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Tourism Australia Dundee Super Bowl Ad 2018 w/ Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride (Extended)

Tourism Australia Dundee Super Bowl Ad 2018 w/ Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride (Extended)

That’s not a knife. That’s a knife. That’s me. Brian Dundee? Yep. Really? Yeah. Really? Why do you keep saying really? You ‘right there mate? Nothing to see here man. Just getting a clean shave with my machete. See you next week Barry. You know when your dad did it, he was, he was much… Okay and when my dad told me about this, he was just like “yeah I just came up and (mumbles) this” okay? I just don’t think he can see you from back here. (Incoherent yelling) Not a lot of crocs out here, huh? Just 37,000 miles of pristine, beautiful beach, mate. Did you know that Australia makes some of the finest wines in the entire world? No, I didn’t know that. Thank you very much. Wait, hold up. This isn’t a movie. No. It’s a tourism ad for Australia. Yes. But listen, you’re the best Crocodile Dundee since Crocodile Dundee. Really? Yes, really. And we had the best trip ever, didn’t we? It was pretty sweet. Hey, you know there are some great flight deals to Australia right now? Dude, I get it. It’s not a movie. It’s a commercial.

100 thoughts on “Tourism Australia Dundee Super Bowl Ad 2018 w/ Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride (Extended)

  1. This is a great documentary film about Australia. So well represents the real life. They should have gone with more handheld footage for extra realism #justjoking

  2. I really thought this was a film at first. I was so hyped until I saw the beach part then the wine and before the next part I already realized this is a tourism ad.

  3. This is like the short that Ryan Reynolds and the first director put out to get buzz for Deadpool to be done right. If this video got enough buzz maybe it would actually be made, this needs to be made for nostalgia's sake. Son saves the day with all kinds of goofs in between "Paul Hogan needs to be in it also"

  4. If only it was an actual movie, i was like, "I want to see it" but then i was like, "Wait its a travel comertal, WTF Australia"

  5. "The Sun, The Sand And The Sea" (Tourism Soundtrack)

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  8. Best tourism ad in the world that sells the worlds most overrated, overpriced nation. They have sold a turd here so well and it deserves all the awards in the world.

  9. why couldn't they show something like Neighbours, or Underbelly, or round the twist , spicks and specks, Pack on the rafter's instead?

  10. What you don’t hear, is that Australia is the most oppressed and corrupt country in the world. I am just back and have never seen so many homeless people. What a tragic country. 🤮

  11. Is Australians calling attention to their fine wines a running gag or something? Because I've read Terry Pratchett's The Last Continent and it had almost the exact same conversation. "Betcha didn't know we also make very fine wine" or something like that. Is that really something Australians desperately want to be known for but just aren't?

  12. Australian's worship a fascist ideology without even realizing it.
    I hope there are laws to protect it's people from the terrorism caused by the system.
    LustiDiD (-_-)

  13. Jesus Christ I just watched this in my class room and I am studying travel and tourism. I was so excited I will go hone watch it while having a beer 🍺. I live in Sydney by the way. And this ad made me want to explore this beautiful country.

  14. Come to Australia where there are more Muslims per capita than USA McDonald's KFC's it's just basically America without guns.

  15. Don't go to my country here's why: My country (France) was invaded by illegal immigrants from Africa who commit acts of hate and terrorism and they use the fact that they are in so called danger when half of them aren't as a means of coming into the country, worst part is they are better treated than our people. They also disrespect our rules and traditions. To anyone who disagrees and says we were mean to Africans: So this is what you want to see right now in the world? African gangs terrorizing our people, Muslims throwing rocks at butcher shops because they have pork meat, historic churches from the 1600s being destroyed to build mosques, immigrants sleeping on the streets next to bags of garbage? Our president welcomes these illegal Saudi immigrants into our country where they burn and degrade public buildings. One time they threw molotov cocktails at a butcher shop's windows because he sold pork and they were Muslims, I say if you don't like it then don't stop people from eating it but our president banned pork from school cafeterias and opened a rip-off of McDonald's named Quick where they serve pork food and the whole thing is funded by tax money, so basically we pay for them to get food. And our president took pictures with a black criminal doing a middle finger to the camera and saying ''j'encule la République!'' which means I fuck the Republic.

  16. that softtop forty looks like she belongs in the usa
    most of them are hard top
    and usually shortys are soft top

  17. Me and the Mrs have lived in a remote NSW bushtown for years… every now and then we pack a picnic basket, load up the Fourby to include the 2 Cattle Dogs and we just hop on the remote offroads, park and relax…

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