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Top Dog | Avocados From Mexico 2019 Ad | :60

Top Dog | Avocados From Mexico 2019 Ad | :60

Pageantry, poise, welcome to the dog show
where humans compete for the ultimate prize. Avocados From Mexico. They’re healthy, delicious won everything and always in season. So much training to compete at
this level, but it’s well worth the effort. But they’re so cute! Looks like the dogs are settled in. They can
almost sniff the bum of victory. That’s a good sit, a shake and a stay. Amazing form! I’m sure he’s making someone very proud right now. *Gasp* We’ve got a runner! The guac got her. That’ll land you in the penalty cone. Oh, this is impressive! He appears to be rolling over his 401K! Let’s go down to our sideline correspondent Good point, Charles. Wait, it looks like we have a winner! Give that man some guacamole. Truly top of class. Top of class! Please stop copying me. Stop copying me. ♪♫♬ Avocados From Mexico ♪♫♬

23 thoughts on “Top Dog | Avocados From Mexico 2019 Ad | :60

  1. There's a lack of continuity, the old grey dog standing next to the human is in the front and then in the back of the photo in the next scene .

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