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Trying Items Instagram Ads Recommend To Me / AllAroundAudrey

Trying Items Instagram Ads Recommend To Me / AllAroundAudrey

(upbeat music) – Hi, guys, it’s Audrey and
today I’m gonna be testing out and buying Instagram ad products. So, I’ve seen this video before and I always thought it would be supercool to try it myself. And when I was going through this, so I don’t go on Instagram a lot. I just go on it randomly
throughout the day and I just took a picture
of every time I saw an ad. And believe it or not, I got a lot of different variety of ads. So, I thought it would be
fun to just combine them all and test it out in this one giant video. So yeah, let’s get started. All right, so the first ad
that popped up in my Instagram, it was really funny, it’s actually PBteen and I’ve ordered from Pottery Barn before. So I was like, I’m so happy ’cause I know their brand is really good. I got my bedding from there
and I got, not my wall art, but I got a lot of different
things in my room from PBteen. So, I was like okay, this
is gonna be a good product. So, yeah I looked through
some of the things on their website and I
don’t need a new bed cover or anything like that. So, I’ll show you what I’m going to order. I think I’m gonna order a hamper or basket to go by my bed. And so that way I can
keep all my stuff in there and, I don’t know, just random things. It’s kinda like storage,
but it’s also cute. So, I think I’m gonna get the
Woven Flower Storage Basket, just the big one, and I’m super excited. I’ve ordered from PBteen before, I’ve ordered just from
regular Pottery Barn, there’s also Pottery
Barn Kids and college, so yeah, there’s a wide variety. But it suggested PBteen for me. So, yeah, I’m gonna order
that and we’ll test it out. The next thing that
popped up on my Instagram was puravida bracelets and
my sister and I are obsessed with this company. We love puravida and they actually give a lot of their profits away to charity, so it’s a good cause as well. So, they have the bracelets you can buy and I didn’t know they had this option, they also have a jewelry option. Which is really cool and you can also join their monthly club. So, I don’t know my ring size so I didn’t order any
rings from here and– Okay, so I’ve looked
through their website before and I ordered some things,
but I don’t have the products. So, I’ll have to do that
later and show you guys. But I’ll just show you
some of the bracelets that they have on their website. They’re super cute. My sister and I have a
few of the bracelets, and Jordan actually has a
subscription to the company. (elevator music) So, here are some of
their bracelets they have, they just have the string– string bracelets or you can
get charms on your bracelets. They’re super, super cute and
if you are pretty outdoorsy they have mountains
and beach themed things and it’s just really cute. So I’m super excited to get
some of these in the mail. So, the next thing that
popped up on my Instagram was Fabletics, which is a legging brand. It’s like you exercise. They also have tops and I
guess outfits you can get. And at the time I was looking at them, they actually have two leggings for $24, which is a really good deal. But you have to become a VIP member, and by doing that you have to sign up and then every month you pay 60 bucks because they pick out an outfit for you. And if you don’t cancel at the time– I don’t know it’s a giant
mess, so I just ordered just one leggings, regular
and I’m super excited to try those out, because
leggings are always– I love leggings. I’m literally wearing leggings right now. They’re just a staple. So, I decided to kind of go crazy and get a type of legging that I– a style that I don’t usually get. ‘Cause I usually just get black. So, you’ll see in the mail soon what kind of leggings I chose. The next thing that popped up on my Instagram was a beauty product. But it’s by OGX Beauty
and it’s for your hair. So, they all have different kinds of types of shampoo you can get. So, they have charcoal,
coconut, bamboo, aspen. (laughs) So, you can get shampoo, conditioner, and I think they have some face things. But it looks so cute and bright and I think they did really
well on the marketing aspect. So, I am going to try dry shampoo. I’ve never, ever tried dry shampoo before. So, I thought it’d be fun
to experiment a little bit while we test out these new
products and see how it goes. And the last company that I got
an ad for was crumblcookies. I’ve tried crumblcookies once before and it was for Valentine’s
Day and I’ve also tried chip. So, I’m pretty excited
to actually get cookies ’cause I didn’t know– On Instagram I just expected
to get all clothing ads, but I actually got a
lot of different things. So, we can have a little bit
of a snack in this video. And I didn’t know they had
so many different options. On this website they have sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies,
Twix cookies, what? So, yeah, I don’t know
what I’m gonna order yet, I’m gonna order those when I get home, because I ordered all
my stuff at my house, not my apartment. They also have cinnamon swirls. So, yeah, let’s order this
and I’ll be back with you guys when all of my products
have finally arrived. All right, so I’m home with my sister. – Jordan, from JustJordan33. – With all of our packages. Actually no– ow, my hair. Pottery Barn said they were
gonna be shipping it out this weekend, but they changed their mind and decided to go on Monday, which I’m not gonna be here Monday, so I’m gonna have to wait to
film that part of the video. – Um, are you kidding? – Really, Pottery Barn?
– Really? – And then later we’re
gonna order the cookies, but I’ve got the other three
packages that I bought. – I already see one that
I’m really excited for. – Should we open that one first? I think we should open up that one first. – Yes, I love puravida,
I think they’re so cute. – This is the puravida
bracelets that I bought. I’m so excited to see what they look like, because I bought two mystery bracelets. (gasps) They give you mystery
options and they’re cheaper. So–
– I love puravida bracelets. Let’s see how they cute they really are. And this one I ended up
spending $40 I think, because if you spend 35
you get free shipping, and then I got a coupon, so. – Oh.
– There’s a lots of things. – Real expensive, but — – Ooh. – It’s for a good cause
and they’re really cute. – Oh, wait. (gasps) What is this? What is this? They gave me a little gift. – Ready, set, go ’em. There’s nothing else. – No, I don’t think so. Giving back in doing– (gasps) – [Both] Stickers! – Oh my gosh. I love stickers. – We’re so annoying. Oh there’s so many.
– Oh, can I have some? – Don’t you have a subscription
where you could’ve — – Yeah I got. – I got so many cute stickers. – I love the stickers. I love stickers so much, you guys. – I could put these on– – Oh, I love this one. – They are all cute. Okay, these are ocean themed. I’m definitely keeping these. I’m probably gonna, I don’t
know what I’m gonna do with ’em but they’re so adorable. I’ve never been more excited
of stickers in my life. – I love stickers so much. – Oh, are they all individually wrapped? – They’re in their own bags. – Okay, this one is– oh,
these are the earrings. Can you tell what they are? – Yeah, they’re waves. Those are really cute. – I’m gonna try them on. You can open up the other
ones and see what I got. – You gotta take out your hoops. – Yeah, I gotta take off my hoops. – Oh, those are so cute. Okay, should I open this one? – Sure. – Okay, does that mean
I get this one? (laughs) – Wait, I just wanna see what it is ’cause I don’t even know. – Wait, do you remember what you got and then what the mysteries were? – I don’t know what the mysteries are. – Well, you got two mysteries
and then do you remember the two things that you bought? – Yeah, one’s a necklace and
the other one’s a bracelet. – Oh, so this was a mystery. – And I got the bracelet
for free. (laughs) – (gasps) Oh, this one. – That’s the necklace. – This one’s really cute. – Yes, everyone’s been wearing
those kind of necklaces. – Okay, this one is so cute. That’s so cute. Yeah, okay, I love puravida because, well, they are expensive
which is kinda sad, but the quality is really
good so it lasts a long time and it donates to a
good cause, as well, so. – Yeah, I think that’s really cool. – That’s adorable. – Okay, here are the earrings. I have no idea what this looks like. – They are really cute, actually. – Oh my gosh, I gotta zoom in on my ear. So, this is, oh, it’s
like a little, tiny wave. I don’t think I’ve ever
showed my ears this close. – (laughs) Does it fit
good or does it feel weird? – No, it’s like normal, it’s cute. Okay, I think we should open up all and then I’ll model them after. Okay, this one’s a bracelet. – What is it? – I think it’s a mystery one. (gasps) – Oh it’s so cute. – I have one kind of similar to this where it’s just like a
bunch of different colors, but I think I have a
different color scheme. – Those are so cute. – Okay, okay. – Okay.
– Okay. – All right. – Oh, that’s a mystery one. (laughs) Are you serious? – We’re gonna be matching. (laughs) – I got two of the same
ones, are you serious? – We could be matching. – I guess we’re matching. (squeals) – We’ve got matching sista bracelets now. – Why would they give
us two of the same ones? – Wait, this was your mystery,
that was your free one? – No, this was a mystery one, too. – Wait, they’re both? – I bought two mysteries ’cause
I thought they were gonna be two different mystery ones. – But they’re the same. – If you buy the mystery, this is probably what you’re gonna get. – Yeah, I mean it’s cute. – And then I bought this one. – Oh, that’s really cute, it’s a cactus. – This is the one I got for free. Okay, let’s try all these on
and we’ll come right back. All right, we have ours on. This is the bar– my head is so giant. This is what the bar necklace looks like. It is so cute and everyone’s
wearing these kind of things. – Okay, wait, let me just tell
you it’s on the tightest ring that it can go, but it
can also go down lower if you want it to be. – But I really like tight necklaces. – [Jordan] It’s really cute. – And then here are our bracelets, we’re matching friendship sistas. – It’s so cute. I love it. – I give this one a thumbs
up, I really like puravida. I knew I was gonna like it
and it’s for a good cause. So, yeah, I got some new jewelry. All right, so now for my second package, I ordered online some leggins. – Leggins? – Leggins from, I don’t even
remember what company it was ’cause I’ve never heard of it before, so. – Ooh, okay. – What’d you get? – So, these leggings are
different from usual. (squeals) I hope they fit me. – I actually really
bought powder leggings, so if you don’t like
’em then I’ll take ’em. – How do they know? – Wow. (laughs) – I ordered Hello Fresh. – Wait, oh wow! – Wow, they gave me lots of coupons. (laughs) – No, wait, look, this is a $50 gift card. Wow! Fabletics, oh I’ve heard of these people. – Yeah, this is from Fabletics and I hope they are really
fab because if I get new leggings, today’s
gonna be a great day. (bag rustles) – I actually really wanted
to try powder leggings, so this will be a fun experiment. – What? – Oh wow!
What? – The bottom. – Wow, the bottom feels super– – I got a small even though it said online that I’m an extra small,
but honestly I don’t believe I’m an extra small. – It’s see-through. – Okay, I’m gonna try these
on and then I’ll be right back with both of our reactions. – Random dancing, not
looking until you come here. – Ready? (laughs) – Whoa! – I don’t know I feel. They feel weird. Feel my leg. – Wow, yeah this black– – It’s a different mesh. It’s like a mesh, it feels
like a mesh. (laughs) – It looks cool, though. – And then this feels so smooth. – Is this see-through or is it not? – [Both] I can’t tell. – Are they comfortable, though? – They are comfy. And I’m glad I ordered a small, because an extra small
would’ve never fit me. This is the perfect– and it told me that I was an extra small. – How does it know? – Because there was a size chart and I was like, “I am not an extra small.” – I think it’s cool. – I give this one a thumbs up. – I like ’em good, too. Let’s go on the next one. All right, now for the last one. Can you even guess what it is? – I have no idea. – It came in an Amazon because
you can’t even order it from the company, you have to
order it from somewhere else. – Really?
– Yeah. – Wow. – All right, here we go. I paid seven bucks for this, and it is– – Dry shampoo. – (shouts) Dry shampoo! (laughs) – So this is by OGX, and guys,
when I was lookin’ online okay, so it originally advertised
the green tea one for me and I was like, okay, I’ll try that one. But I was looking at the
reviews and all of them said that the cap, the lid part
broke off the first time you used it, so I was like,
I’m not gonna buy a broken one. So, I decided to get
the coconut miracle oil and we’re gonna test it out
and see if it really works. We’ve never used dry shampoo. – Yeah, in our entire life, I’m pretty sure we’ve
never used dry shampoo. Our mom uses it sometimes,
and it’s in the drawer, but we just don’t never used it. – It’s gonna be– I hope it’s– – I don’t know what you use it for except for greasy hair, but
then don’t you just go shower? I don’t understand. – Well, if you are running late. Okay, wait, smell it. Does it smell good? Oh, you’re gonna squirt it. (aerosol sprays) (sniffs) – I can’t smell anything. – I can’t smell anything either. – Oh, look, it smells like sunscreen. (laughs) – It’s not even. – I mean I can smell the
coconut, but I also smell– – How do you do it? How do you– – I feel like we need
to go to the bathroom or something to do this. We need a mirror. All righty, we’re in the bathroom. – I’m already a fail. I dropped the ball and I broke it. I clearly broke it. – [Jordan] It just fell
from literally this high onto the floor and the top fell off– – And it’s dented. – [Jordan] So, that was kind of sad. – So, I’m joining the
reviewers online that say this product is faulty. Okay, I’m gonna try it in my hair and then Jordan, you
should try it in yours. – [Jordan] I just washed
my hair yesterday. Wait, when did you wash your hair last? – Two days ago, so it’s time
for a little dry shampoo. Okay, ready? How do I do this? – [Jordan] I don’t know. (aerosol sprays) (screams) (laughs) Ooh, it smells better. – [Jordan] Oh yeah,
actually it does smell good. – This is what my apartment
smells like all the time. (laughs) Smells like what it smells like. – [Jordan] Oh, it’s so scary. Why is it so like– – I don’t know, what am I supposed to do? You supposed to do this? (aerosol sprays) – [Jordan] I don’t understand. (coughs) – Is it supposed to
make my hair less greasy or is it supposed to make it more greasy? (aerosol sprays) – [Jordan] I don’t really
get what it’s doing. – I don’t think it’s doing anything.. Do you wanna try it? I look greasy. – I don’t know how to do this. (laughs) okay, I’m just nervous, don’t know why. (aerosol sprays) (screams) – [Audrey] Oh my gosh, you sprayed a lot. – Feels so good. – Is it better? Did it do anything? I don’t see anything. – I can’t tell. – Honestly, I don’t know if we’re even doing it right. I feel like it created
a grease strand for me. It smells very chemically in here. – It smells really chemically,
but at first it smells good but then it’s like– – I don’t think it even
smells like coconut. – Okay, so, final verdict. I don’t think it did anything for my hair. It really looks the same
to me, but I don’t know. – All right, guys, so
I’m back at my apartment to review my crumblcookies and I just ordered this
online really quick. So, I didn’t do it while
I was with my family because I was gonna do it on
Saturday and they didn’t order, or they didn’t deliver on Saturday there for some weird reason, so I got it now. And every week crumbl changes
what cookies they’re serving. So, this week they have
snicker doodle, muddy buddy, a sea salt toffee, almond
joy, chilled sugar, and then their famous chocolate
chip cookies you can get. And I was gonna get the assortment kind where you get one of each, but they have peanut butter options and I can’t eat peanut
butter ’cause I’m allergic, so I decided to just go with their famous warm chocolate chip cookies
and test out their best cookie, the one that most people get. So, I’m so excited. I have never tried a chocolate chip cookie from crumbl before. I’ve tried their sugar cookies
and they were delicious. So, I’m really excited to
see what they look like. I’ve tried some chocolate
chip cookies from chip before, and they were delicious. But I’ve heard people like this one more. You either like one or the
other, so let’s open it up. I love the box, by the way. It’s so cute, very pink, adorable. Ooh, they’re huge! Look how big they are. So, the cookies cost me
$10 but then with shipping and tip and everything it’s like $15. So, these are some real expensive cookies. They better be worth the money, for real. Let’s just try one. They’re warm, too, and
they deliver ’til midnight, which is so nice. Here is my chocolate chip cookie. Cheers, I wish I could
share with you guys. You know I probably won’t
eat this all in one sitting ’cause it’s ginormous. (soft rock music) So good! This is so, so good, whoa. It’s like a homemade
chocolate chip cookie, but better. I don’t know how to explain
it, it just melts in your mouth and it’s warm and very chocolaty. Very sugary. I’m actually pretty hungry right now, too, so this is perfect. And I’m saying for crumblcookies
I give it a thumbs up. I would definitely order
them from them again. But I probably won’t
do it on a daily basis because the cookies are kind of expensive. So, only for special
events, go to crumblcookies. All right, you guys, so my
family came home this weekend. They actually came to me
and they were going to bring my Pottery Barn basket with them, but of course they forgot to bring it. So, I still wanna get this
video up, I don’t wanna wait. And so, I’m gonna FaceTime my sister and she’s gonna open up the
basket for me and give you her review of what she thinks about it since I can’t have it here
in my actual apartment. So, let’s go ahead and FaceTime my sister and review this Pottery Barn product. (FaceTime chimes) – Oh my gosh, let’s see it. Good bye. Whoa! – Whoa, it’s huge. Wait, how big is it? Oh my goodness, wait. Wow! – Ta da! – It looks like a flower. – It looks like a flower. It’s so cute. – Is it pretty sturdy? How is the quality of it? – Let’s see, let’s play it as a drum. – Oh, okay. So that is it for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed this. This was so interesting
and so much fun to do. I’d say pretty much all of my
products were really great. I got so lucky and got–
everything was pretty nice. So, if you guys want me to do this again but on a different platform
like YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, any other social media, tell
me in the comments down below and what other platform
you would like to see. Remember to subscribe
if you haven’t already. Turn from red to gray,
and hit the bell icon to be notified whenever I post a new video and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye. (soft rock music)

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