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Trump unleashes on 'The Squad' in impassioned media comments

Trump unleashes on 'The Squad' in impassioned media comments

27 thoughts on “Trump unleashes on 'The Squad' in impassioned media comments

  1. The squad can give it but not take it and the media enables them. If you called Bill Clinton just "Clinton" you were shamed that you should respect the office and call him Mr. President but when you call trump all kinds of names or the Occupant of the Whitehouse it is not just allowed but cheered.

  2. The Squad is nothing but a bunch of Anglophobe and Androphobes. They hate whites and men because they fear their success.

  3. Finally a President who is SMART and wise and aware. Yes, the squad has first amendment rights, but speech has consequences and this is what those consequences are… a president who fights back!!!!

  4. Who does he think he is, Golan Heights I give Syria, Palatine I give Palestinian's & America I gave back to the Sea & I have the Blessing of God, Trump only as Christ's curse & an Eternal Hell even more painful that Lucifer suffers that's Christ's eternal Promise to the fake-Christ Donald Trump.

  5. The squad is taking up more "air time" then the Democratic candidates, The Democrats are in
    shambles, a total mess. Haven't heard from Maxine Waters lately.

  6. Deport All 4 of them, they r pure EVIL, COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM, RACIST AGAINST AMERICA & ISRAEL. Throw those SCUM BAGS OUT OF USA.👍👍🤬🤬🤬🤬

  7. Trump criticizes America all the time (make America great AGAIN, means America is NOT great)… why doesn't he leave the country? He can go back to Germany where his father was born.

  8. I love how Trump through it back in his face saying we also have rights for free speech. Lol that was great.

  9. Omar believes the US is satan, and hates Israel; AOC says that the US is "10% above garbage"; Tlaib said "we're gonna impeach this mother f***r"; Presley stated – about The President of the US – that "occupies the White House"… What do these clowns believe they are? They are uneducated, ignorant of History, unqualified to be in Washington as Congresswomen, and vulgar.

  10. Any one who does not like their adopted a Country, is free to leave. Yes, go back where you come from. Nothing wrong with that sentiment.

  11. I can guarantee you that everyone of Trump's little racist cult members in this comment section & in general has told a
    Black person to, "Go back to Africa!" ….You bigots never differ from the script! Lmao

  12. I like it how he makes them yell and stand out in the grass. He knows the msm are the lap dogs of the shadow govt.

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