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Top tip for Google Ads Users

Top tip for Google Ads Users

I folks it’s Nicola here from Boost
Your Practice really really quick live video today which is if you are running
your own Google Ads now I see this again and again when I’m looking at people’s
accounts and they want help and advice is make sure on your negative keyword
list what was a negative keyword it’s what you’re telling Google you don’t
want to show up as that you spend some time to add the first names and the
surnames of your competitors so that if people are looking for your
profession in their town so they’re looking for a physio they’re looking for
an osteopath they might be specifically looking for your competitor now they’re
not going to land on your website and have a eureka moment of all wow this is
now the practitioner for me if they’re looking for your competitors then
they’re already their customers so exclude those names and you will save
yourself a lot of wasted clicks and a lot of wasted budget every month hope
you found that useful if you do then and do comment below like or share the video
see you next time bye

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