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Toy Spies at the Beach House

Toy Spies at the Beach House

(crayons scrawling) – [Child] Tic Tac Toy. (upbeat cheerful music) (children cheering) – Yeah! We arrived! – Well, here’s our beach house for the next few days, kiddos! – So awesome! – So beachy! – This is a great idea you guys had! Get away for a few
days… soak up some sun! – Yeah, but we’re not gonna be
doing so much relaxing, Maya. – Shhhh! – Well, everybody grab some
bags and let’s head on inside. – [Mom] Alright, come on Colin. (upbeat music) (excited exclamations) I can’t wait, what a beautiful place! – [Dad] It sure is. (upbeat music) (excited exclamations) – Wow! – [Mom] Wow, this place looks nice! – Yeah, I love it. It is awesome. – Wow, I think we can make
ourselves at home here! (baby cries) What do you guys think? (upbeat electric guitar music) (rummaging) – Oh absolutely, I’m so glad
we were able to nab this place! – Me too! I can’t believe you got into
a bidding war for this place. (upbeat electric guitar music) What are you girls doing? You’re making a mess out of
our beautiful beach house! – Oh nothing, we’re just
trying to familiarize ourselves with this place. – Well if I didn’t know any
better, I’d say you girls were on some sort of
treasure hunt, or something. – [Colin] What’s that? – Shhh, good spies do their
work without being noticed. Now is not the time. – Okay, but when is the time? – I have an idea, hang on. So, I know you wanna
get to the beach soon, but I realize I forgot
Colin’s swim trunks at home. So I was wondering if you
two could go to the store? – Oh, I guess you wanna
go swimming too, Colin? – Yeah? – Yeah? Alright, let’s
go to the store, okay? You wanna say bye– – Okay, we’re gonna stay here and unpack. – Say ‘bye.’ – Bye. – [Colin] Bye! – Bye! Okay girls, now’s the time! – [Girls] Yes! – Okay, now remember girls, this is not a relaxing vacation for us! – That’s right! We’re here to learn more
about the Toy Master. – Precisely, CTIA
Intelligence reports suggest that the Toy Master stayed in this very vacation rental just last week. Our job is to try to
find any types of clues that can tell us who this Toy
Master is, or where he is, or what types of toys
he’s trying to steal, or really any of that type
of important information we can pass along to the agency. – Wow, this is an important mission. – It sure is. And, don’t forget Mypa
still hasn’t decided if he’s willing to bring you two on as junior spies for the CTIA. This mission could change everything! – You mean, if we find
important information, we might be able to be junior spies? – Maybe! – Well then, let’s start
looking for some clues! – Absolutely, let’s go girls! (dramatic electronic music) (feet stomping) (dramatic electronic music) (cabinet doors slamming) – Nothing back there! (metal clinks) (dramatic electronic music) – Is there something inside
these seashells maybe? (shells clacking) Hmmmmm, I don’t think so. – Hey guys, I think I
found something important! – Oh, what is it? – It was under the sink
and it looks like a letter. “TMA, Please follow the clues to find the hidden toys for immediate transport. I trust no one else will
see this paper. -TM” – OMG, I think TM stands for Toy Master. This must be a letter from the Toy Master. – I bet you’re right Maya,
but what does “TMA” stand for? Who is he communicating with? – I don’t know, but this is big news! We know that the Toy
Master isn’t working alone, he’s working with TMA,
whatever that means. – Ugh! I don’t know,
let’s just come out here and think about it for
a little bit, girls. – Hey Mommy, didn’t you say somebody else was trying to reserve this beach house? – Yeah, I got into a crazy
bidding war with somebody and ended up paying a lot more than I should have for this rental house. – Well maybe the TMA person
was trying to rent the house so they could get the hidden toy. – You know what, I bet you’re right Maya, that makes perfect sense. You know, this TMA… I
bet the T and the M stand for Toy Master, but what
could that A stand for? – Tic Tac Toy fans, can you help us out? If you think you know what TMA stands for, type it in the comment section below now! – And notice these weird
symbols on the bottom of the paper, what do you think they are? – I don’t know, they look
really strange though. – Wait, I have an idea! – I wonder what it is? – Yeah. – Let’s go see. – [All Together] It’s in the freezer! – Good work Maya, I
never would have thought to hold the paper up to
the mirror to read it. – Thank you! – Alright, let’s head
to the freezer girls! Come on, clue number two! (Whoosh) – There’s nothing in
here but a bag of flour. – Yeah, but we don’t know
what’s inside the bag of flour. Come on! (freezer door slams) – Looks like the normal
bag of flour to me. – Yeah, but let’s just see. – [Sisters] Whoa!! – Ahh! – [Addy] Mama, what’s this? – It must be a clue. – Good work! – It looks like a lounge chair, or something you would
relax in by the pool. – It sure does! What is the Toy Master
trying to tell the TMA with this clue, should
we be looking at a pool for the next clue do you think? – Or what about the beach? – But then again, do we really think the Toy Master would hide a toy outside of the beach house, where he sent the TMA? – Yeah, you’re right, that would be risky. – Yeah, too risky. – So where should we
look for the next clue? – Wait a minute, when we pulled up I realized there was an upstairs balcony. There might be a lounge chair up there. – Oh, good thinking! – We should go check it out! (phone ringing) – Oh, that’s my phone, excuse me. Oh, it’s dad! Hello! – Hey there, are you guys all unpacked and ready for the beach? ‘Cuz I have Colin’s new swim trunks and we’re on our way home! – Oh!! We’re almost ready… ummmm… I forgot to pack sunscreen though, would mind running back to the store and getting a couple bottles of sunscreen? I would just hate for the
kids to get sunburned. – Well, I guess we don’t have any choice.
(Colin cries) I’ll call you girls
when I’m on my way back. – Okay, sounds good. Bye! (phone disconnects) – Looks like we’re headed
back to the store, buddy! (reggae music) (whoosh) – [Mom] To the balcony, girls! (feet stomping) (feet stomping) (door creaking) – [Girls] Here it is! – [Mom] Oh good! (upbeat music) Is it back there? Where the back is? – Maybe we misunderstood that clue, because there’s not any clues here. – Or toys. – That is really strange… hey what’s that next to you Addy? – Binoculars? – Doesn’t that seem a little
odd that there’s binoculars sitting outside at a rental house? Like, why would they be here? – Maybe we’re supposed to
look through the binoculars, so we could see if we could find a clue. – Great idea, lemme give it a shot. – Alright, see if you see anything. (upbeat music) – Do you see anything, Addy? – There’s just so much to look at, I don’t know what to focus in on. – Geez, this could take a long time, and I don’t know how long we can keep Daddy and Colin out of the house. – Hey wait a minute! I think there’s something
under this table. It looks like a note or something. It says two o’clock. What time is it? – Well I think it’s
about three thirty now. – So what do you think two o’clock means? Do we have to come back out here tomorrow at two o’clock to see something important? – What if you think it’s
two o’clock in the morning? That’s the middle of the night! – That would be scary, Maya. – I’m not sure girls, but you know what? Sometimes, people use hours of
the clock to tell direction. – What does that mean? – Well, if you’re standing
and looking straight ahead, that would be twelve o’clock, kind of like you’re looking at twelve
on the analog clock. – So what does two o’clock mean? – Well if twelve o’clock
is that direction, then three o’clock would
be directly to my right. And that means, two o’clock is somewhere over in that direction, a
little bit closer to the three. Like, that way! – Alright Addy, so look
in that direction kind of. – Okay, I’ll try my best! (upbeat electronic music) Okay, two o’clock… I
think I see something! – What is it, Addy? – It’s a small piece of paper on that beach house over there! – The gray one? – Uh-huh. – Does it say anything, Addy? – It sure does. Bunk Beds. – There’s bunk beds in your all’s room! Let’s go! (Feet pounding) All right girls, let’s find these clues! It’s gotta be here somewhere! (uptempo music) Come on, no not in there… – [Maya] Did you find anything? – [Mom] Not there! Come on! I know Daddy and Colin
are gonna call soon, we gotta find this, guys! – [Addy] Yeah. – [Mom] Oh, lemme get this off! Under the sheets? No, ugh where is it? – Where is this clue? – Oh, hang on girls! Look what I found inside this pillowcase! – Those look like puzzle pieces. – They sure do! – Yeah, but what is it a picture of? – I don’t know, it’s so hard to tell. What do you think? – It almost looks like a space ship… – Or maybe a safe. – It could be! You know, I think we’re just gonna have to take these back downstairs,
and see if we can assemble it. Hopefully, it gives us a picture and tells us where to
look for the next clue… Or maybe even what the toy is. (phone rings) Uh-oh, that’s my phone,
I hope it’s not dad. – [Girls] Oh, no! – It is… – Oh! – Hello! – Hey, Colin and I are on the way home, with swim trunks and sunscreen. You wanna get the girls
all ready for the beach, and we’ll head out as soon as I get back? – Yes, the beach sounds
great… but you know what? Beach towels. I forgot beach towels. I left them at home by mistake. – Don’t tell me we have
to go back to the store? The beach house surely has some. – Oh, I’m afraid not! I looked all over the house,
not a single beach towel. You know, I would hate to take their freshly clean,
white towels to the beach. That just wouldn’t be a good idea. – Okay, off to get beach
towels then. Talk soon. (phone beeps) You won’t believe this Colin, but we have to go back to the store! (whoosh) – Okay girls, so there are
six puzzle pieces here. It’s got to form something. – Yeah, and you can tell that the straight edges are the side. – Exactly, look at our edge
pieces, let me put it together. What does it look… like a robot maybe? (paper shuffling) – [Maya] Oh wait, I
think these go together. I think the refrigerator. – Good guess, oh but look! There’s knobs here, maybe that’s a stove, I bet it’s a stove. – Oh yeah! (suspenseful music) Look you guys, it’s a grill! – You’re right, and you
know what, I think the ad for this place said there
was a grill in the backyard. Let’s go check! Come on! (upbeat music) (feet pounding) – [Maya] Yay, there’s a grill! – [Addy] Get it! Get the grill! – [Girls] Whoa! What is this? – Wow! – What’s inside the box? – Only one way to find out! (girls gasping) Whoa! – [Girls] Elasti Plasti!? – Wow, I’ve never seen these before. But you know what, I’m kind of nervous standing out here in the open. Let’s take them back inside and we’ll take a better look at them. Come on! (upbeat electronic music) – Okay girls, I need to get my report back to the CTIA, as soon as possible. What are some things we have learned today about the Toy Master? – He’s not working alone! – Exactly, I’m gonna put that one down. – That’s right, he’s working with someone with the initials TMA. – That’s correct, and we’re assuming that the TM stands for Toy Master, but we’re not sure about
that letter A at the end. – Oh, and we learned that he’s trying to transport these toys somewhere. – And what does ‘transport’ mean again? – ‘Transport’ means to move things from one place to another place. Which makes me wonder, does he transport all the toys that he finds somewhere? And if so, where? – Plus, we know he loves Elasti Plasti. Why would he go into all
this trouble to leave clues for the TMA, if it wasn’t
so important to him? – Ooh, great point Addy! You know I think the CTIA
is gonna be very pleased with all the intelligence we gathered here on our first afternoon! (upbeat music) (bubbles blowing) – Whoa, that’s a good one, Addy! – (laughs) You know what? That was. I kinda see why the Toy Master
likes this stuff so much! – Mm-hmm. – Oooh! (whoosh) (upbeat electronic music) – Okay Colin, we got the
board shorts, the sunscreen, and the beach towels,
I sure hope these girls are ready to go to the beach! – Yeah! (upbeat music) (beeping) – We’re ready to go to the beach! – Yeah, daddy, why did you take so long? – Let’s go, come on! (upbeat electronic music)

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