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Tougher than Tough: 60 | Caregiver Assistance | Ad Council

Tougher than Tough: 60 | Caregiver Assistance | Ad Council

Let me tell you about the toughest guy on Earth… He does the work of two jobs, but only gets paid for one. He’s tough enough to feed the man that gave him a lifetime of nourishment. He has the crazy strength to lift the man that raised him up, without even flinching. That’s right– no employee of the month bonus check here. This guy no, this warrior–will always be by his father’s side, even if his dad will hardly remember. Good luck finding a gym to train for that. If this guy isn’t the toughest guy on the planet, then I don’t know who is! Caregiving is Tougher Than Tough. Find the Care Guides you need at AARP.ORG/CAREGIVING

7 thoughts on “Tougher than Tough: 60 | Caregiver Assistance | Ad Council

  1. This is a great ad. Me and my cousin are taking care of our father and mother respectively. It’s a tough job for sure.

  2. Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Trejo and he is honestly one of the nicest guys out there and a huge friend to the caregiving community.

  3. its year 3 for me and my 92 year old mom. we have been blessed to have hospice come in 5 mornings a week but all the rest of the time its just me. yes it all has a price but it is what it is and she gets 5 star care from me. she had my back all those years and i will never let her down as long as i am able .

  4. I was a caregiver for 16 years, I took care of my Grandmother, Mother in Law and Wife. Now I'm 36, emotionally and physically broken with nothing to show for my life's work but ashes and memories. No one understands unless they've been there.

  5. What a wonderful message. I am a caregiver to my mom and dad. Without any help, some days are harder than others but I love them and will do whatever it takes to make sure that they are cared for.

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