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[Truth Revealed] Facebook Ads Scaling Strategy ($0 – $60,000 in 30 Days) 2019 | The Good & Bad Side

[Truth Revealed] Facebook Ads Scaling Strategy ($0 – $60,000 in 30 Days) 2019 | The Good & Bad Side

Everyone and welcome to another daily video from shop for dropshipping lifestyle. My name is Ricky Hayes And in today’s video we’re going into the ups and downs of Facebook’s Facebook campaigns in q4 don’t make these mistakes Okay, so that’s a pretty long title on it I presume I can put that in YouTube anyway, so you can see here just for the last three days I mean today is there’s still plenty of time in the day. You can see in the last pretty much three days it’s Gotten me About 56,000 dollars in revenue about twenty thousand dollars a day. It’s about sorry I mean, it’s about 18 to 20. I’ve been getting I got 23 one day baiting the other I’m on 19 now, so just based it out there But I want to give you an idea that scaling is not all fun and games and this these figures might look good But it doesn’t mean that it is good. Okay There’s a lot of stress now. I think it’s on this side with this side but do you see these gray hairs on either side you can or in the bad haircut, but My point is this shit is fucking stressful, but ok It is fucking stressful You can see I’ve got a really good conversion rate that has gone up because I’ve been making changes to the website Being further crushing images doing everything. I can to improve the site speed the functionality you Know books just recently released pop up the social proof stuff up that help with conversion rate I’ve improved the product page and I’ve Been doing more and personalized for Lance Potter to help align the Carousels and and try and help boost that and that’s how it’s helped as you can see and you can and my average order value Is currently 62 dollars. The item is $40. Okay, so on average on getting about most people adding about two to cart – and that’s really good Really happy with that. You can see that I’m getting some sales from Facebook the clarity don’t use that that was crap, but anyway point is But I wanted to make here is One of the big ones and you’ll see it from I just rinse the videos is sales not attributing in Facebook That is fucked mean big-time. Okay, you know so I as a whole I’m sitting on on average about two low-ass one point nine two two row s it is hard to scales its cockpit cookies so high but somehow it’s just I’m still Able to scale it because people are adding so much to car If I go get the cost per click down and trust me I want to get the cost per click down. You know if my average cost per click is $2 20 Which is fucking stupidly high, but I’m somehow I would make profitable Which I guess is My skew anyway but You know if I could get that cost per click. Yeah, and I am working on that, you know, like I’ve been spending big and I am now at the point where I’ve got some ads that are no interest ads, um for instance and I’ve been able to narrow down the age the gender The placement the device and now even the region, okay so because these ads like audiences are so big I’m able to narrow that down and still have millions of people in my audience and That has definitely helped increase price, that’s for sure but Wow I’ve killed ads that aren’t tributing. Um And I hey, you’ve probably all had last few days And so as a result my raw ass in in Facebook is lower than what it should be because the back end is supporting the frame Facebook’s not attributing it due to various reasons people directly come to my store, you know, all of that can’t be trappin You know and that’s the part that makes this really stressful is yeah. All right well look and this is where you have to make a bit of a decision as a business owner or if you’re running through names wherever the fuck is you have to Have a look at the overall ad spend and if your overall and spend and how much you are making Revenue, and you know your margins you’re profitable then it’s fine. Okay. Don’t don’t lose any sleep over. It’s fine And it usually just means that a lot of people are searching for your store. They might be looking on Google I might be looking on being Shared and it’s just not attributing. There’s a lot of reasons, okay now the hard part obviously what that is is that then you don’t know what ad can be doing better and and you can be Scaling that, you know, you could really scale. Okay Because once you do get to a point, you can actually be this scale that’s stupidly high But it really hurts when you see an ad that’s got like, you know, 1.5 wrong. I say I’m Pretty damn sure. This has got higher OS and you end up killing it, right? That’s shit. That causes stress number two Obviously I pretty much cut on there, you know killing ads optimization the fulfillment center, you know like if you drop shipping and if you have some film and said it really doesn’t matter, you know, the What it’s not being done quickly due to this time of year, you know They’re getting a lot more orders to and even as priority customer at times they can take a bit and then you get all these emails and shooting your customer service team on slacks like What the fuck buy a blower and you just sort of and you know in times of crisis I help with that stuff, too There’s no reason why I shouldn’t just because I sourced to them doesn’t mean that I’m not a part of the team So, you know and that’s why again, I use automation and and it’s at times like that where you’re thankful for automation, right? But then automation works against you which leads me on to point for many chat issues I’m still you know pretty new to many chaffeur – I’m loving the tool and I’m complaining new things and I’m giving it to all people in gold class mentoring group And it’s got to be my my course which which I did I’ve done seven videos today And I think I’ve only probably done about 5% of all the videos. I’ll be doing this Anyway, you know and so many chat, you know It’s speaking in in that many check community on Facebook learning from them. You have to fuck around because my center point of live chat and most of my chat is now on messenger because Messenger you can do all the automation whereas email you can’t do it as well messenger you can it’s fantastic There’s issues with like the first name not showing I’ve literally had I had no shit this morning. Someone wanting to unsubscribe so much They hated me. They just literally kept responding and subscribe unsubscribe Let’s just go all in capitals and then like at the end. Fuck you and you know You said if I well I think I’ve lost the sallow kisses knock at 30 right and You know like you get that was from my abandoned band and cap Sequence and messengers sort of like because I was actually working and I saw this, you know the page and modification notification. That’s There just get more more more Aggressive and then you get other people just saying your products are shit And then I hate you I’m gonna tell her you know, and you’re gonna get that, you know, because look at that there’s actually more orders than 877 there’s no. I don’t know. I don’t know why anyway no hundred orders Let’s say and you know if you think about that as percentage That on average is about five percent of people complain statistically speaking about five to ten percent in people If you don’t know wow, that will be the max rank Compliant. Most people are fine. They’re just like, you know, I want to return or I want to exchange or you know It didn’t show up There this gonna go and complain so you think about in three days at the house Let’s say there’s no let’s keep it simple and 5% with five All right, you know 50/50 compliance You know and and the complaints can range from minor little complaints to these major complaints and that is stressful Okay, don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not stressful You have a customer service team at this stage to help with that But that doesn’t change the fact that they’re human too, and they’re getting slapped and so I you know for my customer service team when there’s a major issue I tell them in slack to We have a just a separate channel to for complaints that they tell me about investigate and I personally try and help respond deflate the issue whatever it might be and it’s bad because it does get depressing but the reason as well if you’re wondering why I do that is because Their customer service their jobs to help and their job is and they do a fantastic job they They know in my opinion Shouldn’t have to take really high-level complaints Most of complaints are usually like return exchange all that stuff and that’s that they’re farmers But the ones where just someone is going off tap, okay, and we’ve probably all had that off tap That’s what I handle and reading some of them you actually feel quite depressed it’s hard and you know, I had to actually guess today go for a half hour walk because someone sent me like a paragraph it was two paragraphs of just how much they hate the part and blog blaring that they hate me and the business and everything and you know, you just sort of and I times you wonder why people can be so harsh now. You don’t know what’s going on their life. I’m not judging that person fan It can hurt on the inside because at the end of the day We are trying provide products and we do care we do kit It’s just it’s hot and and these are the things that you’re gonna have to get prepared with Regardless of if you’re at fifty dollar days five dollar days hundred dollar days thousand dollar days $10,000 days Whatever the only thing happens as you go up is you get more of them. Okay, and the you’re just going to get Complaints and yeah, you have to accept that. You’re not gonna please everyone. It’s like the same with my course how I’m making a course now and but you know to make up for the fact that I said that I wouldn’t I really am trying to make it a Fantastic course and I honestly feel that already is are considering the content again I’m gonna piss people off and it’s the same with your business and you have to accept that okay? Whether you’re running an agency for Legion, whether you’re running an agency for sales or whatever You’re gonna get these complaints you always let them wash over you and why My mentors russell brunson always says you’re gonna have your lovers you’re gonna have your haters Okay, obviously, you know show your love is all the love of the world the haters just show them love let them move on Alright, that’s it email scheduling like I have you know with my email marketer working hard on trying to get a really concrete stage the persons I have cat and Sorry, if you don’t know afk means away from keyboard. Sorry game a terminology but anyway, and it’s like what the fuck, you know, I Want to schedule shit loads of campaigns and he’s just gone AWOL and it sort of what in the hell and that’s what’s gonna happen As well your team’s gonna go AWOL. Ah You know progress earch. It’s just you’re gonna waste money there and Screw up you can accidentally make ads that have the different conversion window or different purchase maybe not from purchase to Add to Cart Facebook share and that this all The thing is and this is why I try and tell Everyone to take it slow. Okay Because The reason that I say take it slow is take it slow work on your store work on your back-end work on your ads once you get to that point, you’ll know and you’ll Be so thankful. Why because once you have an issue and then let’s say you you know There’s people who get far five figures and mean let’s be honest. I’m not amazing. But anyway Issues get amplified times by a hundred once you start with getting stupid amounts of size. Okay, they just get amplified An issue you can try and ignore it But once you get to this point, it’ll get amplified and it’s going to ring in your ear Four fucking hours. Alright and and it’s stressful, right? So, you know, then you have to consider as well that other stress is that PayPal hold your funds stripe Hold your funds, you know like you can be scaling on a weekend But you’re not going to get it paid at least until Monday Are you most of the time it’s actually Tuesday Tuesday or Wednesday? so all of a sudden you could have spent twenty thirty thousand dollars on ads over a Saturday and Sunday and Generated a heaping sales and you’re profitable but all of a sudden you have nothing to do marketing on Mondays use that because you don’t have any money in the bank and Facebook will just shut off your ads, right? That is what happens. That’s the reality you have to have money to make money Especially once you get to that stage and that’s right It comes down to management, you know A lot of people end up having to get out business loans and all of that and that’s why I again take it slow So you don’t have to get a business loan you don’t pay interest try and use a credit card for buying and I’ll Express so you don’t have to pay a stupid amount of interest because this all adds up Facebook’s not cheap and it’s these things that really can derail an Entire campaign because again, we’re in q4, you know There’s nothing worse Than you know time is on our side in terms of it the flexibility in our lives to do what we want But it’s also enemy but it’s q4 only comes by once a year, right? So we you know You don’t want to be held up by your ads being paused for two three days when there’s only 90 days in a quarter Okay Now I know that that’s only a few days but that’s still a lot of money that you can have in your pocket And that’s that’s the type of stress fortunately. I’ve never had that because you know always planned ahead with my finance enough or budgeted and and Scaled slowly that’s why I used the 20% rule not just because you’re going to maintain a good broilers but also because then you’re not going to break your bank because again, You’re going to take home some insane cash at the end of the day But again, you need that cash to keep that going So if you make you know a thousand dollars in cash one day, you know, that’s good No, but if from the next day you don’t your ads get show off midday And then you could lose that thousand dollars and you’re back to square one, right? that’s that’s the thing with scale and that’s the thing that I’m trying to convey This isn’t this isn’t just make ads walk away This is make ads sit at your computer for 10 hours bite the fingernails look Bite your fingernails for 10 hours and hope for sales, right? That’s that’s that’s the industry We live in you know, if we did this three years ago We could have pretty much walked away, but now due to the influx of competition. That’s not how this works And that’s why you also need to diversify your income You know through your ecommerce store through multiple products through multiple channels Like that’s why I always say Facebook Instagram Pinterest, you know, try and build followings there build organic Reach and get clicks to your website I mean it’s going to take time You know use influencers and try and build up your brand across all these these all take time Do a CEO these all take time build your rankings up there you know eventually move into Google Ads Merchant Center these all take time a lot of a lot a lot of time a lot of stress and But it’s important that you get from multiple channels And and that’s that’s why well, I’m really pushing for you know Because obviously I’m very passionate about it. And that’s what I’m trying to enforce is You know I ultimate goal is is that you know, imagine if that fifty six thousand dollars in in sales was purely organic Mmm and you Know if you had your nice profit. Margin I Don’t think many of you complaining right, you know if you can aim thirty percent of that in profit margin with our single marketing dollars spent I Think most people would say that you’re pretty well off. Okay, you know, so what’s that a third of that? I’m you know, ten twenty fifteen thirty forty five Oh, sorry nearly twenty K so, you know nearly twenty K and three days. It’s imagine that forty K a week Hundred sixty thousand dollars a month, you know, that’s that’s insane. You’d be a millionaire. It’d actually be a millionaire and that’s why You know pushing your channel organically is is the way to go I’ve seen people that have amazing Instagram pages that that’s all they do They don’t know a single thing about Facebook marketing. They don’t even do remarketing. But that’s how bad they are. But because they They just know Instagram and they’ve built these hundreds of thousands two million people following Sorry it works and that that’s At the NLA who can argue that if it’s working and they’re not spending my you know much money on marketing if at all Yeah, is it wrong not Like it realistically is it is it not right at the same? No Like because they should be doing remarketing remarketing is where the money is that But they’ve got something working for him So my point is is that this is all the stuff you have to be prepared for whether you’re still standing your journey Trying to get sales whether you’re making your store Or whatever That this is the type of stuff you have to fear for. Okay now That’s pretty much it from today’s video. Just a nice easy one. I wanted to illustrate again that All those these sales and nice, you know the profit margin on this has been hard because of Facebook 15 20 percent, you know, not much. I’ll be honest But That’s pretty much it from today’s video if you did like today’s video hit the like button Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bar for daily updates. Okay? Again, I just want to do a quick update in my video and I’ll be updating everyone more as it comes along as I said Earlier in the video. I am working on my course So far I have so to give an idea for those who are wondering What I’ve decided to do that, I think it’s a smart idea personally is Every video or lesson in the module is going to have any corresponding PowerPoint slide Alright, just an outline off that so you can correlate the two brief overview It’s a work in progress, but it means that you can go through that. Look at this and I’ll be referencing them. Both. There are So far, I’ve recorded eight videos and already done an hour-long an hour’s worth content And I’m still on module two. I’ve only done three apps and there’s like twenty two So there’s 22 lessons in module two, and I’ve done three. Oh four, sorry And you know, all the other modules are going to have at least four or five So it’s going to be like probably at ten fifteen ten to twenty hour long course So it’s going to take me a month or so to get this all done so and I was actually recording the video and Video is just before this and I’m about to go do the vacuuming. I like doing back me De-stresses me. Um, and I thought oh shit I’ve got meetings in that tomorrow. I’m just going to record the video today get this underway, so you guys have a video And I can focus on other things. Okay. That’s another thing should add priorities. That’ll become a big thing in this as well Priorities. Alright guys. Well, thanks so much again. If you did like it, don’t forget to subscribe. Alright, I’ll be releasing Two videos a week at the moment as much as I can two to three max You will have a lovely day. Thanks for your time and good

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