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Top Gun: Maverick – Official Trailer (2020) – Paramount Pictures

Top Gun: Maverick – Official Trailer (2020) – Paramount Pictures

– Thirty plus years of service. – Combat medals. – Citations. – Only man to shoot down three enemy planes
in the last forty years. – Yet you can’t get a promotion, – you won’t retire, – and despite your best efforts,
you refuse to die. – You should be at least a two-star admiral by now. Yet here you are. Captain. Why is that? It’s one of life’s mysteries, sir. ♪♪ – The end is inevitable, Maverick. – Your kind is headed for extinction. Maybe so, sir. But not today.

100 thoughts on “Top Gun: Maverick – Official Trailer (2020) – Paramount Pictures

  1. The original movie fanned the flames of multiple generations of shitty, entitled officers that the rest of us had to deal with. But sure, "Highway To The Danger Zone."

  2. Anyone have any idea why someone who's not Goose is dressed like Goose and doing a Goose impersonation playing a piano like Goose? If it's supposed to be a flashback that's stupid. If someone is impersonating Goose that's stupid. If the person impersonating him is Goose's son that'll be EXTRA stupid. Y'see? We already know at least part of this film is stupid somehow.

  3. And now that the fuckheads had sex with all the girls from the internet. We are on the edge of having girlfriends ourselves through the internet and now the internet is being removed and fantasized. Like Billie Eilish too much fuckheads around her also. They put her out and they don't let her talk. Too late don't talk to the mentally ill weirdo of the internet. Times have changed. Fuckheads go to hell.

  4. They have babies in war time while every soldier is biting the dust in the desert. Now the war is over they come back and the fuckheads say it's too late you missed the turn. How come they don't fuck in peace time like every normal human beings.

  5. I can't kill the fuckheads and the bullshitters. I don't have the right. I'm unarmed. I don't have money.

    What should I do, Tom?
    And I'm not gay.

  6. Go back to work and in 10 years I can maybe get a second hand nice girlfriend. I'll be 44 yo.

    The terrorists made me lose the 10 last years of my life. I am a civilian.

  7. So I don’t wanna give out any spoilers here…But I heard through the grapevine from our fearless leader that now this time the “Canadians are going to be our enemies and the Russians are going to be our allies”

  8. Warning ⚠️ More spoilers
    I also heard that in this when the president of the United States of America refuses to take the advice and information from all his own appointees and the head of all his intelligence agencies and sides with the president of Russia in front of everybody and Maverick freaks out so I’m told… I heard iit’s similar to like he did at the beginning of the first one when he bailed out..

  9. This is awesome! Unlike in original Top gun, they didn't use CGI. Therefore this could be better than the original even. I'm envy of Tom though, would give both my kidneys to fly these planes

  10. What I would really like to know is how many Navy recruits Top Gun was responsible for? Correct me if I am wrong but I think Top Gun hit the big screen at a time that the US really needed pilots.

  11. This looks so bad, and I loved the original. They're just reusing the same footage – the topless volleyball scene? Really? The bar "You lost that loving feeling" is there, racing the Jet. Seriously a disappointing film I won't bother seeing.

  12. TOP GUN IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER. The elite, part 2 will make it better, this gives me a hard on n my great balls r on fire… Nevertheless, do not go ballistic on da expectations, u don't wanna crash & burn. Just remember: When da film hits da theathers engage goddamned!! Get supersonic n b there in 30 seconds, it's been 33 years but we r not leaving our wingman, because we all feel da need!!

  13. This movie could be Tom Cruise's masterpiece. It's a shame I don't believe in Jesus Christ, I won't be able to see him in the next life, as young as in the first Top Gun movie, I would like 150 million Americans to pray for Tom Cruise to accept Jesus Christ as their savior.

  14. Miles teller plays as Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw, a pilot trainee, the son of Maverick's late RIO. Nick "Goose" Bradshaw.

  15. Finally, a Hollywood carrier launch scene that actually shows the pilot being thrown forward from the deceleration after leaving the catapult.

    I don't know why, but movies always show the effect of the acceleration and how the g-forces nail a pilot to his seat but always forget to show the pilot thrown forward the second the leave the catapult.

  16. I would watch tjis movie if there was no dialogue, no story, and no characterisations of any kind, just planes doing things. That's how I live these things.

  17. Take note this is how reintroduce an iconic character to a new generation. Yeah I'm talking to the soccer ball with legs that ruined Luke Skywalker.

  18. for sure the cinema will be full the date to watch 🙂 in 3D 🙂 a real pleasure to see Tom Cruise again on that enormous movie 🙂

  19. This trailer is one of the best… Not even a Top Gun fan and still looks amazing. The music with the original feel was well done.
    I am a Cruise fan i guess. Being the M.I. movies are my favorite.. And I think with his style of action and story, this will not disappoint.
    Can't wait!

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