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Trump Making Fake Supporter Ads

Trump Making Fake Supporter Ads

>>President Trump is doing a great job. I could not ask for a better President of
the United States of America.>>What you just watched was a little snippet
from a Facebook ad coming from the Trump campaign. Now while the testimonials in these ads-
>>Sorry, I can’t stop laughing.>>Supposedly include real people, the Trump
campaign has decided to use a stock video. Because I don’t know, do they find their supporters
unattractive?>>Interesting.>>So they’ve used that video of a model,
she is actually walking alongside the Mediterranean Sea. But, yeah so there’s that.>>We’re gonna make the Mediterranean great
again!>>Which is on our southern border by the
way, the Mediterranean Sea.>>A lot of people don’t know that, a lot
of people don’t know that. That’s ours, the Mediterranean is ours, it
wasn’t, but sorry.>>And that video that you just saw with the
storefront, that also comes from one of his Facebook ads, and it’s actually a storefront
from Japan. But in the ad, as you can see in the top left-hand
corner, they decided to blur out the Japanese writing, so you can’t tell.>>Yeah, no, Japan, now also ours, okay? Japan surrounded by water, big water, ocean
water.>>From the standpoint of water.>>So that was one ad, I wanna show you another
one.>>In America we don’t worship government,
we worship God.>>President Trump and his family and the
administration are in our prayers for strength and wisdom from God Almighty. God bless.>>You think that looks like Ashton Kutcher?>>I love-
>>That wasn’t Ashton Kutcher?>>No.>>Sorry.>>Barely inconceivable that’s a Trump voter,
but yes.>>I love the idea that a hipster at a coffee
shop would be pro-Trump. I mean, I guess it’s not impossible, but Thomas
is actually from Turkey.>>There’s that. He’s just so hilarious, like everything about
him is smoke and mirrors, right? And what’s even better is that the caption
accompanying these ads, which you’ll find on Facebook, say the following. Let’s go to the third graphic here, graphic
three, the ads appeared on Facebook next to captions featuring a familiar Trump theme. Despite the constant stream of lies from the
fake news media, my popularity is higher than ever. You use stock video from people in other countries.>>Yeah.>>You didn’t use video from your actual supporters,
and I want to know why. I think that’s actually very insulting to
his supporters.>>Yeah, either he couldn’t find any supporters,
or he didn’t find them attractive enough, as you said. So he had to go find Muslims from Turkey,
I guess, to say, well, okay, these are actually attractive people.>>What’s he gonna do next? Is he gonna bring prayer rugs into the country?>>Well, that is, Ana, you’re right, there’s
a wonderful irony there, like look at the fake news media. Now let me show you an ad filled with fake
people that don’t actually support me.>>How much do you think it cost them to get
that footage of the storefront in Japan?>>Not much!>>The reason why he couldn’t get one in New
York is cuz he’s not allowed back in there.>>There’s a lot of storefronts in New York,
easy, like almost every street. Trump’s banned, he can’t go anywhere.>>Yeah.>>Can we ban him from the country?>>Yeah.>>Like exile him somewhere?>>Hopefully, soon.>>Yeah.>>No, look, ironies abound in that commercial,
but mainly kind of pathetic. And I want to just double down on what Ana
said. If you’re a Trump supporter, why doesn’t he
feature you in the ads? I mean there’s a lot of you, right? I mean you guys say that his ratings are sky
high. He said, my poll approvals are so high. Why does he have to go to foreigners? I mean, if this gets bad enough, they love
trolling. I don’t think this is trolling, I think they’re
just lazy. They’re like, okay, that one looks good, that
one looks good, who cares? From Turkey, from the Mediterranean, from
Japan, who cares? Here’s our, followers are idiots. They’re never gonna figure it out, and even
if they figure it out, we’ll just call it fake news. Who cares? They’re just not attached to reality so it
doesn’t matter at all. So eventually they’re gonna have ads of Ana
and me and Hassan sitting at a bar, and they’re gonna be like this great Republican thinks
that Donald Trump is wonderful. They just don’t care!>>Who knows, who knows. I just think, I mean, those stock images,
don’t do it, don’t do it. Cuz you’re signing over your life. Your likeness is gonna be used in anything,
right?>>But there’s something very twisted about,
He’s, Completely out of control when it comes to Barack Obama.>>He’s obsessed.>>I mean he’s obsessed with Barack Obama. He’s obsessed with how smooth and how fly
the dude was.>>Yeah.>>We know how beloved he was, how he was
a two-term president. To the point where he in order to be like
him, the only thing he knows how to do is to destroy everything he did.>>Yeah.>>But it’s all out of this envy to, there’s
no way I’ll ever be that admired, there’s no way. And this is an extension of that, where he’s
taking us, the kind of, people who believe the government can actually make a difference,
and help people’s everyday lives. And he’s just falsely using them to represent
this Nazism that he truly believes in. I mean, it’s the weirdest form of projection.>>Yes, projection, definitely.>>Yeah.>>I just realized something. He is obsessed with Obama, we all know that. He’s also disgusting, let’s keep it real. Everything about him is disgusting. Inside, outside, all of it, people should
just like incessantly send him that photo of Barack Obama shirtless on the beach. Like everyone should just tweet that. Hashtag, Obama shirtless. Send that photo to Trump right now incessantly,
like drive him nuts, troll him, he’ll lose his mind.>>Yeah. And eventually he’ll put Obama in an ad saying,
Trump has done so much wonderful things which is stock photo of Obama shirtless on the beach.>>Obama’s mouth.>>I mean, some like probably Job Voight,
just->>Doing the audio, or Jimmy Woods or somebody
like that.>>Yeah.>>Might be our friends on Twitter. Hey Jimmy, why’d you block me?>>By the way, there was one ad-
>>Right here.>>But he’s not. Didn’t Twitter ban him? It’s a sad day for him.>>I miss him.

100 thoughts on “Trump Making Fake Supporter Ads

  1. It's because this approach was cheap and easy. Are you really acting like this guy, taking the cheap and easy route, is surprising?

  2. how about doing an expose’ on the ads for “take the Trump Survey” or “How is President Trump doing?” etc. I see these all the time being run by various conservative groups. Reveal what is going on. I don’t believe these are trying to gather real data on anything

  3. Are you kidding conservative women are well known to be 1000xs more attractive than the purple haired trolls on the left.

  4. Are actual supporters making videos though, or are they not attractive enough to their President to be his mouth pieces, like Cenk said

  5. The Republican will stoop to any level to have their way . The GOP must die . They are the enemy of America's future it is reasonable to be conservative it is insane to be regressive .

  6. You folks are "experts" on fake….

    EDIT: you folks do realize that 99.99% of those that reply ridiculously aren't in the US, don't you? GOOGLE is hiring with no vetting, what a wonderful day!

  7. If you're not ashamed to be a trump supporter yet, don't worry. You will be!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. I'm not sticking up for Trump but I work in advertising and it's common practice to use clip art and 3rd party content. However, the reason I'd imagine Trump didn't record live actors/models is because if he filmed his base supporters you'd see a bunch of over the hill, fat hillbillies and that look would hurt him more than help. Plus he's too cheap that would cost a lot more than buying a pre-made video of some chick smiling at the camera. And, he didn't actually have to have a black person near him…

  9. Considering the orange twatwaffle had to pay "supporters" to cheer his fat ass on as he came down the escalator shouldn't be surprised by this. Also his uncontrollable obsession with Pres Obama is what makes me get through this farce of a presidency.

  10. That is about as corny as the paid social media moderators and commentators that they get to review negative comments and post positive comments. BUT, I HAVE SEEN EVERY POLITICIAN and political commentator USE THIS TACTIC to try to sway public opinion so, It hasn't just been him. Obama did it, Hillary did it, everyone who was running basically did it.

  11. Warren is not progressive stop pushing that narrative TYT . BERNIE 2020 . Or phuck it let Trump win again . I'll sit it out before I go any Blue will do .

  12. For $249.95 you too can have a pretty girl say wonderful things about you in a video.

    For about the same price you can get great business advertising via "Home Advisor" with exactly the same merits.

    Caveat Emptor still applies to all claims that come from third parties.

  13. I don't think Trump himself even knows that these ads are out there. The campaing has a bunch of hack running his media and they're just too lazy, incompetent and just plainn failures to even find real supporters that are photogenic and articulate enough to be in an ad like this. The biggest hint to the fakery is that not one of these "supporters" are actually speaking to the camera.

  14. I do believe Trump will end up in exile. One way or another he will lose the shield of the presidency. After that the only way out is to run.

  15. I cannot with this anymore. I’m sick as hell of being “the bigger person”, supporting WILD delusion. If I am responsible for dealing with the truth, so are you. This has gone on long enough.

  16. Can Ron just chill out here for a while? Please? Stay under Anna's desk at night? He's got a great commentary

  17. Bernie Sanders 2020!! …Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang for V.P. ….Mike Gravel is Awesome too! …these are true non establishment progressives who really care for the working class Americans. No Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Julian Castro, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Beto Orourke, these are political establishment puppets who do the bidding of corporations. ….there just as bad as republican candidates. Get out the Vote, health care is a human right!!

  18. Sounds more like laziness. They didn't want to audition actual supporters for the statements and looks they wanted, so they just made some up and threw it all together.

  19. They should at least have an 'actor portrayal ' disclaimer at the bottom of the ads, the way they do in the Ford car commercials.

  20. I report these to Facebook as "False News". I think that's what you should encourage people to do.

  21. This is the same as Trump hiring acting extras to make his presidential bid announcement look more imressive than it could ever be.

  22. Trump does have cute supporters. IDK why they didn't get Gun Girl or Millennial Millie to do an ad, lol.

  23. They need Ron Pearlman as a regular guest, his presence and voice is so demanding, I literally turn and look every time he speaks

  24. If the video itself discloses what you're covering, how is it news and misleading? Straight from your cited article:
    "The videos did feature small disclaimers that briefly flashed up saying: "Actual testimonial. Actor portrayal."

    What's the problem?

  25. Just like with Santorum, we should make it so that when people search Trump, they get Obama’s shirtless picture! Any SEO specialists in the house?

  26. When trump speaks i only hear Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul

  27. not a single country will take an exiled trump leave him to the sea he won't drown because the sea hates him and his anti-earth policies

  28. What I think is going on here is that Trump’s campaign has hired an embarrassingly bad ad agency.

    Still winning with all the best people! 🤣🤡

  29. You guys underestimate Trump. He creates his own reality then that reality becomes reality. He seems to understand manifestation a lot better than we think.

  30. Trump is smart to use foreign locations. Trump people travel overseas. Stock images are for this purpose.

  31. A young blonde to support Trump; is she one of the 14 year old girls Epstein provided for Trump during his free reign of sex trafficking.

  32. Next time Trump should include Tyt, Obama and Hillary in his 2020reelection ad supporting him, then tyt will decipher and tell the audience it's fake.

  33. Trumptards love to pretend that beautiful women love trump. They love to pose as women online and put words in their mouths about how much they love trump.

  34. So…people from other countries are taking modeling jobs away from hard-working, honest Americans? I thought that's why you guys voted Republican in the first place…

  35. For an Individual who complains about FAKE NEWS….. he is actually producing them and disseminating at a hilarious rate!!!!! Yet as gets caught, is someone else mistake, blame others, or just plain states that is not so or what he said ( airports during the revolution war?)

  36. The recent Democratic ad for Gavin Newsom doesnt give names and addresses of the actors in it. This indicates that Democrats use the same methods that Trump does.

    TYT is smoke and mirrors.

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