video going to house these illegals? Are you going to employ them at a none water down wage? Are you going to feed them? Cloth them? Pay for their medical bills? Then what about the next wave? Then the next wave? Then the next wave? You clowns live la la land. I'm tired of seeing illegals working for wages American citizens can't survive on!! How much money do they send home to their families instead of reinvesting in our economy like American citizens would do? Yeah but what I know all you idiots would just call me a nazi racist even though I work in construction and actually know what's going on. I worked down in Texas for awhile and got to know a younger guy from Mexico. He told us straight up he's only working in America for a year to a year and half, sending every bit of money home to his father and brother. They were building a new house. After a year or so he was going back home with no mortgage and never had any plan on being an American. That's the problem!!! Fuck all you idiots. Learn something! And yes if we keep letting completely unskilled people walk into our country watering down wages or getting government assistance they do in fact make us poorer and more divided!! Can I go to Canada and get $150/hr for a year or so so I can pay off my house? Didn't think so.. them racist Canadians

  8. dickhead. Tucker speaks truth, unlike this sad twisted portrayel. How many times in 1 vid can u put words in other ppls mouths?? Entire vid gave Strawmen then argued Strawman point. Hey?! Absolute Liberal way. Facts fk you so you resort to this pathetic hit-peice. I see straight thru u….

  9. By reading this comment section, I see a great deal of ignorance and prejudice. It appears people believe immigrants only come from Central America, when in reality, just as many people immigrate from Asia as the Americas.
    In terms of wealth, Asians and Asian Immigrants are just behind Jewish folks, and just ahead of white folks.
    I actually watched the full conversation Tucker had with the mayor of Tijuana. That is why it irks me when I see this type of propoganda, especially against a guy that is basically milquetoast middle of the road. If you think Tucker is on the far right, it's flat ludicrous. The guy is a douche, but he is not extreme, and his comments were not racist.
    This is a complicated issue, and by merely stating facts, you come off as racist. Asians make up as many immigrants as Folks from Central America. They are the second most successful demographic in terms of wealth in America. Conversely, more than half of Central American immigrants recieve some form of government assistance. What a dichotomy, and how does one come to terms, without suffering some cognitive dissonance.
    Honest discussions need to be had. The wall won't help this country, but neither will open borders. Surely we can find some common ground. But honesty is required, from both sides. All i see are liberal lies and conservative crap.

  10. I fully expect everyone on here who thinks we should have open borders to open your personal front door to your house tonight! To let anyone and everyone come in and help themselves to your food, beds, and everything else, including living there. But you wont, because you're all COWARDS!

  11. This is great! You and the other lefties said there was no caravan at all. Tucker called you out on that and none of you can stand it. Tucker’s show isn’t worried about a few of the low end advertisers leaving. Suck it up buttercup!

  12. Tucker is right, this country is becoming a 3rd world shithole, why is it ok with him saying the truth? It's ok with white genocide but if the white man stands up for himself he is racist, fuck you you bald headed prick.

  13. This is just madness. Pegging tucker Carlson as a racist is stupid. I’m a Nigerian and guess what America deserves to have its own culture and anyone that wants to “LEGALLY IMMIGRATE” into the US needs to learn the US ways…. The fact that a lot of Americans like yourself are suggesting that advertisers ditch tucker Carlson for his views just shows how far America is straying from what makes it a great country.

  14. At this point I'm going to bypass over all the leftist loons and goons and go straight for the head of the snake and say open borders for Israel.

  15. I always knew tucker was going to mess up at one point or another. If they fire tucker then that is the step in the right direction.

  16. So we just gonna take him out of context, he says mass immigration makes places poorer cause it is just adding more people who are jobless, dirtier cause have you seen what they've done to Tijuana and divided because well it divides people who wanna keep illegals and those who understand they are illegals
    Easy to call people racists and white supremacist instead of having a counter argument.
    And does this man understand how advertising works, it's literally showing your product to as many people as possible and fox news is a major channel that means tons of eyes
    Everyone whose watched this show have gotten dumber for hearing your words

  17. Tucker Carlson is a racist scumbag and a true enemy of the people. Any advertiser should drop FOX if they don't wish to be associated with these low life bigots.

  18. Another outright lie.Tucker didn't back down,has never back peddled on his stance.To hell with those hypocritical,virtue signalling sponsors. This is just another of Farron telling you miserable liberal losers exactly what you want to hear And the whole pathetic part of this is,you idiots know it's a bunch of hogwash.Just like every other video you come here to views,all lies,rumors,enuendos and b.s. propaganda. Remember how you were all up in arms ,chomping at the bit about Stormy?Then came Avanatti and that other bimbo,how about that peepee video and the phony Russian dossier?Why are you all so damn gullible?Do you hate your lives so much that you live and breathe for Trump to be impeached or somehow removed from office?Rethink your priorities folks.Merry Christmas and have a very TRUMPY New Year.

  19. We’ve given up trying to explain the difference in legal and illegal immigration. The leftist mind is not developed enough to comprehend and compute the information.

  20. Come over here legally and do not flood our boarders. Look at the news, man, the caravan left the city in Mexico so filthy and so unsafe that schools were closed down for the safety of the children from coyotes. It was dirty and filthy, man. And Mexico is attempting the reclaim California and the other other states that we took from them through force of war, after they would not sale it to us. Research your history and you will learn we strongarmed the western states from Mexico, then paid them later after we took it. Mexico has been flooding these territories with their citizens for many, many years… Thereby, reclaiming what belonged to them. Unlike this guy who opinions are that all illegal aliens have our best intentions, most do not, only their own best intentions and what they can suck out of this nation as far as jobs, free healthcare, free education, free social programs through their children…. And we are damn near bankrupt as a nation so the cash cow has to stop. We have our own homeless, our own starving, our own unemployed, when are we going to focus on those and our wounded veterans??? Please get away from the American people with the sob stories about illegals while you ignore and refuse to help those Americans suffering the same over here.

  21. I think this period of cool right wingers is coming to an end as the more They talk the more They expose themselves as selfish racist etc.

    I'm in my 30s. Can any older viewers tell me if there has ever been a surge like this of trendy conservatism or is it just our generation to fall for it

  22. He talks so much shit, and he always uses offensive language, you can tell by the tone of his fucking voice that he feels like he's a big shot. Let's fuck this racist piece of shit

  23. Yeah, this didn't make that much news and, honestly, had very little impact on Carlson's show at all.
    Most people know the difference between immigrants that come to our country legally and illegals.
    What do democrats want to expose our children to smuggled drugs and criminal illegals? For a few cheap votes?

  24. What don't you take THOSE dirty migrants to your casa. Compadre. Besides those dirty migrants are not the real migrants in need; they are members of gangs that USA deported years ago;formed of drug users,drug smuglers,rapes and prostitutes. Other thing….what you need migrants like that:ignorant and unaducate? For you devil use of them..

  25. Come on man, stop lying about Carlson! Months!? That's a damn lie and you know it! It's more like years! No, that's even a lie. Seeing life begins at inception and ends at birth for those at Fox, so Tucker was conceived a racist!

  26. Here is a list of the highest crime cities in America——- Each and every city has a Democrat mayor except the number 10

    1 Detroit, MI – Mayor Mike Duggan DEMOCRAT

    2 Oakland, CA – Mayor Jean Quan – DEMOCRAT

    3 Memphis, TN – Mayor A C Wharton – DEMOCRAT

    4 St. Louis, MO – Mayor Francis G. Slay – DEMOCRAT

    5 Cleveland, OH – Mayor Frank G. Jackson – DEMOCRAT

    6 Baltimore, MD – Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake – DEMOCRAT

    7 Milwaukee, WI – Mayor Tom Barrett – DEMOCRAT

    8 Birmingham, AL – Mayor William A. Bell – DEMOCRAT

    9 Newark, NJ – Mayor Ras Baraka – DEMOCRAT

    10 Kansas City, MO – Mayor Sly James – Independent (but probably a DEMOCRAT)

  27. I HAVE A QUESTION: Tucker, we already killed 02 childrens on the border, under this WH border spliting families program. From 01 to 10, how happy you, the Trump supporters and your viewers are?

  28. Dreadful fool! Next time think before you speak! Do you think your ancestors sprung out of a hole in this land sometime ago?Definitely they migrated from somewhere!


  30. The citizens of Tijuana Mexico agree with Trump-

    They are calling the caravan an “INVASION””

    How interesting that Mexico agrees with President Trump!!!

    This should wake up democrats everywhere

    But it won’t, Democrats are content to label those Mexicans who agree with Trump
    “Racist “
    And then they move on –

    Democrats = mental disorder

  31. I love your channel I really do but do you think next year your could use live clips instead of written statements, just to add spice……x

  32. They used to employ "dog whistles". Now such people feel embolden and just come out and say what they REALLY think. The only people they fear are the advertisers. That's where the money is.

  33. Baldy! This is hilarious! Tucker Carlson has all you socialist upset?
    This is what the left does when they can't win by arguing the issues.
    "If you can't beat him, try to get rid of him". They do the same thing with Trump!
    President Trump & Fox news have CNN FAKE NEWS & the rest of the anti-American socialist Democrats
    on the ropes. TRUMP 2020!

  34. These ads are pulling their ads from his show but still putting it in other shows within fox news, which means fox news is still making that money. It sucks. They need to pull their ads from the network completely.

  35. You libtards make me laugh – anyone who speaks obvious truths is a racist? That's as deep as your intellectual prowess goes, is it? Ok, please explain to us how illiterate, impoverished 3rd world migrants aren't poorer, dirtier and less attune to our way of life. Are they richer, cleaner and more like us? Really? That's what you're going with, you idiots? Whether you agree or disagree with taking in these economic migrants (they are, in no way, shape or form refugees), please show us that libtards can at least acknowledge basic, obvious facts.

  36. This is not surprising but tucker rimes with Fucker, then you will become aware next year that he is one of the Hanged Man Disciples.

    The Number 2019 Represents the clear calendar of events as established by God, the only true language known to man since the fall of the tower of babble in a previous era.

    2019 also seems to have a connection to the sequence of the numbers messages, because the number 12 is the sum of 2019.
    The coincidence is that the last major message came to us as number 11 – the sum of 911 or the twin towers that came tumbling down. At that time nobody was paying attention to numbers when it was Right in front of our eyes.

    Now what is the significance of the 12 in the Spiritual world that follows number 11? The 12 stands for the Hanged Man, 12 Disciples, the 12th Hour etc

    The Hanged Man is Upside Down representing a LYER someone who judges others, the reverse of the Truth is Upside Down.
    It’s clear in the message from God, that trump is the AntiGod and the 🔥 signifies the red hats as the Mark of the Beast.

    We are All looking at a Mirror to select which god we are – while worshiping that image in our Mirror Mirror on the WALL (Who is the fairest of US All) …. Also Represents the Hanged Man in Reverse or Self Judgement Day With Donald Trump the Choice of two images, which represents the Choices in 2019, While the Hanged Man is Outlined Under the Golden Rule …

  37. These are not major companies or major advertisers also they are being pressured by leftist groups via leaving on their own. I don't like Tucker Carlson but I don't see anything that fits the term "racist" in his comments. This video is an attempt by the Left to censor or limit free discussion in this country and should be viewed as such..

  38. Shit, why am I subscribed to this channel? You people are as fascist as the people you criticise. The Nazis used to encourage people to boycott Jewish businesses. They thought they were right too. You're really just bullies who can't stand differing opinions. You hate free speech. Unsubscribed.

  39. Wow I'm gonna find out if privacy dot com is ok advertising with an enemy of the state. yes people, free speech is the bed rock of our society. so this sort of targeted attack on someones perspective and more importantly their right to state that perspective makes that person an enemy of this state.
    im sure this sort of shit happened In the past but people woke up to the egregious policies we had for example I can only imagine what was being said when people started to speak about stopping slavery. but i would imagine the following sort of shit would have been said…
    1. 'how can u say stop slavery why it's our livelyhood and u are Being racist against whites,
    2. stopping slavery would mean that many plantation owners will be financially affected and that is a racist thing to do
    in the end the collective wisdom did prevail, even though indeed it was a very big and hard fight in the end the right thing was done, but for people to make decisions they must be able to engage in dialogue on whatever the topic and nothing should be off limits because if it is, it will go underground and that could be very dangerous. because whilst it's In the open we can attempt to and plan our counter attacks but if u stop it u won't even know that something is brewing until it is at your doorstep. pressuring people into boycotting certain things is definately not the answer, atleast not in what we like to think is a free and open society

  40. Well…well…well…if it ain't pussy ass Tucker begging for forgiveness…I heard the executives tore you a new asshole…Serves you right!!!
    and Donnie Trumpie couldn't help you!!!

  41. But we have to be honest folks about racism in this country, OK? People mistake Jews as a race. We can be any color, speak any language, be from any country and we don't all know each other or practice the same! You can be a White Israeli, or Black Ethiopian Jew, or like Ivanka Trump, convert!

    We're still racist against Blacks. We interned Japanese-Americans, we're interning Hispanic refugees. We hated the Cubans coming over until we discovered what great slave labor they gave! Oh how some hate the Mexicans but NEED their poor wage slave labor as no American will do the job! Will YOU be a dishwasher? Mow lawns? Clean hotel rooms and toilets be migrant fruit and veggie pickers, be dishwashers?

    Trump and Tucker didn't start racism! It started the moment European immigrants first stepped off the boat in the 1600's.

    In the 19th century the Chinese were hated! But their work in the mines and building railroads suited! Then the Irish came over. Don't know why they were hated being White but there were signs Irish Need Not Apply! The American Indians and the Mexicans had their lands stolen. Every other state from the Indians, Texas and California from the Mexicans. Oh we do love our illegal Hispanic slave labor force! Get out you illegal Mexican you! AFTER you pick my fruits and veggies because the white farmer is too lazy to and Americans won't! Get out you illegal Mexican or Honduran! But NOT before you clean my hotel room up, wash my restaurant dishes and wipe off my table! Get out you evil illegal Mexican you shout as you patiently wait in the drive thru of TACO BELL or Chichi's!

    Why are people angry at Trump's and Tucker Carlson's racism? They remind you OF YOU!

    And let's remember the other kind of bigot this country is filled with! No, I don't care your race, but you must be Christian! You must believe in a God! You must be straight! You must be beautiful or handsome, you cannot be Poor! Sexism rules!

    We never run out of people to hate. NOT Tucker Carlson and NOT YOU!

  42. Tom Steir I've signed your impeachment petition a LOT and so have others and you've not turned it in!! You keep running this ad! Six million should be enough to get our dictator out and you're not turning it in! We know what he's doing!!!!!

  43. First off stop assuming your audience is stupid by conflating immigrants and illegal immigrants. People on the right are not saying they have a problem with immigration it’s the undocumented part that’s at issue. It’s a cute trick to constantly keep misrepresenting the argument. Just to get the lastest leftist convert into staying on your side. The right has a problem with the mass movement of unskilled, undocumented/unvetted and fiscally downtrodden illegals that have been hurting this country in many ways. If someone on the right had a problem with immigration of non white people into this country than that would indeed make them racist but your misrepresentation of the argument is just so damaging to our country. The social safety net is not a money tree there needs to be more payed in than taken out. But I guess as long as you get more voters you can ear seduce with your vurtue signaling what do you care right? It’s only our country’s well being at stake!

  44. Trump and all the vile pathetic characters in his orbit are cowards. They spew hate and when their pocket gets affected, they back up.

  45. Donald Trump Is an Amoral, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Racist, Misogynistic, Demented, Pathological Liar… BUT… ABSOLUTELY WORST OF ALL He Is a Communist Sympathizer Who Panders to the World’s Authoritarian Dictators. Simply…. He and His Supporters are Traitors to This Country. BYE…BYE….

  46. Is there actually a bigger idiot than Tuck… oh wait Hannety!!! Oh wait Trump!!!!! Oh wait… ah fuck it – first place for everyone!!!! Yeah!!!!

  47. " …..to fuck"…..
    I'm white, F, 60 and Tucker there, Doesn't like immigrants. He's a throw back guy, who even my friends wouldn't date.All he'd have to do is open his mouth. Yuppies like him are so outdated…

  48. Fox News and their presenters are the only genuine ones out of all of the networks and much to the dismay of Crap News Network and the others Fox has the ear of most of The American people including countless liberal supporters. And as that brainless twat AOC said… Deal with it. And never forget, your first black president entered the Whitehouse with not too much in his bank account and now he's a multi, multi millionaire. How did that happen? Is a presidents salary that good? And I'll tell you what, It's OK To Be White And A Male

  49. Tucker should say whatever he pleases. CNN lies manipulate etc. I believe any News corporation found lying needs to b prosecute

  50. Another Democratic Blowhole – Tucker Carlson is being targeted because he consistently challenges the irrational and dishonest Libs. I watch his show daily and enjoy watching him eviscerate the counterpoint guests invited on his show to try and justify the Dems point of view. Actually, they normally do it to themselves but he often provides the appropriate triggers. I'd hate to see him go!

  51. I encourage people to watch the video "Dem Rep Smears Candace Owens" showing Candace Owens making manifest the hypocrisy and fear sweeping throughout the Democratic party of a young black woman with a formidable intellect and consider sharing this post. Congressman Ted Liew naively took it upon himself to attempt to ambush Candace only to find himself humiliated in front of a national audience by a young lady that is the age of his granddaughters and whose intellect and fiery temper led Kanye West to exclaim "I like the way she thinks." I've admired orientals for the respect they have for their elders, discipline, and work ethic. This is the rare occasion that an oriental – and Democrat – has been stripped bare and exposed to be a corrupt, dishonest, despicable politician. Miss Owens contempt for "loathsome" Democrats has led to entertaining videos of her scorched earth, take no prisoners philosophy when dealing with Democrats. Much respect for Miss Owens, much contempt for Ted Liew. Watch "Candace Owens TORCHES the Democrat Party in front of House Judiciary Committee!!" for a six-minute video that will haunt Democrats for years to come!

  52. After Bill O'Reilly, I just want to hear that Tucker Carlson was cleared of all rape charges otherwise I'm done with Fox News

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