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Trump considers designating Antifa a terrorist organization

Trump considers designating Antifa a terrorist organization

28 thoughts on “Trump considers designating Antifa a terrorist organization

  1. What Justice Department? Barr is just another Sessions. He is protecting all his long term cohorts. He won't charge any of them because he has all the crimes well documented yet not even a single perp has been questioned. They are laughing at law and order as they look down on it. BARR IS DEEP STATE.

  2. There should be a hunting season on Antifa members and give anybody who brings one of those bastards in a huge reward

  3. I live in the panhandle of Florida here you never ever see anyone wearing antifa shirts wearing mask you just don't see none of that here. I would like for these antifa little bitch's to come down here where I live at in the florida panhandle so I can put a few of them either 6' under or put them in the hospital!!! Come on

  4. I’m a progressive that usually sides with the democrats and I wanted to say that not all of us are like this. I don’t know enough information but if Antifa truly changed into an organization of violence, they are a disgrace to the liberal ideals.

  5. Terrorism- Using intimidation and violence as a means of pushing a political agenda. There’s no other way to label them.

  6. My concern is that if something isn’t done about this situation, some psycho might shoot these bratty little kids. Then the narrative would flip to gun control instead of public safety.

  7. Democrats and its illigal immigrants supporters show their uncivilised behaviour by violently attacking others….

    These attackers are likely illigal immigrants Supporting Democ-rats…. Democrats are not for USA as Obama the disgraced President did, they give undue favour to Anti-Americans like Iran

  8. And people wonder why I fear mob mentality. They’re scarier than the government they say their fighting.

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