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Tricks Advertisers Use To Make Food Look Delicious

Tricks Advertisers Use To Make Food Look Delicious

Tricks advertisers used to make food
look delicious when advertising things like food and drinks the objective is to
make them look as appetizing as possible and sometimes that means not using the
actual product at all advertisers have a number of tricks up their sleeves to
battle problems that plague photoshoots including time sensitive products
lackluster aesthetics maintaining the look of freshness there’s a reason for
why our food looks wildly underwhelming in comparison to the market and photo we
were led to believe we’d be feasting on while many of these tricks are done for
the sake of time involved in a shoot some are solely to appeal to our taste
buds today we’re gonna look at some of those tricks
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advertisers use to manipulate photos number one pancakes and syrup pancake
advertisements usually always have some kind of syrup being drizzled on top but
how do they keep it from soaking into the pancakes to avoid sogginess the
pancakes are first sprayed with fabric protector number two hot food and steam
any hot food or drink advertisement is usually adorned with steam rising to
make our mouths water however the steam is actually stemming
from wet cotton balls that have been put in the microwave and then placed behind
the product number three hamburgers to give
hamburgers that deliciously charred aesthetic of being fresh off the grill
advertisers will often resort to using brown shoe polish they also use shoe
polish when they’re trying to make the hamburger buns look appetizing they also
tend to undercook the burger to get it ready for ads advertising experts scoop
whoop have this to say about the process the meat or chicken patty is only cooked
on one side to make it look fat and tender the cheese is slightly melted the
bun is photographed from the best angle possible the end yummy number four ice
cream when advertising ice cream photographers don’t actually use it in
the pictures due to the hot lights used in the studio the ice cream is prone to
melting quickly instead advertisers will use food colored mashed potatoes to
stand in for the dessert number five cereal fans of cereal will be aware that
most of the time it sinks to the bottom of the bowl once the milk is added to
make sure the product is still present in the photographs advertisers will use
glue instead of milk number six ice cubes these little squares of ice
are a common sight in advertisements for cold products but they rarely ever use
the real thing due to how fast the ice melts
advertisers will use plastic cubes number seven whipped cream anytime
whipped cream is present in a photo shoot advertisers will often substitute
shaving cream for it instead shaving cream is used because it’s significantly
easier to shape and doesn’t risk running as easily as whipped cream
number eight fruits advertisements promoting fruit usually
show it to be appetizingly shiny however this false shine adorning the
fruit on display is achieved by covering it in spray deodorant number nine honey
or syrup again a staple of breakfasts everywhere honey and syrup are featured
in numerous product ads but sometimes they’re substituted for something else
entirely if the honey or syrup isn’t achieving
the intended look sometimes advertisers will use motor oil instead number 10
seafood one way to make seafood look as delectable as possible is to make it
appear juicy however because seafood won’t stay visibly juicy for long many
advertisers will resort to lathering it in glycerin number 11
stacked food towering burgers and condiment filled sandwiches are prone to
sliding around advertisers managed to keep their products looking structured
by resorting to toothpicks and even layers of cardboard to keep things
aligned heck sometimes they’ll even use clay to keep foods together sounds
appetizing right number twelve syrup again again another way advertisers work
to keep syrup in place is to use paper towels little pieces of paper towel are
often placed underneath where the syrup will be drizzled to keep it from running
number thirteen bubbles you like to pop them as a kid and now
you’re going to learn how they’re used in ads bubbles are often used to make a
beverage look all the more refreshing to have continual bubbling while shooting
advertisers often use antacids or dish soap
number fourteen sauces when sauce is being used in an ad it’s
intended to look thick it’s often substituted for colored wax that has
been melted down number fifteen noodles these staples of Italian and Asian
cuisine are represented interestingly in advertisements noodles are meant to be
eaten fairly quickly after being prepared to keep them hot and fresh
looking advertisers often use liquid glucose to coat the dish number sixteen
chicken when chicken is being photographed it’s
rarely if ever cooked on the grill instead the chicken receives only
minimal heating and then painted to look ready-to-eat to add volume many
advertisers resort to stuffing it with paper towels number seventeen sesame
seeds when you see a bun with sesame seeds on it you’ll notice that those
things look so nicely arranged that’s because someone actually did arrange
them to look like that yes advertisers actually pay a person to place sesame
seeds on the bun in the perfect places number eighteen strawberries
ever see a strawberry in a commercial notice how it looks so much more red
than they do in real life well that’s not just your TV set no you suggesting
it it’s actually red lipstick that they use to make those strawberries look so
darn red number 19 milk it’s not just glue that they use for this stuff ever
see milk in a glass in a commercial ever notice that it looks really really fresh
well as they do with pop to make it look bubbly the people who make ads usually
put soapy water and bubbles on the milk to make it look so freshly poured
number 20 soda we’ve talked a lot about soda over the course of this video
false ice cubes soap lots of gross stuff goes into making this stuff look really
good but surely they get that glossy fresh out of the fridge cold look by
making the glass cold right right well as for usual the answer is no they
actually spray it with deodorant before putting it on camera
so just to recap in ads your ice isn’t real your pop tastes like soap and it
smells like deodorant nice number 21 silverware ever wonder how silverware
stays so perfectly on plates even when it’s at an odd angle
well that’s because advertisers use sticky tech to keep it there if they
ever want to show food on a dish without taking away from the actual meal they’ll
use clay in order to place the fork or spoon or whatever wherever they want and
so our list of advertising tricks comes to a close did you learn anything during
this list did any of the tricks shown surprised you at all did we forget
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  1. Did you learn anything during this list? Did any of the tricks shown surprise you at all? Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments section below all the advertising tricks we forgot! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 🙂

  2. I have surely been disappointed when I go to a restaurant which prompted me to go quickly to get some of that delicious food and found out that I have been tricked and a lot of my friends say the same thing it's not what they advertised on TV thank you for letting us know

  3. Some of it just made me lost my appetite, and even as will that I just changed my mind up to be on a very stricter diet

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